Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO

Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO

MAILE OHYE: Hi. I’m Maile Ohye, a developer
programs tech lead with Google Webmaster Central. But today, I’ll pretend to be
the SEO of the Google store at The Google store sells many
fine items, like Google T-shirts and fold up flyers. Using this site as an example,
together we’ll take a look at how to make the most of the
features in Google Webmaster Tools– my favorites. Now, if I were the SEO of the
Google store, the first thing I would do is log into Webmaster
Tools, verify ownership of my site, then sign
up for email forwarding in Message Center. Email forwarding allows
important messages from Google– like malware
notifications, or alerts for crawling issues– to be
delivered right to my inbox. So I can get important news
without even needing to log in to the webmaster console. Next, stepping back a bit, as
the SEO, I’ll talk to Google about their business strategy
for the Google store. I’ll do my best to help make the
online strategy that I’m managing consistent with their
overall business goals. So let’s pretend that the owners
of the Google store explain to me that a key part
of their business includes online sales of Google
merchandise. Let’s say they’d like to sell
more Android T-shirts and Google yo-yos. Remember, please, that this
is all make believe. Now my objective as their
SEO is more clear. I need to help
sell merchandise. But rather than help the
Google store sell every product in stock, I prioritize
where to spend my time by optimizing the product pages
for items that already have visibility in the market. This is much easier than also
needing to create demand for an item. To do this, I’ll investigate the
information available in Webmaster Tools,
Search Queries. This data helps me understand
which products are already doing well in search. Now, there are many queries
for which the Google store ranks, but only some of them are
actually receiving clicks from targeted visitors. I’ll star these queries. The other queries, like
YouTube, are likely irrelevant. They may receive a lot of
impressions, but when a user just searches for YouTube, they
probably want to watch videos on It’s not easy to upsell
to a YouTube T-shirt. Now, with the queries starred
like “Google T-shirt” and “Android shirt,” whenever I log
into Webmaster Tools, it’s easy for me to track my
progress without being distracted by extraneous
terms. For the rest of this
presentation, in the interest of time, I’ll focus on helping
the Google store increase sales for their Android
shirts. Given my starred queries, I’ll
check them out in search results. You can see here that for
“Android shirt,” my second result, with an indented
result, could be more descriptive and readable. The snippet can originate from
the meta description, and that’s a quick fix I would
immediately implement as their SEO. After viewing Search Queries to
get an idea of the queries to prioritize, I’ll then go to
the Key Words feature in Webmaster Tools. Key Words tells me these are
the key phrases Google has extracted from your site. As SEO, I want these key words
to relatively match the terms for which I want to rank. Here I noticed the key words for
the Google store include organic, eco, and cotton. These terms don’t match the
actual merchandise I’m trying to sell. To meet my online objectives,
I’m better off if my site’s key words– the content on the
page– are more about Android, Google, and shirt– the terms
for which I’d like to rank– rather than generic fabric
descriptions, like cotton and organic. Following Key Words, I’ll return
to Search Queries to see exactly what URLs are
ranking for the given query. When your site shows an average
position of 5.0, that means that when a user enters
the query, the URLs from your site that are displayed in
results average at position 5.0. In other words, a user in San
Francisco may see my site in position number four in search
results, while for the same query a user in New York may see
my site in position six. My average position
is then five. Alternatively, if a query
triggers my site in both result number four and number
six, then my average position may also be five. Furthermore, when your site
appears in a blended result, we’ll most commonly use the
entire slot as one position. So for example, all the sites
shown in this blended shopping result could be calculated as
being in the number one position. The change value is calculated
as the delta between your search query for this time
interval versus the previous interval, whether that’s a
month, a week, or a day. In Search Queries, as the SEO,
I also notice that some of these URLs are duplicates. These two results look similar,
but differ only in their parameters. Here’s some general advice for
duplicate content issues. But to reduce duplicate content
in this particular case, I’ll use rel=canonical
as well as utilizing URL parameter handling in
Webmaster Tools. In URL parameter handling, I can
signal to Google’s crawler that some parameters are
valuable while others can be ignored. I can use parameter handling if
my URL structure contains name value pairs using
standard encoding. If I use something
non-standard– being a maverick– search engines
will have a harder time understanding my site. Another step in addressing
duplicate content is to check out HTML suggestions. Here are URLs already crawled
and indexed by Google that have duplicate titles
or metadescriptions. I can check if my Android shirt
page has any duplicates detected by Google. Thankfully, that doesn’t
appear to be the case. Every important page on my
site should have a unique title and description. And that way I don’t dilute
any of my page rank. Next I’ll check out Crawl Errors
to verify that Google is properly accessing my site. Within Crawl Errors is Crawl
Error Sources, where I can make sure that potential
visitors to my site don’t receive 404 File Not Found, but
instead come to the page they intended. Fixing crawl errors both helps
me, one, capitalize on potential shoppers originating
from other sites, and two, accumulate page rank from
external links to the right URL. Speaking of links, I’ll go
to Internal Links next. A site’s homepage often has the
highest page rank on their site. It can be beneficial to make
sure that for the pages we want to rank– such as my
Android shirt page– that it’s well linked from within my own
site and my own homepage. In this example, my Android
shirt has fewer internal links than the other product pages,
such as the organic Basic T-shirt. To help users and search engines
find my Android page, I’ll make it better linked
internally and within fewer links from my homepage. Another great tool I can use
is Fetch as Googlebot. With Fetch as Googlebot, I’ll
check that redirects, dynamic pages, and URL rewrites
work as expected. I can also help ensure that my
information, both the text and the links, are retrievable and
more likely indexable. For example, if I don’t see the
content of my page clearly listed in the text from Fetch
as Googlebot, it’s possible that it’s hidden to search
engines through an image or Javascript. Many studies demonstrate that
the faster a page loads in the browser, the happier the user. Given my limited time today,
I’ll conclude by checking out the Site Performance feature
in Webmaster Tools. This feature provides
improvements on how to make my site faster. Here, unfortunately, I notice
that my Android shirt URL requires over six seconds
to render. Most e-commerce sites aim
for under two seconds. Because, as the SEO, I don’t
want to lose Google store’s visitors because of slowness,
I’m going to make improving my site’s six second load
time a high priority. Now let’s recap the features
I’ve used in Webmaster Tools. First I signed up for email
forwarding and message center. Next I checked out Search
Queries to see the items on my site that are already ranking
and for which I can improve. Then I used Key Words to
understand how I should better target my content. I tried to reduce duplicates
through HTML suggestions and URL parameter handling, then
Crawl Errors to fix broken links. I prioritized my content by
comparing internal links, verified crawler access through
Fetch as Googlebot, and last I used Site Performance
to improve my page speed. Thanks. I hope you find some of these
tips useful in making the most of Webmaster Tools. I look forward to seeing you at
our Webmaster Central blog, and at


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