WWE Fastlane 2019 – Streaming live March 10 on WWE Network

WWE Fastlane 2019 – Streaming live March 10 on WWE Network

[MUSIC] It’s WWE Fastlane baby! The final stop on
the road to WrestleMania. [LAUGH]
>>WWE Fastlane Pay-Per-View streaming live on WWE Network Sunday March
10th 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific.


    meh. Another filler PPV.
    WWE are making their wrestlers work too hard. Hopefully no injury wave causing more wrestlers to lose the opportunity to be at wrestlemania

    I hope there's gonna be a #1 contender's tournament to see who will be facing either Bryan, AJ, Samoa, Orton, Kofi and Jeff for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

    Dont worry guys this is gonna set up a return and a "returning" feud! There not gonna waste a history making moment here… there gonna make it happen at wm the grandest stage of them all which is more suiting for the new day member. The Blugeoning bros shall return at fastlane and become the new tag champs which they will go to wm. The new day, usos, shane & miz, heavy machinery & sanity in a in a tagteam iron man match to determine who challenges the champs at wm which will be the new day and they will win at wm. Bryan joins the blungeon bros at the new cult leader for the blungeon bros. Super star shack up, blugeon bros and daniel go to raw… now to brocks match with seth? Seth or Brock whoever wins faces the crazed new leader of the blugeon bros challenges said winner and becomes YOUR NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION THE NEW DANIEL BRYAN AND THE BLUGEONBROS AS THE NEW RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPS… and a new era begins… Bray maybe returns to raw and reunites with braun and eric and luke with a new member to the wyatt family. Bray gets the mib and cashes in on the new daniel bryan and becomes the new raw uc betraying daniel bryan, turning bryan back to a face?! And the Wyatt Family reign begins… Yes kofi beats daniel at wm if i forgot to mention it. Okay bryan leaves for awhile maybe comes back as more of a heel or as a face i would say face to amend with the fan to become the fans champion beating bray. Eric gets injured thus having bray swap as universal and becomes tag champs with luke?!

    It seems like wwe is rushing their pay-per-views March 10 is like 3 weeks away I don’t even think that is enough for superstars to build up new rivalries

    They need to do Kofi vs Ali at fastlane and let Kofi go over the right way. Or just keep Ali away from the title picture and let Ali challenge R truth at fastlane then have Samoa Joe vs Ali ustitle at WM

    WWE Championship
    Daniel Bryan vs Shinsuke Nakamura
    Intercontinental Championship
    Finn Balor(c) vs Dean Ambrose
    United States Championship
    R-Truth(c) vs Andrade
    Smackdown Tag Titles
    The Usos(c) vs The Good Brothers
    Raw Women Championships
    Ronda Rousey(c) vs Ember Moon
    Replaced With Dana Brooke?

    Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Fastlane

    Jeff needs one more chance for this title. Elimimation Chamber made him look stupid

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