YouTube Best Practices: ABCDs of Effective Creative | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Best Practices: ABCDs of Effective Creative | YouTube Advertisers

ERICKA MENDEZ: Hi, everyone. My name is Ericka Mendez,
and I’m a global product lead for Video Ads with Google. Today, I’m going to be
sharing our guidelines for developing effective
video created for YouTube. We’ve analyzed over 6,000
videos across 16 countries and identified the
key creative elements of high-performing ads. We call them our ABCDs. Whether you’re getting
started for the first time or you’re a video veteran,
these data-backed guidelines should help you build more
effective video created for YouTube. Let’s start with the first
building block– attract. It’s important that you open
your creative with impact. Think of your ad
like a story, where you want to frontload the
most interesting piece. You deliver that key hook
right at the beginning to attract the attention
of your audience. To help build an
immediate hook, you can leverage familiar faces. Another way is through tight
framing of key elements, like faces and products. We’ve seen this helps
audiences focus their attention from the start to ensure
these elements are visible on their mobile screen. You can also attract
attention using different creative styles. We’ve seen that ads that
feature humor or suspense can draw viewers
in, but we recommend testing to see which
one works best for you. Now, let’s talk about the
second building block– brand. When developing a
video, advertisers should be thinking
about when and how the brand is introduced and
used throughout their creative. A good way to
think about this is to first define your
campaign’s marketing objective. If your goal is to drive
[INAUDIBLE] funnel metric, such as ad recall,
you should be thinking of integrating your brand
into the first five seconds, and then continue to brand
often throughout your ad. If you’re looking to
drive mid-funnel metrics such as consideration,
consider introducing your brand later on in the creative
to allow time for viewers to engage and understand your
story to drive higher watch times. Make your brand
part of your story, and show your product
in use to make it more relevant and
memorable for your audience. OK. So you have your
audience’s attention, and you’ve introduced
your brand. So now what? How are you going to
keep them watching and make sure that your
message is resonating? That brings us to our
third building block– connect. It’s key to build an emotional
connection with your audience. One way to do it is
through creative styles, but you can also
leverage fast pacing to stimulate your audience
with new cuts and new scenes. Visual assets are only
a part of what makes YouTube an engaging platform. Successful creative also
connect with viewers by pairing the power of
visuals and audio together. So use both to reinforce
your key brand message. Another way to connect
with your audience is by having your talent on
screen break the fourth wall. In other words, have someone
speak directly to the camera so you’re having a conversation
with your audience. Our research shows
that this approach is associated with
higher brand lift and helps a viewer
remember your message. Lastly, your creative should
contain a clear call to action. That brings us to our final
building block– direct. On YouTube, you can use formats
like TrueView for action and call to action
extensions to direct people on what you want them to
do after they view your ad. So there you have it,
the four building blocks for creative effectiveness. Attract attention
from the start, brand naturally
and meaningfully, connect with the viewer through
emotion and storytelling, and finally, direct your
viewer to take action. I hope that these
guidelines help you kickstart your next
great YouTube campaign. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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