What do you mean by broadcast quality?

Ember’s background is in broadcast television,
and it’s our belief that companies and other organisations should have their own broadcast-quality
content. We use the same personnel, the same camera
and audio equipment and the same editing and graphics software when making videos for our
corporate clients as we do when producing content for television. That means all our content is full HD. We
can also provide ultra high-definition – or 4k – content if required. Our videos are properly
lit. The graphics are professionally produced. And the sound is consistent, detailed and
carefully mixed. But by broadcast-quality, we’re not just referring
to the technical quality of our videos. We also apply the same exacting standards to
our research and pre-production, our editorial decision-making and our scripting. In short, choose Ember Television to produce
your video content and you can count on us delivering an end-product of the sort of quality
that you’d expect to see on the major TV networks.

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