Watch Live | Impeachment trial: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus

Watch Live | Impeachment trial: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus


    Trump supporters would believe it if their governor was caught at 3am buying drugs in a bad part of town if he said "I was doing the work of law enforcement".

    Even if trump walked out in the middle the street and killed somebody we would all still like him and support trump 110% kick those dumymrats out of the country and let's clean this country up once and for all and really keep the trump train moving even better make our country great forever!

    There is nothing fair about this trail! I think the reason Pelosi waited so long and delayed it so long is that she needed to blackmail some Republicans into turning on Trump!

    Americans don’t want the impeachment.. it’s the bully democrats wants him out because he’s doing an AMAZING job that no one else has the guts to do so!!! TRUMP 2020

    Bidens need to be investigated.what is wrong with you schiff.trump was doing his job.insuring our money before giveing it to ukraine,we know the corruption exists there.bidens are around it ?????

    If she's gonna save us she better get back to school now she's getting older she is considered an adult so time for her to get to work!!

    Sorry I'm from. Ireland, this funding you're all taking about,, was it in fact value of arms as Ukraine got a loan from the IMF and didn't need the money, oh I get it now, US arms companies sells the arms to the US government and get a mark up,,. And push it of as funding, omg what a great business plan. No wonder Trump wanted an investigation. That's why the democrats want to stop Trump, as the democrats will be caught with their hands in the pie.

    Why are they constantly repeating what has already been said this is gettin more and more stupid as it goes embarrassing the white house lookin like high school bull

    Hunter biden s company Brisma was under investigation by the UK government for corruption, that's a fact, noone in the US does any research, call yourself a reporter, and so the democrats are maladaptive daydreaming. Oh and the British money laundering investigation of brisma was stopped by the Ukrainian s.

    It's absolutely hilarious watching them blame everyone except the one person that's responsible for this whole mess. Let Bolton testify

    8:40 there was another major change as you said in your statement schiff there was a new president in Ukrain. It makes sense that people might want to look into him.

    List the names of the Republican Senators that disrespected the hearing and walked out. If they are my Senator I want to know. It is their job to be present, objective and respectful!

    So what are these morons going to pass they do not want us to see this time. Cause I find it hard to believe that anyone really cares about this impeachment non impeachment BS.
    Last time during all the impeachment BS during the House side. They passed the 1 bill they said the wouldn't. A.K.A. The Patriot Act again.

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