Yeni Motosikletim Honda CB250R | ilk Motovlog | Kronik Zincir Sesi

Yeni Motosikletim Honda CB250R | ilk Motovlog | Kronik Zincir Sesi

MUSIC Hello, Selamun Aleyküm how are you i hope you are fine I’m very good today … I’m shooting the first motovlog with my new motorcycle my motorcycle honda CB250 is after long research I decided it was the most ideal (logical) motorcycle in the city I decided it was the most comfortable and got it before this motorcycle, you know that I had dominar400 I sold it because dominar400 trembled too much it is also an ideal motorcycle a motorcycle heavier than cb250r but this better friends than old dominar400 okay power a little bit but really as driving pleasure cb250 is cb250r a more beautiful motorcycle so easy to fly, escape You can enter between them more comfortably according to dominar400 let me explain it in a different video dominar400 vs cb250r for now We get along well Getting used to it horn signal button they changed their places really I often press the horn instead of the signal people don’t understand what I’m doing 🙂 After 2-3 days you get used to it. ! when you test daily it is bad but If the motorcycle is yours, you get used to it 2-3 days later this is temporary. chronic problems with motorcycle one of these chain sound I will try to solve the chain sound problem on my own youtube channel I joined the cb250r groups on facebook I am getting information from them right now everybody says different things some don’t dare, my motorcycle is now 1200 km 2019 model. of this motorcycle


    Kardeşim hayırlı ugurlu olsun Allah kazasız belasız binmeyi nasip etsin motorun da iyi oldugu her halinden belli oluyor zaten 🙂

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