YouTube Algorithm 2018 & Live Streaming

YouTube Algorithm 2018 & Live Streaming

– On YouTube, you can either
publish a video or live stream. But what does the YouTube
algorithm reward more? And how can you grow faster? That is what’s coming up next. (smooth jazz music) Brian G. Johnson. Hey, it’s me, Brian G. Welcome back. If you wanna stake your claim
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and you won’t miss anything. Thing is, is you can publish a video. But there’s also live streaming. So what makes more sense? I mean, how does the algorithm reward a live stream versus a video? When it comes to videos and live streaming there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Video, live streaming, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s do this. There’s no question that
YouTube loves live streaming, and the benefit of live
streaming is that YouTube is gonna push that out to
more of your subscribers, as well as people that are on YouTube, even if they’re not
subscribed to your channel. Lots of viewers love to hang out live. There’s something about that connection between the live streamer and the viewer. And thus, when you go live, YouTube is gonna push that out
to more of your subscribers. In other words, when you
go live, that live stream is gonna be able to reach more people, more subscribers than a typical video. That’s powerful! And the live stream can pull in those that aren’t subscribed, meaning when you’re live, you can get on a whole boatload of people and you can gain subscribers,
and that’s the good. Going live is a great
way to grow your channel. You might be thinking, I really need to jump on this
live streaming bandwagon. And yes, you should,
but know this, the bad. Now, once your live stream is over, that live stream video does not have the same pull with the algorithm. The algorithm is not gonna
reward a live stream video as much as a regular video that
you upload to the platform. And that means that afterwards, the video, the live stream won’t reach
that audience that you want. And this is why it makes a
whole lot of sense to focus on both live streaming
and published videos. A video can drive views,
can find an audience, year after year. A live stream can get in front
of more of that audience, more of the subscribers,
and non-subscribers. The combination of both is a powerful way to grow your channel. And we haven’t even talked
about the money yet. Yeah, we’re gonna talk
about YouTube monetization. After we talk about
live streaming, the bad. I see a lot of YouTubers doing, is they see the power of going live. They go live, tons of people come in, it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating,
they gain subscribers. Sometimes they may even get
super chat, earnings, or so on. And they can get on this hamster wheel of going live again and again. But you know, every day we
only have so much energy. If you’re constantly live streaming, you’re probably publishing less videos. And as mentioned, videos
have the longevity. A video can drive views from Google, can drive views from YouTube. A video can grow your
channel month after month, year after year, and a live stream can’t. Moral of the story is, you don’t wanna get on the live streaming hamster wheel, just trying to constantly do more. I see so many YouTubers
falling into this trap. And this is why I
publish two videos weekly and I live stream once weekly. Doing both of these things
allows me to grow my channel, connect with my audience,
share on a deeper level. On a live stream I can take a topic and go much more in-depth. On a live stream I can
review a channel of a patron. I can share my personal story. I can connect, answer questions, and I think this is a
great way to move forward, is to leverage YouTube as
it was intended, videos, and now in 2018 and
beyond, live streaming. Okay, let’s talk about it, monetization. You know in 2017, it was really
a rough year for YouTube. And understandably so, because when we talk about monetization, typically we talk about ad revenue. And if ad revenue is involved, we’re talking about advertisers. And advertisers hold the cards. When they’re not satisfied, they leave, and we know how that story ends. However, have you noticed
that YouTube has really been looking at additional
ways for YouTube creators to monetize their channels? And then later in 2017, YouTube came out with sponsorship. And again this model is based
on creators and viewers. Viewers can sponsor a channel. It’s $4.95 a month. And now YouTube keeps 30% of that revenue and the creator keeps 70%. This completely eliminates the advertiser. This is powerful. And this is what it means for you. If you’re serious about YouTube, if you wanna grow a channel
and you wanna make money, then making live streaming a
part of your weekly schedule is powerful, because both super chat and sponsorship happens on a live stream. You see, there’s a lot of ways in which you can trigger the YouTube algorithm. One of which is to really understand how browse and view velocity work. Check out the video in
the YouTube card now to do just that and grow your channel. Now, here on this channel
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you’ll feed a poodle. Did he just say poodle? Yup, poodle. I’ve got two and they’re hungry, ya dig?


    yo what if i pre record a lot of vids together and edit them and prepare everything and then for the next 7 days i will be uploading those vids and the call it uploading daily every other week and between the week we woud do all the editing and recording stuff
    is that a good idea plz answer

    Hi Brian, I have yet to do a live stream but I really want to try it out. I think I would make an announcement ahead of time. Is there a good way to structure it first time out of the gate?

    Good stuff, Brian G. Caused me to think (a strange occurrence, for me). If one was to do a LiveStream and record it at the same time, maybe titling a bit differently, would that take care of both parameters, ie; the initial rush of the LiveStream and the continued pull of the Video? Does the way I worded that make sense?

    Brian, since live streams dont have the pull with the algorithm after they run , is there any advantage to just deleting it when finished or after, say a couple days? Do they effect your average watch time?

    I have seen power of live streaming … it is good for winter time when we don't go out much but it is too fast (chat) for person who is in front of camera. Its hard to talk and read from screen(s). Good idea is to have more people on that side.
    I smashed 1000 subs so I might try LOL
    Bring it ON! So much things to try … Patreon and stuff.

    Thank you, Brian! This is exactly what I had been wondering regarding livestreaming that nobody else seems to know the answer to. This confirms my suspicions. You are the man!

