Why Nostalgia Is Total Bull – People Watching #10

Why Nostalgia Is Total Bull – People Watching #10

So it seems like Nostalgia is the thing these days probably every toy I had as a kid is now a movie trilogy and new games look like old games and everything is in fashion, and yeah Yeah, you’re nodding okay. You know what I mean, it does seem like the past is the fuckin place to be When you were a kid you had [a] big house and a shitty Black-And-White TV But now you’ve got a 55 inch plasma and a $600 phone But a shitty apartment With mirrors instead of other rooms because house prices Start at half a million and I doubt you would have accepted the trade-off if you’d been asked first One day you realize that you need? binoculars and a clear day to see the poverty line your whole life is the equivalent of playing tennis with a frying pan and the Only thing between you and those official poor people you see on the news is your parents bailing your [ass] out Oh, and you’d love [to] have kids of your own but how the fuck are you ever going to be [able] to afford that so Maybe it makes sense why people are nostalgic for childhood because anyone looking at the world right now would conclude that shit is fucked Like if people from the future we’re watching us. Now fuck knows what they’d be thinking now is bullshit Now sucks, especially [on] a personal level Certainly my life probably seems like a joke and yet, the thing is I’m still Not nostalgic not even close man not even a little And you’re staring now trying to figure out why the fuck I’m so happy with all this You look at me like you look [at] the world and you probably just see a whole lot of wasted potential And I definitely see [that] myself sometimes. I mean you grow [up] It’s all before you and you start forming who you are But then suddenly school’s over and youth over and you have to take what you’ve built, and somehow make it work But what if it doesn’t what if all freedom did was allow you to become unmarketable? What if your carefully crafted persona came at the Expense of developing practical skills? And it constantly feels like a miracle [that] you’re not currently living in a cardboard box in an alley [what] if that was another trade-off? What if you had to spend so much time and emotion trying to find out? Who you are that when you look around it feels like you began 100 feet back from the starting line What if you have decades left to go yet? It always feels like there’s no time left Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck in some kind of permanent brunch between school and adulthood Constantly expecting maturity to kick in and away TV. Said it would but as the years passed it never seems to happen Keep waiting keep getting dressed up for the ball But it keeps getting deferred and Meanwhile they’re telling you to prepare for adult life They’re telling you to learn some relevant skills and go outside and meet someone but they never tell you how and they definitely don’t tell you about all the other shit you’re going to be learning while you’re trying to learn how to type or pour drinks or Dance for the people and you had to learn a lot you know you had to learn to be alive But not exist because people look at you and Willfully ignore anything, beneath the surface [you’ve] had to learn how to bury the anger because you didn’t all there would be is anger You’ve had to learn how to imitate [humans] so you can pass for one of them But you still worried about being discovered You’ve had to learn how to live with the knowledge that one day this will all be over and all you can do is Desperately try to make some ripples in the water to prove you were here before you sink below forever and you’ve had to learn how to live with the fact that millions of people won’t even get that much because Overwhelming heartbreak and injustice is a constant and you were just lucky to not be born into it Don’t you dare waste that gift? Don’t you dare? Turn out to be nobody [when] you’re done learning all that You’d better learn to look backwards because none of this shit existed when you were a kid So that’s going to be your happy place forever They never said that one day you’d feel like if it wasn’t for work You just want to sleep forever that sometimes the mechanisms that let you go anywhere it can also paralyze you the competition that anyone can win is also what can help you to destroy yourself by Constant comparisons to everyone else in the race so you can be Independent and attractive with a decent job and an apartment, and you’ll still feel like a total fucking failure half the time Maybe there won’t even be an Earth and the future the way things are going But if there is we somehow invent our way out of climate change and prejudice and terrorism and nuclear war if there’s some amazing future Society that looks back on us the way we look back on the black death are they going to see anything worth salvaging? Our people in the future just going to be laughing at us if they can [time-travel] [they’re] probably here right now They probably watch the pass for entertainment exactly like we do with movies They’re probably invisibly walking around staring like we stare at an aquarium pointing at all the primitive Creatures that never made it on the shore. How we spend so much time doing things we hate How we’re constantly held back by selfishness, how we all look the same But hate each other regardless how you can get a few million of us in one place and yet when you zoom in you see how alone everyone feels I know they’d at least never want the world to return to how it was They sure as hell wouldn’t be nostalgic for this, but you know what I try to feel that way, too We’re supposed to yearn for the good old days We’re supposed to look around like read the end of history and think that everything [is] fucked and it all gets gradually worse But that’s bullshit because I look back I’m I can only speak for myself, but I never had so much as I have now I look back and I was never this poor but I was never this focused either We’ve never this stressed, but I was never this responsible And was never gets discouraged But I was never this engaged Was never this tired, but I was never myself either I was never this afraid but I swear to God I was never this determined And I don’t know a lot, but I know I’d never want to be any me except this one Some days it seems hopeless and like nothing will get better And you just want to be someone’s kid again for a minute and not have to worry about everything but on other days I remember how I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy the things I’ve accomplished and the people who I only know because of [who] I am now I’d like to see a movie Trilogy about that I’d like to see a movie where everybody realizes that Nobody is who they were when they born because it’s your right to work toward Something you’re happy with I’d like to see a movie about how things do get better and fear can’t change the world because love is The [only] thing motivating enough to shape the future and if people from the future are looking back at me They’re going to see someone who’s looking back at his own past and is only nostalgic for Halloween and summer because this This is me, and I like me
believe it or not Am I making sense here? What do you think I think this is easily the worst Lap Dance ever [I] know I’m sorry It’s been that kind of year. I guess no. It’s fine. I completely agree [with] you actually [I] may look [like] I know what I’m doing But I look back and there are a lot of bad haircuts and bad choices and ten years from now I’ll probably feel the same looking back on this
all right it is what it is You can look back and say your favorite TV show could never get made today But maybe it’s because we’ve learned to make better show Maybe we can’t make this place great again because it’s fucking never been as great as it is now and as great as we’ll make It in the future and as for any time travelers watching us. What would the future say about the past? I don’t know What do you say about your own past? I just say I’m glad I kept doing because Whatever this is it’s not the end Whatever I think of my past self I’m so thankful that despite all the assholes despite all the hate despite all the bullshit he didn’t give up cos I’m only here in a place I like because of him not giving up It’s not Nostalgia. It’s not regret. It’s just gratitude you know that’s exactly what I was going to say
yeah me too


