The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2018… *EXPOSED*

– In this video I’m gonna reveal the truth about affiliate
marketing in 2018, and where this industry
is headed for the future, stay tuned. Hey, what is up guys? ODI Productions and I am
back, the champ is here, and I’m back at it with a brand new video for you guys today. It’s been a while, it’s
been about three weeks. If you guys are new to the channel, my name’s Odi, I just turned 25 years old, I’m an entrepreneur and
basically on my channel, I teach people how to make passive income through affiliate marketing. Alright, that’s it, that’s all I do, and I’m hoping to give
you guys some actionable, valuable advice today. Today this video is about my predictions for affiliate marketing in 2018. So I’m gonna give you guys
some strong predictions on the way that affiliate
marketing is headed not just as an industry, but the way that marketing in general is headed into the future. And hopefully you guys
can take this advice and if you’re thinking about getting into affiliate marketing and you’re not sure where it’s headed or what the future of it holds, or you want some tips on
getting started today, then definitely watch this video because I’m gonna give you
guys some really helpful tips if you were to jump in today to make the most of your time and energy so you don’t waste it on outdated methods that just don’t work anymore in 2018. But anyways, guys, lately I’ve just been enjoying life. I was in Chicago, as you guys can see, I’m in my San Diego home. But as most of you know,
at least my subscribers, I live in Chicago as well, and I got a pretty cool place up there but right now I’m here in San Diego with Taco, Taco! (country music) (laughs) With my little pup right here. Brought the Tac-meister
on the plane with me. So I’m gonna take you guys with me today, it’s gonna be a bit of a
day in the life style vlog, and I’m also gonna mix
in those predictions throughout this video. And for anyone who’s wondering, yes, I am still making four figures a day from affiliate marketing,
completely passive income. This is just one income
source, as you guys can see, pulled this up this morning, its over four figures a day, and that’s just from one
of the affiliate programs that I’m a part of. So you guys do the math,
yes, I’m still the champ. So I’ll take you guys along with me. If anyone’s into shoes, by
the way, check this out. Just copped from, I had to get it. If anyone’s into shoes, I just picked up the off-white Air Maxes. I had to get ’em, I saw
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the off-white trimmings like all the labels and stuff like that. Now I didn’t know that this
tongue was deconstructed, and that the heel was kinda deconstructed as you guys can see, and I’m not really a big fan of that, because it just seems like these
might fall apart over time. But either way, obviously it’s artistic and it’s part of the whole
off-white sort of style. But anyways, I’m gonna rock these today. As you guys can see, I haven’t ripped off the
tags or anything like that, ’cause I was waiting to show
these bad boys on camera. So if anyone’s into shoes, comment below. I’m not Hypebeast. Anyways, I’mma rock these today, and you know, we’ll wear ’em out. (electronic music) ♪ ODI Productions ♪ (electronic music) Alright, there’s my two babies. 911, and The Bull. Gonna unwrap this, and then
we’ll see if it starts up. (electronic music) ♪ ODI Productions ♪ (electronic music) ♪ ODI Productions ♪ (engine revving) Alright, so I had to clean
up my camera real quick, had to clean up that lens. But just got my green juice right here. I just kinda want to drive the car more so the battery gets charged up. I’m charged up! I hope you guys can hear me okay, but my first prediction that I wanna make for affiliate marketing in 2018, is video is the future
of affiliate marketing. And I’ve been saying this for a while, if you guys watched my
previous videos back then, a few months ago, I preached how video and
YouTube is so powerful for affiliate marketing, and video is so powerful because it’s just an easier form of
media to digest for people, and it’s just popping
up everywhere, you know? I mean, like everybody
watches videos these days, and you guys see on Facebook, you guys see on, you see on Facebook, you see on Instagram, you see obviously if you’re on
YouTube you guys would know. But I’ve been a part of YouTube for years, and I’ve been a quote unquote YouTuber for the better part of the last couple years. And to be honest with you, YouTube is just so amazing
how you can get free traffic if you just are able to rank
or become a suggested video. You don’t even have to
rank for certain terms, you can just become a suggested video. If you do car stuff for example, maybe one day your video’s
gonna pop up next to one of the videos from
like TJ Hunt or something, I don’t know, but anyways, so video marketing is really
the way to go in 2018. It’s just the best form
of media to consume and you can easily sell people because it just builds trust way quicker and easier than written content does. So that’s one of the
reasons why I, personally, I love YouTube specifically
for affiliate marketing, ’cause it’s so much traffic, and it’s, it’s just completely free. So video is the way to go if you ask me, that’s my first prediction for 2018. Now my second prediction is this. As advertising costs continue to rise, and they do every single
year, that’s just a fact. Advertising costs get higher
and higher every single year, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And basically what this means is you’re going to be seeing less of an ROI, especially if you bank on, let’s say paid ads, or you
do CPA marketing or whatever, and your business relies
on running paid traffic in order to get sales, the problem is, you’re gonna
see less and less of a return in the years to come as
advertising costs increase. Now obviously if you are a Facebook ads, Google AdWords wizard, then this advice doesn’t
