Top 10 SEO Myth BUSTED!

Top 10 SEO Myth BUSTED!

Today we will talk about SEO myths These are the very common myths which you think it happens but it doesn’t The biggest myth is SEO is a fraud There are many businessmen with whom I am touch with and whenever I tell them about SEO they say SEO is a fraud Now what happens is sometimes a digital marketer takes money from the company And he said that he will bring result within 6-8 months he says give me this amount of money and I will put my this and these efforts As a digital marketer, it is my responsibility to put efforts into SEO For example – A company gives us 5k monthly and tell us to rank their website above from his competitors But there could be chances that our clients’ competitors are putting more efforts than us And thing like this usually happens and they think that result will come in 2-3 months but then result won’t come because of this many businessmen thinks that SEO is a fraud And this is a very common thing The next myth is SEO is inexpensive or SEO is free Let me show you a blog Till yet we have spent 85k to make this blog And this amount is only spent on content creation and few other expenses are still there so the point is SEO is not free its expensive But it depends on you how much quality content you are making The next myth is Google doesn’t like SEO What is SEO? SEO means following those practices which help in making user-friendly content There are many other things but this is the main one SEO is all about making content which is easy to understand for Google or users So there is nothing wrong in doing SEO because you are just optimizing your content according to users and Google. So overall you will get the benefit Google will consider it bad only if you are doing SEO with wrong practices The next myth is SEO is all about ranking You have to be on number one if you don’t then you won’t get more business It is not compulsory that traffic only goes to sites which are ranking on a number one Let’s take an example – You see top 3 links in the search engine, would you always click on the first one? even Majority of people have a habit of clicking the second one Basically, you will click on that link which will have a good description, title, and content or you will click on the link just because it is showing on no.1 The most important thing is CTR, even if you are ranking in the number second but still getting more clicks so at the end you will get more benefit You can even be at number one in the long term The next thing is the backlink. People believe that If you make backlink than your site won’t be rank and your business will be destroyed If you are making a backlink in the right direction then you won’t face any issue. Backlink means, for example, I want to have food and someone is referring me a particular shop The same thing is happening in Google. If any website is referring any other website then it’s called backlink But if you choose the wrong way of making backlinks or making spamming backlinks then there is no use of it. According to me, guest posting is the most relevant way of getting backlinks. Nothing is better than that If you want to do guest posting in let’s blogging then you can do it. It’s absolutely free because this is my platform The next myth is to write the best article ever and you will be rank automatically. maybe you do maybe you won’t Suppose you wrote content but google doesn’t abled to crawl it properly Google isn’t able to index that content and it will think that content is not good enough but Because of that thing your article won’t be rank Along with the good content, you should also focus on on-page optimization Video is already made just watch it The next big myth is which I recently heard that keyword research is a waste of time People think if they want to create a blog on diabetes so they will write all the things related to it and google will rank it automatically. Along with that, they thought of doing on-page SEO as well as Suppose you wrote good content about diabetes and then you got to know only 10 people search about it. SO what’s the point of writing so much content Before writing any article keyword research is necessary because you should know that is there any need for that topic in the market or not This is not similar to youtube content because Youtube suggest different types of content in front of you but google doesn’t perform the same thing I know news feed is different so I am not talking about that thing but the overall thing is happening in this way In youtube browse feature, search feature, and suggested feature all of these works but If you want to work in google then you need to do keyword research If you want to work in youtube then you also need to do keyword research Another big myth is that someone told me 1-2 year ago that you have made your website so beautiful with images and animation so it won’t rank because it becomes heavy now But it’s not necessary If you optimize images so you won’t face any issue. The SEO blog that II was talking about is around only1 MB size If you check that guide then you will know this type of guide is doesn’t even exists in the internet I have put all the things into that article. From our end, we have put everything into it The next thing I have seen in many youtube videos and that is write your blog and submit it into google And if you don’t submit then google won’t able to know that your website exists. Google will even index your website by crawling the link that you shared on youtube or facebook. SO it’s not necessary that you have to index your website For trial just write a blog and don’t index that article. After a few days, it will rank automatically There are many people who don’t know how to index website even their websites are still ranking The next myth is social signals is not important for SEO In this video, I am continuously talking about my blogs like how much did I spent and etc so subconsciously I am telling you is go and open that blog I am telling you please tell me in the comment that how was the blog and if you like it so save it to your bookmark or share that article on social media Now what will you do, you will go and start reading that article and if you like it so you will also share that on your social media platform Now by doing things in this way you are creating free social bookmarking for my blogs or videos There would be many bloggers and whenever they will talk about SEO so my blog will surely come up in their mind I have seen many people who are recommending my free digital marketing playlists so this thing also works like backlink Next thing is keyword stuffing is a bad thing which is 100% correct Now let’s talk about SEO because SEO is SEO. So what I am doing? I am doing keyword stuffing and this is the wrong thing and it will never be beneficial The most important factor is telling Google what your content is all about For example, you write a blog on a specific topic but when google comes for indexing so he wasn’t able to understand what content is all about And until he knows that what content is all about so your blog won’t be ranked on google That’s why there are many plugins like Yoast SEO who helps you to dpo better SEO by phrasing the specific keyword and all So these were the 11 myths about SEO including one additional as a bonus. Like this video and comment below and share this to all Bye Goodnight and Good morning whenever you are watching this video


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