    Cracked, hablaré en español porque creo que así necesito decirlo en mi lengua natal. Pero por favor no menosprecies este mensaje. Llegué de pura casualidad a esta serie en medio de algo así como una crisis existencial por empezar a ser adulto, y se me ha vuelto adicción. Más que una adicción, es una catarsis abrumadora la que estoy pasando con esta serie. Nunca en ninguna serie, ni siquiera en experiencias alucinógenas, había encontrado quién me identificara mis traumas de infancia, y de repente verlos plasmadxs en personajes diversos, dispuestxs a hablarte abierta y honestamente de sus decepciones en la vida, y sentir que conectas con ellos a un nivel muy subconsciente, como si fuera el mensaje que necesitaras oír para seguir adelante. Y también me da a reconocer todo aquello que me hace individuo, y aunque no haya sido lo más idílico, me ha llevado a ser lo que soy y reconocer qué quiero ser, aunque eso apenas tenga cabida en lo que la sociedad te dirige a ser ….

    You can't make it great again because it's never been as great as it is now and what the future can be!!! The best quote ever today

    Rn I’m at the point of overwhelming angry because heart break. But I’m ok with my nonexistent I don’t really exist but I’ll be forgotten. Meaning all the pain I accidentally inflicted on those that loved me, it doesn’t matter to the world I’m only destroyed myself. I’m not leaving anything on the world and that’s comforting to me.

    Music in the background is 401 by Blimp Rock. I'd also like to say I like this series, very bingeable (if that's a word). One can takeaway a great deal from this series, this great series, ultimately because it's—real.

    Y'know, this somehow always makes me feel really slightly depressed(what an oxymoronic phrase). Like my world isn't perfect and makes me have so much confusion and lack of clarity for a while that sometimes I think I shouldn't watch it. But I imagine there's a time in the future when I will long for this feeling even if it is uncomfortable. Like if you go so long without feeling pain or happiness and you can't remember what one felt like so you induce it. I guess this also relates to nastalgia, because there are feelings that I felt when I was younger, like time acceleration or specific types of deja vu that sometimes I'm curious enough to wish to experience again. You know what I mean?

    i abolutly hate that comment " im only in a place i like because he didn't give up" because now i feel i'm only in a place i hate because i didn't give up when i should have. i know that's not what i should have taken from this and i'm sorry for that.

    Just like with the death episode, I like the thought they have for the people of the future. I mean, I've done videos on "paranormal" things I've seen, and in one or two cases, it really does seem like it wouldn't be too crazy to think that which I saw was a spectator with a faulty, out of phase cloak. And there's the weirdest sentence I'll probably write all month. Point is though, the writers are applying some decent mechanical reasoning and insight here, into what people of the future would almost certainly do in regards to us.

    i hate this new cracked. the old cracked used to make a huge point out of nothing. wich was entertaining. this stuf just tries to be deep for the sake of beeing deep. like i realy need to hear about the nostalgia experienses of made up people. i can hear this stuff by talking with my friends. and it would be way more entertaining. and trying to end on a sad note every episode to make this story have more of an "inpact" gets borring pretty quick. this whole show is just pretentieus as hell.

    p.s.: you all noticing and mentioning the trans guy in the commands is just the same as the show mentioning he's trans. don't know what that means just putting it out there

    This series has really helped make me grin and well, like Ep2 ended with, not feel alone.

