Ultimate Streaming App For Twitch & YouTube – Prism Live Studio Tutorial!

Ultimate Streaming App For Twitch & YouTube – Prism Live Studio Tutorial!

Today I’m gonna share with you the best
live streaming mobile app that I have found that allows you to broadcast your
content to twitch and YouTube and guess what it’s a hundred percent free that’s
right you can use the platform right now on the platforms called prism live
studio and it is one heck of a program and I’m gonna show you everything you
need to know about it let’s go hey it’s me it’s Wild4Games coming
at you for my stream support playlists where I bring you the best tips and
tricks and even awesome platforms just like in this video and if this is your
first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your stream make
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my videos go live for you and yeah any point in this video if you like the
platform that I’m talking about did you all a favor put links in the show notes
below so make sure you check it out now prism live studio is a mobile app
that is available on iOS and Android devices and I’ve been testing out the
platform for the past month to see what makes it better and different than all
the other platforms out there so let me do a quick roll call of the awesome
features that I think are gonna stand out to really be a game-changer for
someone like you out there right off the bat Prism allows you to
stream in a cool clean crisp 1080p as long as your internet connection allows
it Prism also allows you to stream to multiple platforms but I’ll show you a
little bit more about this a little later in the video
Prism gives you the ability to add in real-time awesome effects and filters
that you can share on your cast you can share your media files live during your
broadcast which means you can show your photos your videos and even your music
speaking of music you can even add a background music to your broadcasts to
fill in the silence and one of the big game changers of this platform is if you
have under a thousand subscribers on YouTube you can still use this platform
to broadcast to YouTube even if you don’t meet that mark just yet
I mean prism literally comes with pretty much everything you need to have a
unique and professional style mobile broadcast to twitch or YouTube but now
let me go over the computer here and I’m gonna show you everything you need to
know in the app so that way literally at the end of this video you can start
using the app and broadcasting to twitch and YouTube so let’s head over there
once you’ve downloaded the app all you have to do is launch it and you will see
me looking right back at you how you doing there the cool thing about prism
is it actually comes with three unique assets at the bottom there you will see
it has live which is for all of your broadcasting needs as well as video if
you want to record anything and share it later and also photos which is if you
obviously want to take photo and create fun filters and everything
like that on top of it and share it with your community will cover videos and
photos at another time because those are unique elements that I think every
streamer and content creator should have but for the sake of this tutorial we’re
only going to concentrate on the live settings here because that’s
broadcasting and that’s what you’re here for the very first thing I want you to
do is take a look at the top right corner which is where it shows your
profile in your account let’s go ahead and tick on that and from here it’s
gonna show your account where you want to click on the cogwheel
and some of the important parts of this information is where it shows your
stream destinations which is all the destinations you can stream out to and
there you can see it’s got YouTube twitch periscope and so forth for the
sake of this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to broadcast out to twitch when we
go back to the screen here you can see there’s all the different video
resolutions that prism offers you you can do 1080p 720p 480p or 360p as well
as other things like notifications and conceals as well as other legal jargon
at the bottom here if we go back to the main home screen here where you get to
see me in the top left corner where the three dots are is where we get to make
changes to the stream before it even starts now you’ll see there’s flash mode
which is actually for when you take photos you can turn that on and off
followed by mic on and off this essentially allows you to mute your mic
if you have to share anything like personal information you don’t want to
broadcast live so it’s a good thing to have or know or at least for the
location is if you do have the mute your stream as well as camera on if you need
to make any adjustments and also view screen full below those you will see
flip front-facing camera what this does essentially it’s gonna take what you see
here on my wild and it’s gonna flip it so that way it’s actually readable cuz
you know some things will be flipped back and forth for when you’re doing
like a selfie mode which is the mode that I’m currently on so that way people
can read what’s on your shirt or if you have logos or designs that you’re
broadcasting out which is a really unique feature that I’ve never seen on
any other platform platform before as well as below that is save video after
streaming now the unique thing about that is when you’re done streaming it’ll
actually create a video clip and put it into your gallery of your device if you
want to chop it up later or share certain segments or create your own
clips which is really nice to have now if we close the three dots you will see
an icon that looks like a recycling arrow if we go ahead and click on that
actually that flips my camera around which you won’t see anything because
it’s looking straight at a light which is what’s in the top right corner of
your screen there’s how I apologize but that is what you would use if you’re
doing like a walk and talk and you’re showing off different scenes perhaps you
want to like the lake or you want to zoo or perhaps you’re showing a concert or
anything like that you could show the front-facing camera while you still
interact with all the comments that are coming on the channel and you can change
that during a live broadcast which is really awesome to have now down below
that you will see in the bottom left-hand corner all the unique filters
you can apply on top of your stream that’ll make it look more enhanced for
whatever environment that you’re and plus it’ll make it a little more
engaging so if we go ahead and tap on that you will see all the different
filters you have the first one it shows the recent ones that you have that I’ve