necessarily apply to you, ’cause you’re gonna continue to do well regardless of what the costs are. But for beginners and people
who are starting today, I mean, it’s gonna be
harder and harder for you to see those profits, because you’re gonna be
wasting a lot of your money whether you have bad targeting, whether your ads are just
not high quality yet, so many factors. But basically the only people who are really gonna be crushing it with ads, are people who know what they’re doing. So if you can study that,
if you can practice that, paid traffic is one of the best
skills that you can pick up, because basically, you
don’t need a following. You don’t need an audience, you literally just need to
spend money to make money. And that’s why I love paid ads, because you can have zero
following and make money if you have the right ad. So anyways, there’s that, and also, all the ad
networks are cracking down on affiliate marketing. So basically what this means is, obviously if you guys do
Facebook Ads and you do AdWords, you can’t just post an affiliate link and link people directly from your ad. You know what I mean? It doesn’t work like that. So you have to funnel them
through a landing page, you have to funnel through
through your own website, and that brings me to another
prediction that I have. And this is something
I’ve said since last year. But basically, the future
of affiliate marketing lies in branding. So branding, what am I talking about? Basically, you wanna become a company that does affiliate marketing, you don’t wanna just run ads and get traffic for other websites. Because at the end of the day, basically what happens
is if you send people to other companies and other websites and they buy their products, they become a customer
of that company, not you. They’re not your customer,
they’re their customer, you know what I mean? ‘Cause if someone buys
something like a leash, they buy a leash from, I don’t know the brands of dog leashes, but you direct them to there. Yes, you get the commission
at first but the problem is, they’re gonna keep coming
back to that brand, and they don’t really
care about you anymore unless you become sort of the middle man that got them there. So let’s say you become the
world’s number one website for dog leash reviews, okay? Now, this is different. Let’s say you collect
emails on that website, and you have a lead magnet
that’s something like top five leashes for dogs in 2017, something like that. You know what I mean? So you have that lead magnet, you get people on your email list, now those people become your customers. Because it’s not just you
send them to buy one leash and then they never hear from you again, now they’re like, okay, this
is the source for dog leashes, I’mma come to this guy every single time, and they’re gonna buy from
you every single time, and they’re gonna listen
to what you have to say. So if you say brand X
is better than brand Y, they’re gonna buy it from brand X and they’re gonna buy it from
you, because they trust you. They know that you’ve tried
all the dog leashes out there. So that’s another tip, is branding. I’ve always been about branding though, I’ve always been about
the long-term, guys. You know, short-term, it used to work for affiliate
marketing, actually. There was a time where short-term, if you were just trying
to chase the quick cash, that actually worked
with affiliate marketing. Because before the competition was so low, and people were not as
savvy with the internet. So they’d see an ad, you know what I mean? Pop ups and stuff, that
stuff used to work before. Can you believe that, guys? You know, win a free iPhone, bla bla bla, like that stuff used to work. It doesn’t work anymore, but that stuff used to work at a time. And now people are getting so savvy, they’re getting so smart with it that you can’t just run these ads anymore and expect to make money, it
just doesn’t work like that. That’s why you have to
focus on the long-term, you have to focus on building
these websites, these brands, like I just mentioned with
the dog leash example. If you become an authority,
people will trust you, and buy from you for years to come. You know what I mean? And it’s that simple, but the problem is that takes a long time, and I know a lot of people, they don’t like hearing,
oh it’s gonna take you, it’s gonna take you years,
it’s gonna take you months. Like nobody wants that, everyone
wants to make money fast. Dude, I don’t believe in make money, I don’t really believe
in making money easy. I do believe in making and get rich quick, I do believe that’s a thing, ’cause there’s people like you
and I both know on YouTube, who literally just started
doing what they’re doing, they just started with online business, and all of a sudden
within less than a year, they’re making hundreds
of thousands of Dollars, if not millions within a
matter of just months, right? There’s people out there that
exist that have done this, and it’s just the craziest thing to me. Obviously it’s not the norm, it’s an
anomaly, you know what I mean? And there’s a lot of fake
people out there too, who they claim to make millions, but come on, let’s be honest, man. Like, just look at their lifestyle,
and it doesn’t add up. You know what I mean? You look at my lifestyle,
things kinda add up. You know what I mean? So anyways, yeah, so that’s what I wanted to say, is get rich quick exists, guys. Two years ago I was at UCLA, I was just a student,
I was making peanuts. And fast forward a couple years, I’m driving a Lamborghini, a 911 Turbo, I have two homes. And it’s just, it’s been unreal. And that’s get rich quick right there, that’s relatively quick. You know, two years to
have all this in two years? I mean, that’s pretty fast. At the end of the day, guys, it really just comes down to working smart and then just having the right game plan. Alright what’s up, I’m here
with my boy Daniel Hoang. You guys might know him.
