One hidden talent about the PS4 is it
allows you to connect any USB microphone many people do not know that you can
also connect the USB mixer and use any professional XLR microphone. So today
I’ll teach you how to set up your PS4 with an XLR microphone and a
professional headset. First things first, we need the equipment – grab your
PlayStation 4 an XLR microphone a USB mixer and a choice of headphones. I
personally use the Xenyx Q802 USB by Behringer. I’m also using the Rode NT1
microphone. My choice of headset will be the audio technica m50x. Right, now we’re
going to set up your headphones a lot of people don’t know this but the
PlayStation 4 controller can accept any 3.5mm headphone simply plug in
the headphones into the 3.5mm jack and hold down the Playstation button,
We’re going to scroll up to sound devices and then head to output to
headphones this needs to be set to all audio because we want to gain volume and
the chat party to come through the headset. To set up your microphone is
extremely simple, plug your microphone into your mixer with an XLR cable make
sure the power is plugged in and then connect the USB cable from the mixer to
the PlayStation 4 if you like me and you have multiple accounts on your
Playstation it will prompt you to choose which account you want this microphone
to work with for this example I’m going to use the account I was on now hold
down the PlayStation button head to sound devices once again but this time
select adjust microphone levels here is where you’ll calibrate your microphone
the good thing about tuning on your mixer is as you’re tuning you can look
to the PlayStation to reference how high or low your voice is and that’s it
you’re all set up with your XLR microphone on the PlayStation, with a
great set of headphones. It’s super easy and I hope you enjoyed this, if you did please
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