Youtube Mobile Live Streaming UPDATE | 2019 Changes

Youtube Mobile Live Streaming UPDATE | 2019 Changes



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    Hi Dee…YOU are THE MAN when it comes to mobile stuff. I just FOUND another one & it worked AWESOME on my LOUSY wifi I have Streamlabs OBS on my android but it is choppy no matter what setting I use. BUT this change with YouTube on this really BUGS ME..I think it is kind of a punishment to SMALL (under 1000 subs) channels. I usually understand why YouTube makes changes but a REASONABLE explanation would help so I will go to the video you mention

    I have 0 subcriber
    How many do I need to get to a 1000?
    Oh wait
    1000 – 0 = 1000
    Oh ok so 1000 times
    Wait what?
    1000! Times?
    Oh ok well long journey

    I think I know why YouTube remove the live streaming from the YouTube app it’s because the copying TikTok

    Du Recorder has dissapered, Streamlabs is giving me lagg issius and sound issues, and im a andriod user so cant use the switch one, is there a place where you answer or reply to more recent comments?

    Awesome video Dee! I just found your channel on Nick’s Community page, really great advice, I just assumed I was screwed with mobile streaming until I hit 1000 subs lol

    Dee I enjoyed your video. I want to use my phone like a camcorder and livestream. Do you think this is possible with those apps? Does this mean I cannot stream to YouTube?

    Great video!!! I've been wanting to experience live streaming to YouTube on my phone and now I can!! Thanks!!

    Stream labs worked one day then next day nothing. Switcher Studios I couldn’t see my subscribers comments 😩 ugghhhh HELPPP

    Dit gaat om voor illegale software downloaden en om ver komen dat de criminaliteit via YouTube wordt gedaan Daar gaat het om en veiligheid creëerde via YouTube dat andere dus ook veilige dingen online kunnen zetten zodat het niet gebruikt wordt door anderen

    Annoying for me since we just started our channel 2 months ago and I find it hard to connect with our community without this option. I’m going to check out the apps now . Thank you.

    Doug recommended me see this video and as I mentioned to him I was initially upset but it makes complete sense due to the crazies streaming live events out there and I feel YouTube just wanted to protect its users and at the same time not completely disable the live streaming capability. SO in my strong opinion they had to do that and i completely agree, and I have less that 1000 subscribers on you tube our family owns a Media Company in Singapore, India and the USA but rely heavily on quick live streams on location.

    YouTube is going downhill ppl is actually deleting YouTube off there phone's and if you don't like this download StoryFire YouTube needs to change YouTube when it was 2014

    R.i.p Du recorder I LOVED THAT APP for videos but everything is under a pay wall( one purchase unlocks it all though.

    This change was very annoying. I just started youtube 1 month ago and i decided i would try streaming and then this happened. I had hope in growing my channel faster but youtube honestly ruined the the chance of that for me :/

    Dont hate youtube for this though, im guessing they just dont want every youtuber to have access to live streaming. I was just sharing how annoyed i have from this but pls dont hate on them.

    I think the reason why YouTube restricted live streaming on mobile because they don’t care about the YouTubers that have less than a 1,000 subscribers, I’m assuming that’s the case because I have 14 subscribers and I use to live stream before the restorations came out.

    I bet they restrict things like that to make it harder for you to get subscribers 😒 I wish life didn’t have to be like that

    good morning i found your video straight to the point great info ! im just under 1000 and wanted to do a live from my laptop can i do it without having to download an app ? thank you so much new sub i really like your straight forwardness !!!!

    Hi I'm new to streamlabs. Currently September 2019. I have less than 1k subs. I try connecting via streamlabs on my android, but I get the error "connection refused". Has anyone successfully used streamlabs on android with less than 1k subs recently? Have they blocked it somehow?

    I've got more than a 1000 subs yet they cut off my livestreaming as well. And streamlabs and my phone aren't on friendly teams nowadays. Thanks Youtube!

    I used to live stream all summer using mobile from my Phantom 4 drone when I did my flights and now they took that feature away. It is mean-spirited to take away a feature that people were relying on in the past. I've been on YouTube for 14 years since it started up before Google took over and it will be 80 more years before I have enough subscribers to meet the threshold.

    When I buyed switcher I tried to create a acount and then it said it sent me a message to follow the link on the app but I kept on trying to press the send button and it never worked so I can’t get in the app.

    I'm guessing so people who are new can't live stream protest. Its media control. Some how they have to protect their investors like the oil industry, logging 'and sentra

    Great video good to know this I didn’t know and I tried to use live stream I’m new would love your fed back on what I have to do to get 1k subs 🙏🏿

    YouTube never use to treat us smaller youtubers like shit until after they and logan paul took so much heat from him showing the dead body on his channel in a way it seems like there punishing all of us little channels for his stupidity and honestly it looks that way too.

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