– With the man. What’s going on, Odi’s family channel?
(Odi laughing) – [Odi] How’s it going, we’re just talking affiliate marketing. Daniel wanted to hit me up and
just ask me some questions. We met up back in Chicago, when was that? – September. – [Odi] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Odi’s dropping some
knowledge on me, you know? It’s like the world nowadays revolves
around the internet, everything is e-commerce everything. So everyone is trying to get into the aspect of passive income, and not really working time for money, or trading time for money. Everyone wants to kind of wake up at noon and go golfing on a Tuesday like me, and while you’re going golfing, you complete a round of
golf and you’ve made $2,000. Like that’s the dream
come true for everyone. So like, Odi has obviously
achieved that, you know? He’s a guru in that aspect, so it’s like as a person you
should never limit yourself to any one type of income or
any one type of expertise. So always get knowledge from brilliant individuals like Odi, so– – (laughs) appreciate that, man. Hey, thanks for the shout
out, appreciate that a bunch. Alright guys, just got back home, and I’m here to give you guys some of my other predictions for 2018
with affiliate marketing. So another one of my predictions is that it’s only going to get bigger this year. It’s gonna grow, and it’s gonna grow by
a pretty large margin. And here’s why. So one thing that I’ve
learned just kinda studying the online landscape of entrepreneurship, and then just basically being on YouTube, I’m noticing that affiliate marketing, even though it’s literally one of the biggest forms of online business and it’s been around for ages, it’s actually not that popular. Compared to something like Amazon FBA, and drop shipping especially, so many kids are on drop shipping, they’re trying to learn Amazon. But affiliate marketing
is kinda lagging behind, and it’s kinda like older
business model compared to these, and I think some of the reasons why affiliate marketing’s not as popular, is because it’s just not
really something that is quick to scale up, like
with Amazon FBA and Shopify, well, with drop shipping, because those forms of business,
you sell physical products. And those physical
products, they have a cost, they have expenses. And what you see when people
they share these sales numbers of 100 thousand a month, $10,000 a month, it is the sales revenue. And really the profit is
usually lower than 50%, closer to 20%, depending
if you do drop shipping, or if you do Amazon FBA, it’s usually around 20% industry average. So when you see someone say
they make $10,000 a month with one of those business models, really the profit, what they’re taking home
at the end of the day after all the fees, and expenses, and advertising costs and everything, they’re usually coming
home with about 2,000. So on $10,000 a month revenue, they’re taking home $2,000 a month. Which is still pretty good, but it’s not five figures in profit like it’s made out to be. So with affiliate marketing, at least the way that
I do it with my system, is that I don’t spend
that much on advertising, but I still make four
figures a day in profits. And it doesn’t sound as sexy when you make $30,000 a month in profit, well, with affiliate marketing. Because the thing is, that number with, let’s say drop shipping or Amazon FBA at a 20% profit margin, you’re looking at $150,000 a month. Now that sounds a lot
better, right, 150 K a month? Wouldn’t you rather make
that than 30 K a month? Well, see that’s one of the
reasons why I just feel that affiliate marketing’s just, it doesn’t create as much of a splash, especially because on YouTube, I’ve looked at other channels
and done the research. And there’s not really that
many affiliate marketers who are really crushing it, even though there are affiliate
marketers in the world out there that are crushing it, they’re just not on YouTube. They’re just not sharing
themselves on camera like I’m doing and like
a lot of these people who do drop shipping and all that do. So that’s another reason, I just feel that it’s, I honestly feel like affiliate marketing is sort of the underdog
in online business lately. And that’s just based on,
I’m on YouTube every day, and I’m watching these videos and people love drop shipping,
everyone loves Amazon FBA. But affiliate marketing
doesn’t get that much love. But to be honest, I think
it’s the most long-term. Next to Amazon FBA and
having a strong FBA brand, I think that affiliate
marketing is the longest-term business model out there,
the most sustainable, because it’s literally
just referrals, you know? People are not gonna stop
referring products and services, and it’s never gonna,
you know what I mean? Like people are never gonna
stop doing recommendations. And it’s just gonna get bigger, and the thing is that I have
realized, is on YouTube, if you look at the biggest YouTubers, rarely do any of them actually utilize the affiliate marketing in their videos. You know, you got step one which is put Amazon Associates links
in your description, which a lot of people are doing. But there’s so many
big YouTubers out there who could make a killing if
they just did a little bit of affiliate marketing for their channel. But not everyone is doing it, so that’s why I’m out here
to kind of share my message and just share the possibilities that are outside the world of
making revenue from AdSense, you know what I mean? Getting two bucks for every thousand views honestly is not really