    I have a huge thanks for the creation of Ted. Ted letting us know he's 30-something and not successful, but still trying to make it, confident that he will if he keeps trying, and using his cynicism as his weapon of humor instead of something that just brings him down to hopelessness. That helped me, a ton; it's what I've been going through.

    So, yeah. It goes full circle like it mentions for S1Ep2, you're not alone.

    I never feel so related in a series. Thanks for making People Watching. You guys say the words and the logic i never get to express. Just, thanks. I'm not the only one, and im not alone in this world.

    geepers, are we all just the same person having multiple dreams but deep down feeling the same?? coming from watching The Matrix, Bandersnatch & the Truman Show. I feel I'm losing my mind. I'm shoving 2018 down the bowl

    What a bummer. Doesn’t change at twice your age either. Everybody is faking it assuming everybody else has figured it out

    God forbid you fucking children PAY ATTENTION to your parents. Nope!
    "I'm so fucking special, I'm a SNOWFLAKE!!!" Y'know what snowflakes make? Fucking snowballs…big ones that roar down a mountain, building up speed and layers and leveling society when they smash into downtown Podunk.
    And I'm sorry if your parents were so busy trying to make money to put food on the table, put a roof over your head, and put money away to send you to college…THAT IS WHAT REAL LIFE IS ABOUT!!!
    Working a soul-sucking job to provide for ungrateful spawn that have no soul of their own, that try to artificially create a soul by Instagramming, Snapchatting, Facebooking and YouTubing their fabricated persona to 5 billion other soulless hellspawn. (Not including the 2 billion ADULTS who don't have time for such nonsense, because they're so busy working to provide for those soulless ungrateful bastards…)
    takes time to compose oneself
    Be glad you're alive. Be glad you still have the ability to find your REAL self. Be glad that you're educated. Be glad that you were born and raised in a first world nation. Be glad that you weren't aborted. Be glad that you had parents. Be glad that you have a future. Be glad that at some point in the VERY near future those Baby Boomers will retire and die and you'll have the opportunity to man-up and fill the vacant positions that will be left by them…the big clue will be that giant sucking sound in the economy pulling you toward that hole they left.
    That is if you haven't ruined the world with your ridiculous #movements and vapidity that makes Zuckerberg and his ilk so filthy fucking rich.
    You've created more problems than you've solved. Your turn. You better show up. Or shut the fuck up. Next move is yours.

    Cracked did you f***ing block the second season in Canada? Why would you do this? Im sorry if you are not the ones who blocked it Im just very frustrated. Is there anywhere else I can see the second season where it's not blocked?

    Everything about this series is amazing. The little hidden backdrops and connections to the beginning of the episode or even a one before, just goes to show the inspiration and talent that went in to making these.

    I wish the music wasn't so up front in this. I feel like it's an attempt to dictate emotions – which is how music is deployed a lot of the time. But this series is thought provoking and intelligent enough that I wouldn't expect the author to try to direct or shape people's responses to it. So the music is just jarring…if they lowered the volume 50% so the characters didn't seem like they had to shout over it, it'd be better for me. Also, you kids get off my lawn

    Honestly, fuck fortnite. It ruined gaming for us people born in the 2000-2007. We got addicted to it and I fucking hate myself for it. But Minecraft nostalgia will never end.

    I wish I could look back and say I’ve changed and am proud of myself but the truth is I was my best self as a kid and I’ve only gone downhill from there:(

    I'm sorry, but am I the only one who's noticed that Ted's ears are literally pointed? Not slightly long or a bit small at the tip. This dude is an awkward, loveable, heavyset woof elf and I have yet to find a single comment pointing this out.

    "You've had to learn how to bury the anger, because if you didn't, all there would be is anger."

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it

    You know I mite feel stupid putting a reply on something made ages ago but thanks to this I am part of a group called Amplify and just living life and being me for the first time in 6 years instead of hiding behind a mask of self doubt. And thank you for making me see I'm as normal as others, I really needed it.

    I thought nostalgia was Euphoric reminiscing of you past self finding a another piece of this world to connect with at a key point in your life. A childhood memory that brings you back to earth. Noticing you're older with new experiences and interest just getting one more step closer to the you you wanna be no matter if you find that something doesn't work for you. You keep on keeping on.

    The Euphoria's not forced…

    "I'll just say, I'm glad I kept going because whatever this is, it's not the end. Whatever I think of my past self, I'm so thankful that despite all the assholes, despite all the hate, despite all the bullshit, you didn't give up. 'Cuz I'm only here in a place I like is because of him not giving up. It's not nostalgia. It's not regret, it's just… gratitude, you know?"


    Fuck, that is powerful!

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