Warning ⚠️ Auto Ad Suggestions Are Going Live! 60 Second AdWords Power Up

Warning ⚠️ Auto Ad Suggestions Are Going Live! 60 Second AdWords Power Up

– [Ed] Did you get the email? Google’s gonna start creating adds for you and sticking them live
in your ad account, yep. (bright music) Hi, I’m Ed from AdEvolver and Google sent me this email, I imagine they’ve sent you that email as well. Starting April 29th,
2108, ad recommendations are gonna start being added
to your account automatically so literally, Google’s
gonna create a write adverts and stick ’em live in your account if you don’t do anything about it. That means, oh yeah, I forgot to say, put 60 seconds on the clock. That means you need to take action, because otherwise you’re
gonna not be in control of your ad copy and that
could be quite an issue. So where’d you find this? Jump into your add account, by the way you’ve gotta
use the new interface, you can’t use the old interface
to change these settings, so make sure you’re on your campaign view, go to Settings on the left hand menu. Jump across to Account Settings, and then in here we can see Ad suggestions set to auto-apply 14 days. You can do not automatically
apply these ads. So essentially what this means is instead of these
ads going automatically into the account and
live spending your money. You can set them to do not apply, but they will still be created, so you can actually see what Google is creating automatically which will be interesting, and you can also apply them if you think they’re up to scratch. Early tests would say it’s
probably safer to leave them not applying automatically for now, and give it a bit of time to see if the AI can create something
better than a dog’s dinner. Brilliant, hope you
enjoyed that 60 seconds. Hopefully it will save you
some headaches and some pain. If you did, please hit like, share a comment, thought or
feedback on this new feature. What did you think, do
consider subscribing. I’m Ed Leake from AdEvolver and until next time, this
has been a 60 seconds AdWords power of that,
it’s a bit of a mouthful. Cheers, catch you next time. (light music)


    So this setting isnt viewable in the old adwords layout (which I always use). You reckon that makes it be disabled by default? Knowing google, probably not!

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