    I currently only have a bit over 6,500 views so not monteizing… Can I still utilize Super chat & Sponsorship while not yet at 10k views?

    Oh, Its Livestream VS published Videos. Nice work Brain G Johnson. Both are completely different and attract different people. I wonder. After a livestream stops it get saved as a regular video so why would Youtube algorithm thread it in a different why as any other video? Its already in a disadvantage because its less streamlined then a well edit published video. It will do less overtime because of the natural of the video itself, I think. but not sure about it.

    What do you think about publishing a video daily and live streaming once or twice a week? Thank you for the video Brian 🙂

    I am planning a few 360 live streams. I just got an insta360 camera and want to do a "round table chat" format and fee it would be awesome to live stream it.

    Haven't live stream in ages, morning fame always used my livestream as example of bad videos lol I'm working on a 30 minutos live q and a show thought

    so i stream on youtube a lot and dont do video that often. i want to do videos but i only have so much time to put into youtube. i have a schedule for streaming and i dont know how to stop the schedule to make time to do video as well. (this week is the first week i just stopped the streaming schedule and worked on some videos and got videos out in place of the stream. i just don't know if it was the right way to do it.) feed back would be great if this was good or bad or just how it needed to be done. (i did let viewers know about the change i had been thinking about doing.)

    Are there limitation placed on the sponsorship such as you have to have so many subscribers to be eligible or will it be available to every creator old and new or big and small? Your channel is a big help Brian! Thanks for what you do my good sir.

    Great video Brian! I also noticed that livestreams are a good way to earn subscribers. Its also a great way to interact with your subscribers. A idea that im playing with (i have a gaming channel) is to make a sort of highlight video of the stream. So people who missed to stream can watch the stream or the highlight video.

    OK, so record and then upload the livestream as if it was a video, instead of must letting youtube save the livestream! sorted.

    Live-streaming is so much more fun. My issue is poor internet connection. I would do it every week if I had higher upload speeds. Working on alternatives to that. It would be hard indeed to keep up that energy level. I’m always getting asked when am I streaming again and one of the biggest requests

    You gonna do something about the changes that are affecting Tubebuddy and I assume Morning Fame? They aren’t allowing “derived” statistics

    Hey Brian blessings….. I wanna ask a question….. Should my channel be demonetized while verifying my address for adsense?
    Please let me know

    I love how you make videos that "should" be boring into something really (not only interesting but) entertaining ! Thanks so so much Brian !

    I've been live streaming once a week in addition to my recorded videos and it's helping bring my community closer. Great topic here! I agree, it works wonders. Happy holidays BG!

    I see people uploading hours long video 'footage' of them driving down
    the road hardly talking at all and nothing more than picking their nose
    and having youtube success…as well as others uploading (1) crappy
    mediocre video and having youtube success over night while some of us bust our ass
    to make the best videos we can and don't get views. Explain to me why we
    need 'best practices' because I have grown confused about this youtube
    thing. It would seem rational that if my goal is to offer 'value' and I
    make videos with that goal #1 that the results will show but why is it
    an uphill battle for me to get views while so many people do practically
    nothing and upload 'whatever'…'crap'……upload 'footage' of whatever and they get
    success? It's demoralizing.

    I've been at this over '6 years' and it's been a long grind to grow even a little. I can't say that I am able to be consistent at this always but I have given my best efforts in my video making and when I do make videos. Some videos I have spent 6 to 12 hours a peace on. Crafted detailed video descriptions with optimum SEO…spent days on SEO research for those descriptions….crafted my message and delivered it SEO optimum while delivering as much value as I can…. while so many sail on youtube uploading shit??? I mean it…complete SHIT videos… or rather 'footage' of themselves driving down the road…saying little…and a wide range of just crappy video? It's disgusting what so many people obviously are willing to watch and what youtube rewards. I can't do that (upload thoughtless footage or crappy meaningless video).

    I don't know anymore what is the point about learning about youtube because just as much as someone like you are offering information…I see all the time crappy videos that contradict everything I've come to understand or what people are saying . I don't know what youtube means to me anymore. Of course I appreciate the few people who seem to appreciate what I've done but after doing it for so long and then seeing that the vast majority of people will watch 'anything' anyone uploads…I don't get it.

    thanks heaps Brian I was thinking of doing regular livestreaming, still want to focus on regular videos once i get editing tighter

    I live stream once a week. I’ve found that it actually hurts my channel. I assume after it posts as a video the algorithm doesn’t like it since no one watches a 3 hour video unedited and “raw” which seems to hurt regular uploads. I’m actually experimenting on twitch for a few weeks at least to see if my channel gets “back into” the algorithm.

    I wish I had seen this video LAST YEAR when it came out! I streamed daily over the holidays, and I amassed a lot of watch time, but my channel really took a dump in January. I have an event that I stream for the holidays, but I will plan it around my regular video posts this time around– thanks and I'm LOVING my Morningfame subscription!

    Good video but not what I was looking for. I'm wondering how to get recommended when actively live. When I get recommended i get 80-200 viewers, but my live stream is very rarely promoted and I'm not sure why or how the algorithm chooses to promote videos during the live stream

    I know this was published awhile ago, but I appreciate the information! I’ve been trying to utilize both, but I keep hearing that leaving your live streams public can hurt the channel. What is your take on this? I can’t seem to find many videos on it and I wonder if I should leave my live streams public or not. Also, maybe it makes a difference depending on how big or small your channel is? Please help, thanks!

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