Xiaomi Mi Air Dots Pro 2 | True Wireless Earphones Review | India Launch Soon

Xiaomi Mi Air Dots Pro 2 | True Wireless Earphones Review | India Launch Soon

(Intro music playing) Hello friends, I am Abhishek and I welcome you in this new video of Gadgetstouse
You might remember we did a video, few days ago, in which we showed the realme buds Air
from realme Which looks like this
Today we have a similar kind of product And this is from xiaomi this is going to come
in India very soon The name of this is xiaomi Air2
This is the name which is written on the box But the exact name is xiaomi airdots Pro 2
Very odd name but Chinese companies are like this so the naming becomes a little odd
Let’s talk about the product this is how the product looks
They don’t look like apple air pods And the name of this is a Airdots
If you look closely you can see the stem is very thick and when you wear them in your
ear they look like this And this thick stem looks bad
The design is weird but if you just ignore the design look at this part
They have tried to make the exact replica of apple airpods
The part which goes into your ear is glossy But this time in the other parts of matt finish
If we talk about the case then this is how it looks like it’s a magnetic case
and the airdots goes like this into the case It also has a battery
it gives 14 hours of playback But the playback time of realme buds air are
on a higher side Before we compare with realme buds air
Let’s talk about the build quality I have already told you the design part
The design is weird again I don’t like this design
The case is also a little bigger when compared to realme budsair
You can see this is a little bit bigger and the realme buds air case is better looking
Let’s talk about sound quality form factor There is one thing that these look a little
bit thicker and you will think that this would be heavier
but it’s not the case these are very light weight so if you wear them and don’t care about look and feel then they are very light
Talk about the world speaker component so there are two speakers component one here
and the other one here There is only one driver but two outputs
Also there is wear detection given so if you are wearing this and
as soon as you remove them from the ear the song or video you are playing will pause
Also you get this case and on the side of the case you get the pairing button which
is not in the centre also if you talk about the connectivity then
Whether it is realme buds air or your xiaomi air dots Pro2
you get USB type C in both the devices Also you get the wireless charging support
in both of them The sound quality and the loudness is better
in realme buds air The realme has copied the design but they
have made the looks and this sound quality better and improved
And I can see that the sound quality and the loudness of the sound is definitely better
in realme when compared to Xiaomi your dots pro 2
Let’s move ahead There are touch controls given here as you
know that in the realme these are available too
So You can use it to play and pause and next songs etc
These all things can be done here too so you get full features
also by tap and hold you can launch Google Assistant
You can give voice commands If you want to use them then people will say
that if you want to use the Apple airpods just buy the by why are you wearing this copy
Because they look really bad If you don’t care about people’s opinion then
you can buy these they will cost approximately 4000 rs when launched in India
Also the realme but there also costs 4000 too and if you want to buy one of these two
I will recommend you to buy realme buds air They look good and the sound quality is also
good this one looks kind of weird
If we talk about the other things then you get a type C cable with which you can charge
these Wireless charging is also available
If we talk about the weight and water resistant then
These look bigger but they are very lightweight only 4.5g one single component
Also about the water resistant then you get the water resistance in both the devices that’s it in this video if you like this video please like press the
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Thank you very much Jay Hind Vande Mataram Outro music playing


    If xiaomi brings this same thing they ll surely bring it a lower price compared to buds air.
    14 hrs of battery life & IPX4 water resistance rating

    Ans.1) 14 hrs of battery Backup ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
    Ans.2) these Airdots are IPX4 rated ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    #GTUFAMILY Wish to win ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

    Absolutely fantastic๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค˜ new Video Mi Air Dots Pro 2 Really Inspired fromm Apple ๐ŸŽ Airpods Series with White Charging ๐Ÿ”‹โšก ,Build Quality Amazing hai aur Design Bud ke acche lag rahe hai,USB type C WOW ๐Ÿ˜ฎ with 4 hour's Standalone playback Bluetooth Support v5.0 and LDHC jo Shandaar Audio Experience Mi AirDots Pro 2 Recognize earbud removed Paused audio very appreciated video #Abhishek Sir #GTU #GTUFamily

    Bhai ji, maine apna channel secondary phone se log in kiya.. 2 way verification code aaya aur code dalte he channel terminate ho gya please help and guide me.. aapki bahut meherbani hogi 70 videos thi aur monetize tha channel..

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