WATCH Live: House Speaker Pelosi delivers statement on status of impeachment inquiry

WATCH Live: House Speaker Pelosi delivers statement on status of impeachment inquiry


    Pelosi is such a twit her and her moron democraps are do nothings that have made millons off the people they have wanted to get rid of trump since day one maybe check out the laws that Obama and Biden and the Clinton's have broken

    There was no criteria identified to support the Russian Collusion Dossiers VALIDITY, nor Congressional nor FBI nor Judicial investigation of Russian Collusion validity itself, then this clearly indicates that there is a conspiracy at the top levels of Government and within the top levels Security Departments themselves, and that indicates a COUP.

    There has to be a major crime committed before launching these investigations for Russian Collusion or investigation for Impeachments, and if there is no major crime PROVEN IN COURT BY A JUDGE……


    And through all of this, We the People can clearly see that the FEP owns the News Media Networks. Which is why the News only shows the death and the gun, but will not show that Democrats disarmed all those Gun Free Zones, and the Democrats were paid to allow big pharma to dope up most of the shooters, and Democrats forced our schools to be disarmed…..ALL A PERFECT SETUP FOR A MASS SHOOTING BY THE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS IN SUPPORT OF THE DISARMAMENT PHASE OF THE COUP !!!!!! Dems are not even smart enough to think-up this disarmament tactic themselves. History clearly documents that the tactic of disarming all venues resulting in dead children and adults was used by Hitler to disarm Germany !!!!!

    And We the People see how the Democrats seek bribes from the FEP.
    And the FEP seek to gain like China by removing our bill of Rights and disarming THE USA citizens of our tyranny preventing/deterring capable rifles.

    Listed below are just two of the hundreds of tyrannical Democrat pushed gun laws which have resulted in the death of innocent civilians in their own cities with no crime committed:

    1) Democrats pushed the bad anti US Constitutional law called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT which allow Gov buildings to be armed with AR 15's, but the bad law forces the removal of the 2nd Amendment from our schools and all city venues, which exposes US citizens to the known psycho component in each city and has now resulted in the deaths of more than 50 schoolchildren since Sandy Hook, but thousands more in many other city venues like the Pulse Night Club and Mandalay Bay Shooting down on Country Western Concert, and many more…..

    2) Democrats pushed these Red Flag Laws which Police are already using to target innocent people from Florida to California. An innocent man died in Maryland, when he was targeted by a RFL Police Squad who jumped him and shot him in cold blood as he tried to get back into his home after they loured him out by promising that they just wanted to talk !!!!
    These Red Flag Laws burn our 1st 2nd 4th and 5th Amendments of our bill of Rights !!!!!!

    There is a coup going on. And the USA Gov is being taken by Democrats bribed by the big money FEP. Any time that you see borders being forced open and non English speaking, no skill migrants being secretly bused in, and pushed up to ballot boxes. This means that there is a coup in action. A Democrat Coup.

    While you see Fake Russian Collusion Dossiers being pushed for no reason……
    While you watch the Fake Ukraine Call Impeachment…….

    The media is not reporting all the RFL squads busting into homes across the country and taking guns from American Citizen who committed no crime !!!!

    While you see people being fired for Free Speech 1st Amendment, and not using the Law Required Pronouns.

    Parents being jailed for not allowing doctors to inject their own children with dangerous vaccines and very dangerous gender changing hormones !!!!

    While laws are passed to throw anyone in jail with no due process for an undetermined amount of time !!!!

    While Dems create laws to allow them to route our tax dollars to family and Friends.

    While allowing Obama, Hillary, and now Biden and Pelosi to position their sons to involve themselves in corruption using tax payer moneys to bribe and deceive Governments or receive bribes from gov and corps !!!!

    We The People of America want arrests made and these corrupt politicians tried and convicted.

    We also want new laws to isolate our politicians from any bribe or gift moneys and eliminate them from controlling money hides like the Clinton Foundation. gifts or post term lucrative job assignments !!!!!

    The above practices is how N Korea and Chine turned communist, and We The People will not allow this to occur in America !!!!

    Now Democrat Politicians are attempting to enforce the coup at the the USA national level by importing Islam and Mexicans then promising them free everything if they vote Democrat while they route them to the voting booths within pre-planned states that Democrats want to coup particular US State Governments !!!!!

