USF DIgital Marketing Certificate

the digital marketing program at USF is Essentially an immersion a 4-day immersion made up of eight different modules taught by different thought leaders on various topics in digital marketing What’s most important? Is that they’re not sitting in the classroom learning and consuming information? But they’re also taking this information and being able to relate it to whether what’s happening in their workplace Each of our modules are comprised of three components the first one is knowledge transfer Essentially the thought leader and their various subject matter expert will provide knowledge and tools in that area They will then provide the second component Which is hands-on learning through a simulated experience the last component of the module is the capstone project? Which is essentially a firm hopefully led by a senior leader at the firm identifies a project or an initiative They’d like to achieve They then send hopefully an interdisciplinary team of two to three
people to the open enrollment Program to work through that initiative during the program USF is very forward-thinking and developing such a curriculum for professionals because you want to break down the silos of your organization and understand how to you know move into the new era of customer interface the capstone project is a Critical exercise our program was conceived to be very unique in the sense that we could go anywhere To tap the best talent and expertise available One of the many unique benefits from this program would be the networking opportunities that it provides Curriculum is constantly evolving. It’s not going to be stagnant in this space things change very rapidly industry professionals know that and Most academic units will not be in a place to serve this need it’s a great program for working professionals to attend in a collapsed period of time and hear from professionals like myself on a variety of digital marketing topics that they can go back and implement pretty much right away digital marketing is becoming more a part of the everyday conversation regardless of what business you work in I wanted to deepen my knowledge and I found that the Speakers and the modules really surpassed my expectations I think I can take everything and Hit the ground running when I get back to the office and really execute on everything that I’ve learned, but faculty was awesome that Great value in interacting and even sharing Sometimes what I would consider, maybe proprietary information. It’s literally my task to bring the digital transformation To the organization, so we are trying to move into the digital world So this course has been extremely valuable for me to understand. I guess what I need to do to help my Staff understand this as well as actually implementing I would recommend this program to People who maybe have been in digital, but need to be able to communicate more effectively? With their sales managers and their executive teams so what I really like about the USF digital marketing program is How it cuts across digital landscape? There’s something for everybody and the fact that it is in real time today it’s now and how you can activate that in your own business is incredibly exciting the staff has been tremendous as the coordination in advance of being here was absolutely phenomenal the folks have been coming through and actually doing the courses themselves of all been so knowledgeable, so Informed so up on things and also just easy to understand and interact with this course was empowering engaging Inspiring this course was awesome you

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