YouTube SEO 2019 for beginners (Double your Views Now)

YouTube SEO 2019 for beginners (Double your Views Now)

Hello Friends In This Video I am Gonna tell you about Youtube Seo Some Advance Youtube Seo Techniques With the help of these techniques You can rank your videos on top of Youtube Search And you know that If your video rank 1st postion on Youtube then Your video will get more and More Views. And More Views means More Money So friends Watch this Video completely When we are thinking to create a video on a topic then what SEO Factors You need to know I am gonna tell you with an example For example I want to create a video on Topic “Youtube SEO” First of all I search my Main Keyword “Youtube SEO” on Youtube After searching my keyword I got the Youtube Search results here. Here you have to notice some data(Some SEO Factors) like Video Length, Video uploading time period and Video view. In 1st Result “My smart support” this video is uploaded before 3 months, its length 16 min 10sec and it is seen 19821 views. In 2nd Result it is uploaded befor 3 year, 100,1000 of views and so on So for getting rank on Youtube, you have consider these 3 factors. Means For 1st position on Youtube you have to create video length more than 16 minute. Now Rest 2 factors Views and Uploaded time so with time your video will be older and come to upper result of Youtube. So you have to work on 3rd Factor i.e View. So for getting more and more view I am gonna tell some advance techniques Now Lets talk about advance SEO factors to rank better on Youtube And How to increase your new video’s views? because More Views gives Higher ranking on Youtube In Youtube SEO The most Important factor is its Title. Youtube understand your video content by its title With the help of your Video Title, Youtube Suggest your Video to Viewers. Put your Main Keyword first in Video Title For example In this Video, I put my Main Keyword “Youtube SEO” first in Title. I am gonna tell you a technique to choose best title for your Video. This technique will give you an Idea for your Title. So search your main Keyword on Youtube. Like I am searching my Keyword “Youtube SEO” And You can see top results Title and have some idea for your Title. Don’t use same Title. Use some Keyword from These Results’s to your Title.


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