been playing around with followed by all the different stickers you can put on so
if I want to do like a little bit of an apple and I want to have some fun it’ll
eventually figure out where my head is and move around with me let’s do a nice
little cowboy hat here and have all the fun filters let’s see there was there’s
a real oh Pizza let’s do a pizza one that’ll be fun you can do all these
different unique filters and have a lot of fun and the cool thing is you can do
these live during your stream without having any interruptions or frame drops
to your stream which makes it really fun to have these within a single touch of
your stream the next icon is you have overlays that you can apply on top of
your stream well which again will put different things around the side for
different environments that you can share with your community and they have
a whole set of different ones and this will make you stand out that much more
while you’re on and actual broadcast fonts which in YouTube because this will
be I pleasing and eye-popping to make you stand out on different parts of your
stream which will make it really really fun and that’s the whole thing you want
about mobile streams and here you’ve got a nice little bokeh effect that’s
gonna make you stand out and look really cool the next icon you see is all the
particular emojis you can throw up on screen so here I’m going to tap through
a bunch of different ones you can see of all the different explosions so you can
show fun animations on-screen or emotions that you want a have and all
these are really fun and again you can to hook these in real time on your
stream to make everybody be really engaged within your stream and you can
do the fun little rewards if somebody subs or
donates or you know becomes a new follower or even gives you a host in
your stream it’s really fun to have all these unique different assets at your
fingertips you can also put live animations on your screen for when
anything actually happens perhaps if somebody came into your screen it was
their birthday you can hit the birthday icon right here and tap right on screen
one of the assets ready and say happy birthday to that person and do some
unique animations and overlays that go on top your screen it’s really fun and
it’s easy to do and again it’s just a simple touch of the screen to have some
a little bit of fun and make your stream that much more interactive let’s do one
more because I’m having so much fun with all these different ones that just
happened within a single touch of the screen one feature on prism that
stands out amongst the rest that I’ve never seen on any other app is the fact
that I can draw live on my screen just simply go down to the draw icon select
whatever color you want and you can start drawing simple little things start with
my camera shakes here but I can draw some arrows – like my unique design heck
I can even do like a fun little pictionary make a little star or just
have any type of particular fun on my stream and this is really cool if I was
gonna show some live content which I’m gonna get to in a second here I can
highlight parts that I want you to look at or bring your attention say hey look
at my cool new logo design down here but last one we have is you can add text on
top of your video capture that you’re gonna be broadcasting out and it’s as
simple as just typing in the message so I can type something just as simple as
like thanks and add that in here and tap on the screen and now I have it work
ever I need it to be and I can make it as small or I can make it big and I can
hit done and now I can move it to wherever I want so I can put things like
thanks for the follower thanks for the sub and it makes the stream that much
more interactive and again all I have to do is just tap on the asset if I want
take it away just take it away it’s as simple as that they made it easy-pezy in
the bottom right corner here is where the actual filters that you’ll have you
love like neutral density filters or beauty filters down here so if we go
ahead and take on that you’ll see all the different neutral densities you can
see the natural ones that they have you can see all the different versions
that will change how you look and you can adjust any of these two by just
sliding the wheel to whatever intensity you want to have on top of these now if
you’re not a fan of beauty filters let me show you a really cool thing that you
can do with them that’s gonna really help out your particular stream the
reason you want to use beauty filters is because depending on the environment
that you’re going in the lighting may not be proper for you
so knowing which one of these like cools or warms or Naturals is gonna help you
in your environment is gonna be that much better because it gives you more
adjustability to make the visuals appear better for your broadcast out and it’s
nice that they have all these preset out all you have to do is just adjust how
much you want to have or how little you want to have it’s very nice that they
give you all these different abilities so that way your stream can be as best
looking as possible as you’re broadcasting out to twitch and YouTube
now when you’re ready to broadcast it’s really you just gotta hit the big ready
button down there and if we go ahead and click on that it’s gonna give you some
settings of what you need to do or your particular broadcast out depending on
what platform you’re on for me in this video I’m gonna be doing twitch which my
account is already connected to you can see I’m gonna be broadcasting at 720p
now if I want to make adjustments to that all I have to do is just go ahead
and click on that and you will get a window here that allows you to make
adjustments to stream quality now the really unique thing about prism live
studio is the first thing right there the adaptive bitrate
and what this is gonna do is it’s gonna find the best bitrate and adjust as
you’re streaming down so this way there will be less keyframe drops and less
drop frames so that way you don’t have a stutter restream I recommend having that
on because it works exceedingly well if you don’t want that and you want to push
out you have a solid connection at a certain kila-bitrate all I have to do is
go ahead and turn that particular part off and now we can change whatever we
want with the settings down below so if we want to do at 1080p we can just go
ahead and select on that and click back on the screen I’m gonna have a bit rate
that’s higher or lower this is where I’d make the adjustments make sure you check
your internet connection before you broadcast out because you want to make
sure you have a solid connection so that way you won’t be dropping any frames
which is again why would recommend having the adaptive