    Take a close look at the Minnesota and Michigan Democrat Party winners !!!! This happened FAST !!! I suspect that Merkel and her parliamentary ilk attempting the same to gain votes and remain in office.

    This California coup was successful. As Mexican Democrats now own the California Gov. Thanks to the Democrats forcing the California/Mexican border open for 50 years for personal profit and kick-backs to Democrats from the Hotel and Produce and other Industries……Your tax dollars have been routed to the biggest conspiracy in the United States. You pay for the Welfare, Medical, and Housing for Illegals brought here to vote Democrat and to steal jobs that that your son or daughter needed during college.

    The Dems say, just take out a college loan and your children can pay later. No need for your son or daughter to work their way through college as you did.

    Now the Democrats are pushing for all tax payers to pay for all college related college debt which is larger than the countries credit card debt.

    And the same corrupt Democrats are now shipping and flying in a concentration of Muslims into Minnesota and Michigan which was also a well planned coup of those states.

    Democrat Politicians are also shipping and flying Millions of Muslims into Californian and New York. As the coup in these states is critical to the Democrat treasonous agenda to disarm and enslave !!!

    The Democrat / Cabal goal is to enslave the USA and the Dems are building a demographic of Mexican Muslim and other migrant voters and the cost of this to tax payer will soon trigger an economy crash and Marshal Law – Which is what Democrats and the Cabal want – Bring forth the final disarmament and enslavement with the downing of the US Constitution for ever.

    VOTE !!!! And Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C.)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

    I’m supporting anyone who legalizes weed in Tennessee !
    There I said it.
    Bring on the haters.
    I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Lets put this whole process on fast forward, and see what happens. Here are three fairly good guesses for possible outcomes.

    1. Vote for a Super Majority, falls short and Donald remains in power.
    2.Donald Trump becomes the first sitting president in the history of America to be "impeached"
    3. He goes rogue on his Country, forces his own will and the US ends up in the hands of a "Dictator"

    Being a gambler, my guess would be that the U.S. ends up with the third option. It's the outsider, and the one with the most risk. Some have already predicted that he would become president, others predicted he would be the last president, now reading between just those two lines, it's not hard to work out what his next move would be.

    But for the moment lets just yawn for the millionth time, and go back to see how this will unfold.

    When are these Republicans going to remember, , "we the people" instead of the Republican party and trump, the liar? If this goes to, "trial" in the Senate, remember which Senators support trump and those that support the people that elected them to Congress. Then the next time they run for office, vote for their opponent.

    Obama did not withhold the blankets to protect the Ukrainians against the cold winds from Russia. . He should be king.

    This is clearly a crazy person speaking. And one that looks like she is on some kind of medication prescribed for a crazy person. Trump beats this and the American people re-elect him in 2020. Fight me on this. And since these comments are up indefinitely, come back in 2020 and cry.

    What took so long for impeachment? Since the beginning of him being in office trump all along had one intention and that was to abuse the political position he holds.

    Lol there is no evidence Trump did anything illegal. Trump is guilty before proven innocent! Trump will be the first president to be re-elected after impeachment.

    YEAH! Articles are being drawn! Eloquent and serious notice! Thank You Senator Pelosi! 👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

    Smh kinda like The Biden’s and Ukraine and China? That kind of corrupt behavior by politicians and their camp! I voted for Trump to drain the swamp and this sham is the only way Democrats think they can beat Trump. This is very wrong and I pray the house lose their seats especially Pelosi and everyone involved in the coup.

    Need his ass out!!!
    Anyone is way better than Agent tangerine Orange!!!

    These people have never supported Trump in anything from the beginning. So what do you expect?

    Trump has got you all roped in your own shame, you'll see!

