Thought Leadership – Not Just Content Marketing

Hi, this is Eric, CEO of Globe Runner. I want
to talk to you today about content marketing – but I’d really like to change the way
we talk about content marketing. I have a lot of customers that come in and
say ‘shouldn’t I be blogging and doing stuff on social media?’ And the answer is
yes, you probably should. But how you do that is important. So, let’s use a different word. Instead
of content marketing, let’s call it thought leadership. Thought leadership is actually
much more important than content marketing. There’s a couple things that thought leadership
does for your business that just writing content doesn’t do. 1. When somebody does read your content, they’re
compelled to stay with your business and interact with you, maybe get more. Even better, they
might give you their email for downloading a white paper or a case study or getting further
involved in your sales process. This allows you to take advantage of the traffic you’re
bringing in. It’s one thing for somebody to visit your website, but to convince them
to take an action is so much more powerful. 2. The next thing that thought leadership
can do that content marketing by itself could never do is generate links to your site – generate
other influencers in your space to link back to your site as a relevant source that contributes
interesting thought leadership to their ideas. Those links are the number one signal that
Google is looking for to determine whether or not your site has relevant information
to a potential searcher. So, just two compelling reasons to put a little
more energy into your blogging than just blogging or just being on social. Instead, approach it as a thought leader and
try to bring something new to the table.

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