bitrate on below that you will see the frame rates that you can broadcast out
at the moment you can only do 30 fps and 24 fps as well as the keyframe interval
leave this at 1 second save your settings and click OK and here is where
you get to put in your stream title now my last stream was me doing liquid flows
for twitchcon but if I need to make any adjustments this is where I could just
simply just type it in if I need to make any adjustments for my particular type
of stream if I wanted so if you’re streaming out to youtube right there is
where you can do a youtube intro below that icon is where you get to share your
cast if you’d like to now you click on that icon and here you can share it to
Facebook Twitter or copy the link I personally like to craft my own Twitter
so all you need to do is just copy on the link there and it’ll copy the URL
and now I can paste that into Twitter as well as put my own personal message
again they made it real easy now there’s only one big flaw of prism is the fact
that down here in the section where I did all of my settings it doesn’t allow
me to select a twitch category so if you want to select at which category work
that needs to be different from the one that you’re currently streaming on last
time is you need to go into your twitch app and select the category that you
want to go in there and save the changes so that way when you go back and hit the
go-live button you’ll be under the correct category so make sure you do
that first before you hit that button so when you’re ready to stream all you got
to do is hit that goal I button in three-two-one you’ll be live which I’m
gonna show you in just a second but just a fair warning I’m gonna change mine to
720p and use that adaptive bitrate because I have so many devices within my
studio and in my house that are pulling in Internet but I want to minimize the
frame drop as I’m about to show you here but if you’re broadcasting in a place
where you’re not sharing as much internet like I am you won’t have any
issues with dropping frames or having any type of stutter so let’s go to a
live stream right now alright here I am this is me broadcasting on prism live
studio and as you can see this is the quality coming through as I’m
broadcasting at the 720p now if you want to add
anything like a comments of people that would be commenting down it would pop in
the bottom corners there but if you want to write back to them all you get to do
is tap on the right side of your bottom screen and there it’ll populate where
you can write back with a message if you want to say things like hello or hi or
anything like that which I’ll just put hi and they’re really quick so that we
can see how it pops up you want to add any of the filters or beauty filters
again there down there in the bottom corners and you can click on that and
add them in real time now they will be a little bit slower as you’re adding them
depending on your internet connection and speed like we said before but if
itís when you click on let’s just click on the cheer up one and I tap right
there on screen you can see it come up and populate real quickly and it has a
lot of fun things that can happen on here now when you’re done ending your
live broadcasts it’ll ask you a couple things it’ll ask you if you’d like to
save or share your broadcast out with anybody which is really nice to have but
if you don’t all you get to do is go to the top left corner here and go back to
your main home screen which again will allow you to set up for your next cast
if you’re good and ready a really awesome feature that prism gives you is
when you swipe the screen over you get access to the studio of prism which is
really cool which allows you to share all these different assets live on
stream so you’ve got photo video music and even websites that you can share and
whenever you add those that go down into your studio so for me I do a lot of art
so if I want to show one of my art videos of how everything kind of looks
differently when I do color shifts I can find a nice little spot for my video
pull it down into a nice location hit play and everything will show on the
device of how it is where it’s going I can move this to wherever I want which
is really really cool I can put this wherever I want
turn and even expand it out for the entire screen show where it needs to go
and I can share all this really different information this works for
photos videos music and websites that you want to show off so this is a really
really cool for people that are trying to become influencers or want to show
different parts of their content for different things and of course you can
add any of these during your live stream which is why
this platform and program and app is so powerful because once again I have never
seen any other app come close to doing anything like this
now prism is probably one of the best mobile broadcasting tools that I’ve come
across it does so much but it’s not without its flaws since it can do so
many things that when you try to use certain filter effects or stickers or
animations or any type of overlays there will be a little bit of a stutter
because your phone’s trying to process what’s going on as well broadcasting out
so for cool little tip out there the better phone you have the better off
you’re gonna be the better internet connection you have the better off
you’re gonna be the better you can get all of those things the more fluid and
streamline prism live studio is gonna work for you but it works for a whole
host of phones so don’t let it affect you on your broadcaster but just be
aware if you’re on a lower phone or you’re not on a strong internet
connection it will take a longer time for those things to populate up on your
stream and or it may have a little bit of a stutter there so you may want to
use them or not use them just think about that before you hit that go ready
and start stream but now mobile streaming is a great way to expand your
content that you’re providing on twitch and YouTube so I highly suggest taking a
look at prism live studio cause you’re gonna like it now mobile streaming goes
well beyond just what you’re producing within the video there it’s also within
your channel so I’m gonna put a video over here on the side that shows you how
to make custom panels for your live streaming channel on twitch and YouTube
I recommend taking a look at that once again my name is Wild4Games and I
will see you all in the next stream support video coming out real soon take
care all and Peace!


    Want to stream with Prism Live Studio?
    Check out the links in the video description to download for your iPhone and Android!
    Happy Mobile Streaming.

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