    Pelosi doesn’t have a heart to love anyone. She’s a bumbling stumbling turkey that should have been gone from office long ago. She certainly is not for America or the constitution. You can’t be and be a leftist moon bat.

    this is a ww2 Hitler style takeover of this government people….This Nation is on a fast tract to becoming a dictatorship, monarchy, communistic, totalitarianistic, or whatever type of State these demons have in mind the American people as it is has little to no say over their daily lives if and when this takeover happens every American will see this nation change and we will suffer… a lot of America's most vulnerable will be sacrificed and those of you who are not will become vulnerable . people this is not a joke

    Nancy time for you to retire. LIE LIE LIE "Nothing to do with politics." How many republicans support this statement. My guess is ZERO. Tell me again, "Not about politics" This is ONLY about politics. The case is: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! How about getting the HOUSE to do ONE DAY of the people's business instead of DO NOTHING but ride your favorite hobby horse …. hate Trump would be closer to how you feel. The DEMS never recovered from losing the 2016 elections. Nancy you let the extreme LEFT of the party run amuck and that will cost you in 2020.

    This is a fucking joke . They have hearsay false evidence . Trying to charge someone for the crimes they committed .

    Do nothing dems??? Hey dumbass they are impeaching your FATass you clown. That’s why world leaders laugh at your fatass!

    Lol, being lectured about our freedom and liberties from an asset that has had her hand in the cookie jars for how many years now? This woman is the perfect example of why we need term limits and age restrictions.

    Trump needs to tell all the Democrats there stupid that all want to be comunest
    They r not going to stop untill they mess 😡 up the ho Dame country or get someone killed

    See this is the REAL MEDIA! They had us America fooled. Well what was it Mar 2019 where Nancy said unless DEM and REP agree on impeachment (not all just both sides) it will not go foreword. And there had to be a REAL high crime.

    NO ONE in the media is showing you her own words. FOX IS. yeah.. thats fake news right? To show Nancy say that in Mar 2019 or during Bill Clinton where Nadler and Nancy on TV said if only one side wants to impeach it should never be done. ABC is NOT showing you that at ALL! NOR will they EVER bring it up.

    Like when Hillary running for president and all those EMAILS came out .. and HER OWN words on so many "we will NOT talk about those emails". They hide the truth. TRUTH.. if both sides don't agree it should not be done. Our FOREFATHERS warned us about this. ASK ABC to QUOTE what they said. They warned if about if only ONE SIDE tries this.. and here we are. When this started they had a VOTE..ONLY DEMS wanted this. EVERY REP and 2 DEMS voted NO! HOW IS THAT NOT NEWS? ONLY ONE SIDE wants to take out a sitting president..

    Yeah.. all I am asking is ABC please show what Nadler and Nancy said during Clintons impeachment and what she said in March this year about impeachment. Show the WORLD her own words.

    Its like when Hillary was running for president. In Feb 2016 did you EVER see on ABC a interview with other people.. a British show where they were talking about TRUTH he said "I think some Americans might disagree with you" her exact words..she said "I don't lie. I don't think I have ever lied or ever will" <—did ya see this on ABC? HAHA FAKE NEWS. Well we have HER in front of CONGRESS in a few lies. OOPS

    trump has had one term in office, most of the other elected ppl have had decades in office, serving multiple consecutive terms… so who is the status quo again? it looks like trump has disrupted the good ol boys club shenanigans and dems don't like that most…. a party that used to be something to be proud of is now a joke to most voting citizens.

    YouTube timer 6:33 Did Nancy just suppress a "Booze Belch?" Would someone please demand the breathalyzer before she comes to the dais! LOL!

    Trump was right….Biden, Burisma and Hunters millions should be investigated. No reason for impeachment…its legal for Trump to investigate Biden for corruption.

    You tube timer 7:41 She says, "We do so s…SHORELY not surely! She "sorely" is messing up this speech, she surely sorely, IS!

    The House Drunk a Democrat from California Nancy Pelosi has supported slavery all her life this racist Bitch had the House in 2013 when the Supreme Court said the voting rights Act was no fair to all and made ID's to vote legally binding in order to vote you must be identified as a US Citizen Period, Now the Democrats lead by that racist bastard from Maryland Rep. S. Hoyer this asshole would sell his mother for 50 cents. maybe a nickel. so where in the Hell was Obama in 2013 When the US Supreme Court struck down the Democrats plan for voting??????? no where he did not give a shit about voting rights then and now, the Southern Democrats are the Jim Crows of today what they say is never true and what they are doing is criminal to our voting and election laws they want every non citizen to vote all of them that type of law would destroy America and our way of life, just about 99% of the Democratic party is over the age of 65 they want power not change just power to rule the American People. did you see Fat ass Jerry Nadler D-NYC, S. Hoyer D-MD, all crying fowl????? how sick are the Democrats just look at them they are trying to impeach a President elected by the people, because they hate this man what if the American People did this shit to Obama how would the democrats take that shit Obama gave more money to the Iranians than he did to the American people. ?????? now that is sick.

