Twitter Promote Mode Review (30 Day Experiment Results)

Twitter Promote Mode Review (30 Day Experiment Results)

– I saw an ad on Twitter
recently for a new product called Twitter Promote Mode. What this is is, for $100 a month, you can put in as many tweets as you want, and they’ll promote
them to the new audience using Twitter ads. It sounded a little too good to be true, so I threw $99 at it, and
queued up a bunch of tweets. In this video, I want to
run through what happened during the Twitter
Promote Mode experiment. We went for 30 days, and here’s my review of Twitter Promote Mode. We started this experiment on April 2nd, and here are some baseline stats. We started the experiment
with 3,132 Twitter followers and 12,822 YouTube subscribers. Those are the two numbers we’re measuring, because Twitter ads, I assume, are gonna increase Twitter followers. Twitter themselves promise
about 30 new followers a month using this thing, which isn’t that much. And we have links to the YouTube channel as our pinned tweet and in our bio. Here’s a screenshot of the
last 28 days of analytics from the Twitter Dashboard. So through the Twitter Promote Mode, they let you tweet up to 10
times a day, and every single one of those tweets is
going to get boosted. So to get the most out of this experiment, I wanted to tweet as much as possible. 10 times 30 is 300, so
we had to get 300 tweets into buffer. Here’s the Google Doc we used. To fill up this queue of
tweets, I wanted to use a mix of the top tweets of all time. Let’s throw a little
counter down at the bottom, how many times am I gonna say tweets? With my lisp, it almost sounds like I’m trying to say trees. And it’s just not coming
through correctly. Trees, tweets, tweets. Just keep that counter going. So this list is our
top tweets of all time, and we used Twitter
Analytics to find them. With the Twitter Dashboard Analytics, they only show your top
tweets in 90-day increments, so we went back all the way to
2013, picking out top tweets, and cringing at some of the
stuff I used to tweet about. After all those were in the Google Doc, we optimized the Twitter
bio and pinned up a tweet to promote the YouTube channel. Then we put them all into buffer. So if we wanted more tweets
in buffer, we had to wait, and so we waited. So our top tweets, we
maxed out after 109 tweets, because there wasn’t really
too much good after 109, so I filled in some of our top
YouTube videos, our podcasts, and we ended up at 187 tweets, total. I just love seeing that counter go up, that’s why I keep saying the word tweets. Tweets! The targeting was pretty simple to set up, they only had a couple options, and we went with USA and
business for the interests. Here are all the choices,
and here is what we picked. So the first update on four, nine, we have 3,134 Twitter followers, and 13,026. Here are some takeaways from
the Twitter stats on April 9th. This is when we were doing
the experiment for one week. So in one week, we got 123 profile visits and zero percent conversions. No new followers that were
credited to Twitter Promote Mode. Not looking too good for the first week. And at this point, I freaked
out because I figured it was our bio and our pinned tweet that were messing it up,
so I reverted it back to what it used to be
before the experiment. In order to find my first bio, I went into the Wayback Machine, and I ended up going way too far back and found my first bio. Apparently I was an advisor at a startup. Neither of these companies exist anymore. So here’s the updated bio on April 9th. I’ll catch you up in a couple days and let’s see if conversions go up. This brings us to four 19, 10
days after the last update, and things aren’t looking too good. Our Twitter followers are down to 3,128, and our YouTube subscribers are at 13,294. YouTube subs are shooting up, but that’s because of
YouTube, I don’t think it has anything to do with
Twitter at this point. Mostly because the tweets aren’t
getting as much engagement as the videos. At this point, our followers
are down on Twitter, and our engagement, so
the number of people liking and commenting our tweets, is down. So at this point, I
figured maybe it’s because we’re doing 10 tweets a
day, so we scaled it back to two tweets a day for
the rest of the experiment. Here’s the new posting schedule on buffer. A few days later, on
four 27, the numbers are, Twitter followers, 3,132,
so it’s slightly come back, and YouTube is at 13,552. On this day, I was staying at
a friend’s house in New York, and he said that the header on my Twitter made me look like a goofball. So I’m into marketing, he’s a marketing director
at a pretty big company, so we replaced the header
with another image. And the final update on April 30th, last day of the experiment,
here are the final results. We ended the experiment with 3,134 Twitter followers and 13,592 YouTube subscribers. So we gained a lot of YouTube subscribers, and I’m saying it’s not
from this experiment. So if we’re looking at
just tweets, we spent $99 on this experiment, and
we gained two followers. That’s a little under
$50 per Twitter follower. My verdict? It’s not worth it. Twitter Promote Mode, zero
out of zero, that’s my rating. We’re adding a rating
system, just for this. Jack Dorsey, please focus on Square, it’s a much better company. Links to the Twitter Promote Mode are down in the description
if you want to check it out. If you found this valuable,
I would love if you would share it with a friend or two. We’re trying to hit 100,000
subs, so every share counts. Also, if you do digital
marketing, branding, anything in the agency
space, and you need help growing your company,
check out Thanks.


