What streaming on Twitch actually looks like – Streamer

What streaming on Twitch actually looks like – Streamer

OMG thank you for the sub Ditto305 My dude thank you so much for the 2 – Can we get some sub hype in chat Alright I’m gonna do the sub dance let’s do this Sub hype uh uh sub hype uh uh – Sub hyyyyyype AHHHHHHHHHH! Kick thank you for the follow Ducky thank you for the follow Holy shit 5000 bits! Amazing Profanity thank you so much that’s gonna pay for my Uber Eats tonight I tell you what! Well you guys know what that means like Anyone who donates or gives bits over a certain amount gets the rap Here it comes A bom bom kink a bom bom kink Profanity bomanity gibidigabanity sanity sanity driven me insanity bizanity bocanity bobadoba tanity Alright guys I’ve gotta stay real stealthy because if I alert this ranger he’s gonna alert the other rangers And they’ll all come for me and there’s no way I’m gonna survive okay so here we go HOLY SHIT Fluck raid! OMG guys let’s get some helelele’s in chat helelelele helelele OMG we got the raid chur we got the raid chur with the Fluck brigade with the fluck brigade we got the Fluckers chea chea Brutha how was your stream thank you so much Fluckers Fluckonians come on over Welcome to the stream brothers! I wanna give you some OMG the subs are coming in left right and centre Guys the follows it’s amazing guys you guys are incredible You guys are incredible thank you so much


    I thought a streamer would look like Steve Irwing narrating his every single move and trying too hard to sound tough and witty.

    I recently started the process of creating french subtitles for your videos, i mean, yeah, it's just an excuse for me to watch your videos again and show those to my friends, but please praise.

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