    Yes we all know he is an idiot. But this shit is a waste of time and money. Hes done in a year. Focuss on issues that can move America forward istead of just cat fighting.

    fellow Democrats…how bad is it? my girlfriend got a job, went off Food Stamps, and is now dating Republicans

    One of my alters is a troll !
    Please forgive me for that worthless demons actions and words.
    I personally have no idea who these people are or what’s going on here.
    I don’t believe in Politics….period.
    Who is Trump, Who is Pelosi ?

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    This devout Catholic, and I quote her daughter, “She will cut your head off before you know what has happened!” This Kleptocrat, is a wreaking ball, look at the places she has touched, from Baltimore to San Francisco, what really has she done for the United States Tax Payers from whom she has stolen? Nothing!
    Praying the crimes she has committed afford her the maximum benefit the law entitles her too!
    She is admitting to her own guilt! Find God Pelosi, and accept your punishment.
    Treasonous liar! 
    There are toilets, to be cleaned, in hell awaiting your arrival!

    This whole impeachment thing is ridiculous; Democrats are a model of silly political slapstick comedy.

    I want to make it clear here for future reference that this sad lady I have been shown by God that she will see 2020 but will not see the end of 2020 God has said that she will be no more for the evil that she is doing. No by man's hand she will be removed but by God's hands I feel sorry for you lady may God have mercy on you.

    She keeps saying facts, but they haven’t produced any…none of the “witnesses” they had speak were even on the call, some weren’t even in the same country. It’s almost like the Democrats are abusing their power for political and personal gain 🤔

    Sorry I don't know what's worse …looking at this ugly hag…or trying to understand what the fakkkk she is trying to say. Can't do it…

    Everything that you are accusing the president of, you and your Democratic crooks are and have done and think you can continue to do so.

    Nancy is a danger 😂 💀 to the USA . RUSSIA is nothing compared to the democrabs. .pure EVIL .YES THE FRAMERS WOULD HAVE TARED N FEATHERED .THEM ALL BEFORE .THEY HUNG THEM FOR BEING TRADORS.. BRING IT ON TRUMP 2020

    Well read Nancy. No flailing arms and gestures because she was so focused on reading the transcript her handlers/ puppet masters ordered her to read word for word. Sadly these seditious and treasonous people in congress have poisoned the very process of democratization in this land so great once referred to as the land of the free. The sheep are being mislead. Price? They sold us out. For what? Each individual has a different story. Let the show begin. Corruption, oh yes but not from POTUS. It is his duty that shall be revealed to investigate and expose these corrupt bad actors that unfortunately the cancer is vast and wide spread. From the current Speaker of the House to the Leader of the Intelligence Committee in Congress are guilty as SIN. JUSTICE is coming. Facts will shock many that are still sleep. Anons have had ants in their pants waiting impatiently for this time to arrive. Welcome, it is time. Bring out Durham and his findings so we can proceed. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of our country. Ever. This is huge. Unbelievable, how many sold us out and just not overnight (last 3 years) but for the last 2 decades. The process was just escalated as Agenda 21 grew near. They , even with such manipulation and added voter fraud never ever expected [HRC] to lose. Power, money, control, drugs, arms, and human trafficking enriched for their roles by the puppet masters. Shame, shame on them. I have no remorse for any of them regardless of sexual orientation or age. Military Tribunals, let them begin.

    thank you for captions,otherwise the slurring is impossible to understand. Also important to present the incoherent nothing that´s actually said. slurr,infrastructure,slurr, disconnected memory,slurr, slurr….. international embarassement for US.

    if the communist democrats EVER get in the poor white house, we'll be obligated to IMPEACH THAT MOTHER F-VER, As that POS Tlaib puts it. And as another POS MAXINE WATERS HAS SAID EVEN BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH.

    What we are watching is without a doubt, a constitutional crisis brought about by the corrupt Democratic party and their cronies in the main stream media. I wish them all a long life behind bars.

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