    HI Alex i send you email or comment out about a email. can you please check that and reply me about it

    Hi Alex. I too was invited to participate in the beta of Twitter Promote and while I agree with your overall conclusion (it's not yet worth it) I got way better results than you did because I think you make a few marketing errors during your test. This isn't to say you're a bad marketer, just that Twitter Promote is so new and no one really knows how it works just yet, so you probably make some errors in how you approached testing the program, as we all do when something new rolls out.

    First of all, Twitter Promote will promote the first 10 tweets you send out each day that meet their quality requirements (i.e. don't violate their ad policies). They tend to give more importance to tweets sent out earlier in the day than ones later in the day, so your first daily tweet will get more exposure than your 10th one. Retweets, quoted tweets, and replies are not promoted, only original crafted tweets (so if any of your tweets started with the @ symbol probably won't be promoted either unless you do the trick of putting the period in front of it).

    If you were tweeting out 30 tweets a day, only your first 10 were being promoted. If you were only doing 2 a day, you were missing out on 8 potential promotions.

    Your second mistake is placing so much importance on your profile. Twitter users don't tend to check out people's profiles, particularly if they're on mobile (which the majority of Twitter users are). Because of the way promote mode works, you need to have the promotion happening in your tweet. So if your goal was to promote your YouTube channel, you needed to link to the channel in your tweets (or link to your individual videos you wanted to promote). If your goal was to gain Twitter followers, your tweets needed to encourage users to follow you. A tweet like "Follow me if you want to find the best videos for online marketing" or something along those lines would get you more followers interested in that subject than simply reposting old high engagement tweets. In short, you needed to craft more targeted "call to action" tweets rather than recycling old ones that weren't designed for promotion (even if they performed well in the past).

    Twitter Promote works based on boosting your "normal" Twitter behavior to broad interest categories. You only selected 2 categories when you should have gone for the max (which I believe is 5). That limited the exposure your Tweets got. You may have missed out on your target market by limiting yourself to only 2 categories.

    Twitter Promote is also not meant to be a replacement for Twitter advertising, rather, it's meant to be a supplement to it. It allows people who actually use the platform to get a boost in exposure, which can help to organically gain followers. People who use Twitter go on there looking for news or looking for interaction. If they see regular content from people they like, they'll follow them, even moreso if that content creator engages with them through replies. Just having promoted tweets isn't enough, one must also play the "Twitter game" of tweeting-to-market AND engaging with users. Unlike running a traditional Twitter ad campaign, Promote mode seems to be more about "branding" and "exposure" rather than direct response, so you have to think of results more in those terms instead of direct response.

    If your looking for a specific goal, such as gaining followers, it's probably better to run a Follower Ad Campaign on Twitter's ad platform (at least it is currently). If you're looking to grow your YouTube channel, a Website Clicks ad campaign sending people to your best performing video would probably be more effective in getting subscribers. With Promote Mode, anytime you posted a link to a new YouTube video, it would get way more exposure on the Twitter platform than it normally would, though, so regular promoted posts coupled with a targeted link-click campaign would have netted you the best results in getting new YouTube subscribers from Twitter.

    So is Twitter Promote worth $99 a month? Right now I'd say it isn't, mostly because Twitter is still figuring out how to design the platform. I wish they'd give us better targeting for our market (like they do with actual ads), better analytics, and also show us what Tweets they promoted throughout the day. A more concrete documentation on how Tweets are selected for Promote Mode would be nice too. Perhaps allowing us to designate whether or not we want a tweet promoted would be valuable as well. The program is still in beta so it could improve, but right now I agree it's probably not worth the money unless you really want exposure for your account and don't like running actual ads on Twitter. But if you think about it, at 10 promoted tweets a day for 30 days, that's 300 tweets that get more exposure, and an estimated 1 new follower a day, which can add up over time. Right now I'd say that the program is maybe worth $20 a month based on current results. They'd need to step up their game to make it worth $99 as it is right now.

    You should do this same video concept, but instead pay influencers to promote your tweets and account. I.e. multiple people with like 50k+ followers. 😊

    thanks, just started on twitter. obviously I will not be using promote. take care. I like 2 the point videos. no bullshit, x.

    Thank you so much, this is an amazing video! I saw the Twitter promote option and I thought it was crazy how much it costed and seeing your experience makes it so I didn't make the mistake on it. I agree with you on it being a disappointment.. I am going to follow you on Twitter now to help boost your following because you deserve it… I hope you reach your goal of 100k subs soon. If you keep up the great work, I am sure you will be there in no time!

    Damn, that seems like a giant waste of time and money. I tweeted 11 times last month and got the same reach with less than 700 followers. Imagine if I took it seriously and put 10 tweets per day into Buffer lmao thanks for the video!

    Thank you for this helpful information. I have a problem that I hope you can help with. Sometime ago I was notified that I violated Twitter's advertising policy. The thing is, I was never told the specific violation, and I'm still banned from advertising. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance and please keep giving helpful content

    Do guy ou know how to get a promoted tweet canceled because I accidentally promoted a tweet and I dont want to pay for something I didnt want

    I just recently subscribe for 99$ and it’s bullshit. Yes you are right it’s not worth it. Until now nothings going on to my Twitter .

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