Top 12 Fastest Growing Industries In The World

Top 12 Fastest Growing Industries In The World


    Mannnn….thumbs up!!!
    My very first to watch a genuine Vlogger to express such information…. Unlike some other Internet meme's who were just copying or stealing others' information i might say…. But what a sensational video uve create buddy. An original version of explanation… Love it!!!! Keep creating more inspirational & valuable info vlogs buddy.

    The pursuit of opportunity isn’t just a proverbial horse and carrot for workers and employees. Even those at the very top of the business food chain must be concerned with seizing the day on behalf of their businesses. With an unprecedented amount of competition and a more globalized economy than ever, failing to anticipate, react to and ultimately commandeer the latest industry trends can be devastating.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.


    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

    some things make sense, but most other things you said are naive and superficially stated. also missed out many many fields of activity in the dying and emerging lists. need to improve. things on MSI do make sense though, but its not something new. Many people with even modest incomes and means even in a country like India had been doing it since a long time.things like renting a part of the house to generate additional income, even taxi/cab drivers in mumbai, after a few years, manage to save money and buy a second car which they rent out on a revenue sharing model, point being those who neither read nor write blogs do understand the significance of multiple streams of income. what you should have mentioned is probably a passive stream of income, i.e generation of assets which make money for you even when you are not working.

    just some of my observations.but overall a thought provoking subject for many of us. a good attempt.

    U never mention food in ur green energy ……. U need about that to encourage those people going into agro business sector

    People always need to eat and drink, the hospitality industry is here to stay. Provided the service provider can maintain standards and deliver value for money, then it’s going to be a successful. Also optometrist, dentistry and psychologists will do well. As people get older and live longer they need false teeth and glass. Also in the era of technology age people are losing their social skills, therefore they need psychiatric and psychological care, this applies for both young and old.

    good video awesome haven't mentioned anything about the recycling industry, jewellery, I liked your presentation, energetic. interested,t. am a jeweller

    Interesting. Regarding textiles the mega trends shows that future upcoming industry is also smart textiles!! And composites as well (everything has to be lighter!) and AI and Machine learning is other. Whats your thought?

    What about 'Transportation & Logistic','Auto & Ancillary',''Man Power Supply','Real Estate','Farming','Insurance','IT'…

    👍👍👍 great and important information .. but that is about one side of industries.. many other will keep standing

    What a waste of time …OMG
    this Stupid is influenced by IT sector and Mobiles. He thinks everything will disappear except this.
    No doubt situation is changing but this insane totally ruined the reality,,,,

    Missed a primary booming industry of Spiritualism. More tech savvy and affluent individuals would need it to combat depression , anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

    Not all books are digitalized. Libraries and bookstores are doing well in countries where people are readers. Real influencers are published, that are not on Instagram 🙂

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    Liked your passion. Nicely used one of the digital tools, like mind map to demonstrate ideas. Medium to express ideas, elevates the impact of the idea.

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    How can you estimate the accurate predictions of industrial growth & fall of industries..everything can be digital alised but not live collect

    Dude your vedio is contradictory to your own statements… In a part you said ' drink water of well ' that says be in an industry and get deep knowlegde in that specific industries … Whereas in other part in the end you said you have multiple areas of working you have your agency ,your blogging stuff,you are a consultant … it just like the second personality as you pointed out in your example … Many glass of water but can't drink…
    I appreciate your work but be little bit concious with your own content … Keep the best up … ATB

    Great info! You covered in few short moments what some would have done over several videos. Good to know these things as so much is changing in the work force

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