Top 4 Anime Streaming Apps For Android

Top 4 Anime Streaming Apps For Android

Hello, nerd in need of a haircut here. Now I really love anime and I’m sure quite
a few of you guys do too, so today I’m going to be showing you four great applications that you
can use to stream anime on your Android device. Now Apple users, don’t feel too left out becuase
I will putting up another video dealing with iOS applications, but for now, let’s go take
a look. 1. Funimation. Funimation is a really nicely
built app with both phone and tablet UIs, so it’ll look good no matter which form factor
you’re using it on. It’s got quite a huge catalogue of series to watch and many of them
have both subtitled and dubbed versions available, so whichever you happen to prefer, you’ll
be happy. While the episodes aren’t streamed in HD, the quality is more than watchable.
There’s a “My Shows” page for keeping track of which series you’re following and the app
also has Twitter and Facebook integration, just to make sure all of your friends are
kept up to date on what hentai you’ve been following lately.
My only problems with Funimation are that it costs $10 on the Google Play Store, which
is more than a little pricey and it will only work if you’re in the US or on a US VPN, so
that might be a bit of a deal-breaker for some people. 2. Cunchyroll. Cunchyroll is definitely a
favorite of mine. It’s free, it works outside the US and while its selection of anime overall
is not quite a large as Funimation, Crunchyroll definitely has a much larger selection of
currently-airing series. The UI is quite simple but has a lovely orange and white color scheme
that works very well. You can sort series based on popularity, recently updated, genre
and season, but strangely there’s no search function in there yet.
The downsides to Crunchyroll are that streaming is ad-supported and there’s a one-week delay
before newly aired episodes become available to free users. You can get around that by
paying EUR5 per month, which will also allow you stream in full HD from the Crunchyroll
site and watch new episodes an hour after they air in Japan with subtitles, both of
which are really nice. 3. It’s not exactly the prettiest, fastest or smoothest application here, but does have quite a large selection of content in good quality with many lesser-known
series here that you won’t find on Crunchyroll or Funimation. UI-wise, it’s more than a little
clunky and it has crashed on me a few times while browsing, but it’s a free application
that gives you access to lots and lots of anime, so definitely worth having. 4. Animania. In my opinion, right now,Animania
is the best anime steaming app available for the Android platform. It’s free, has an absolutely
vast collection of over 1,800 series to choose from and is constantly being updated with
new episodes of currently-airing series. You’re pretty unlikely ever come across an anime
it doesn’t have. In terms of UI, it might look simplistic but it offers plenty of functionality.
There’s a “Watchlist” tab that you can add shows to in order to keep track of what you’re
following and you can flag episodes as “Watched” so that you know exactly where you left off
in a series. Finally, unlike any of the other applications I’ve shown you, Animania actually
lets you download episodes to watch later, which is what that “Downloads” tab is for. And there you have it, four great applications
for streaming anime to your Android device. If you think I’ve overlooked an app, feel
free to let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed the video, be sure to hit
the like button to show your support. Until next time, Live Long & Prosper and El Psy


    I dont know why but im unable to install animania. I already turned on the unknown sources but still not installing. Just stuck on the install page. Was able to download the apk but can install the file. Help please

    where can I find this apps?I searched them in the play store bt I can't find this apps there.oh its so frustrating

    You forgot Funiamation thats the most best app to use, crunchy roll doesn't even have tokyo ghoul re lmao

    When I press download for animania, my device says that it could cause harm to my device, what should I do?

    guys, it's his accent. that's like asking someone with an australian accent why they say "hello" like "ello.''

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