that good of a deal. But if you sell a product and
you get commission on that, and you make 15 bucks
every time you make a sale, that’s a good deal, you know what I mean? ‘Cause it doesn’t matter if
you have a thousand views, or if you have one million views, sales is what matters
at the end of the day. So you don’t need a million views to make $1,000 off a video, you
just have to sell products. So, anyways, that’s one
of my other predictions, is affiliate marketing is not
really that popular right now, it’s gonna get more popular rise, and with that is gonna
come more competition. And that competition is gonna do things. One, its going to make getting into certain affiliate programs
harder to get into, they’re gonna be asking you for stuff like how much traffic do you get per month? What’s your website, you
better have a website in 2018, if you wanna do affiliate marketing. Unless you have a big YouTube channel or something like that. Things are gonna change,
and they’re gonna be harder and harder for people to get in, and it’s gonna be harder
and harder for people to make a ton of money, because I think commission
rates might go down the more people that apply, and the more that affiliate
marketing blows up, I feel like commission rates might get adjusted to get lower. ‘Cause that’s what Amazon Associates did. Amazon Associates back
then, what they used to do, is if you sold a certain
number of items per month, it’s by tier, so if you sold
over 30 items per month, your commission rate gets bumped up to like 6.5% or 6% overall. So that means for all of
your items, you get 6%. And that’s how it used to
be, but now it’s by category. So it’s just a flat rate. You could sell 300 items a month, but if you’re selling
electronics or something, it’s gonna be 6% flat, or 4% flat. It’s just gonna be a flat rate. And it used to be that you could make 7%, 7.5%, 8% on these products, but now with
the new commission structure or the rates in effect, it’s much harder to make a ton of money on these sales. So it’s tough, ’cause the rates got cut. But the good news is Amazon Associates is not the only affiliate
program out there, guys. There’s so many different
affiliate programs, and if you just do your research, you can find affiliate programs that pay more than Amazon’s rates. So Amazon may pay you 4%, but there may be an
affiliate program out there that will pay you 6%, 8%. So you have to do your research, that’s why you have to really dig in and dive in deep to look into the affiliate
programs and networks and stuff. So do your research, do your homework. But yeah, so that’s basically, I feel that that sums up my thoughts. Affiliate marketing’s gonna get bigger, branding is the future, ad costs are gonna increase, so this form of affiliate
marketing is gonna keep dying out, it’s gonna keep declining
like it already has. Just running these straight ads, they’re not gonna be as effective anymore, because you’re gonna be
making less money per sale, ’cause the ROI’s gonna be lowered. And it’s just not sustainable
for the long-term, ’cause you’re not capturing your customer. And the money is in creating that brand, and building that audience, capturing those customers,
having that email list, having those subscribers listen to you, and not the products or
companies you’re promoting, but you as a person, you as a company, you as as website, you as a brand. So anyways, that sums up my thoughts. I’m obviously gonna make more videos, this was just a welcome back video, and kind of a general overview of affiliate marketing for 2018. It is still the best online
business model to follow, if you’re looking for passive income, if you’re looking for that
passive income lifestyle, completely passive, you
don’t have to answer emails, you don’t have to talk to suppliers, you don’t have to send out products, you don’t have to worry
about shipping, customers, refunds, complaints, anything like that. You don’t handle that, the company does, you just promote it. So that’s, honestly, it’s one of the best positions to be in. I think it’s the best
first online business for people to follow or to start in 2018, because it’s super low overhead. You don’t have to pay anything
to start promoting products. You can join Amazon Associates for free, you can create a YouTube channel for free, you can start promoting
the products for free. There’s nothing to lose, so you can’t say that about the
other online business models where you actually need to invest first before you start making any money. So anyways, that wraps up this video, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’mma be cranking out more
videos coming very, very soon, I’m gonna be filming every single day. So if you guys wanna see something, if you guys have questions, and not questions like
how do I get started, because I already created
videos on how to get started which I’ll link to right here. I already have videos on
how to get started for free, I have videos how to get
started with a hundred bucks, I have videos how to get stared with $1,000 if you have that. Just watch the videos, guys. But if you have any real questions, anything you wanna see more of, leave in the comments below. Please thumbs up and
comment on this video, I really would appreciate
some engagement from you guys if you do enjoy these videos, you guys want me to post more often, then definitely hit that thumbs
up button to let me know. So anyways, hope you guys enjoy it, follow me on Instagram @odi_productions. Alright so one last thing
guys before you guys go, I just wanted to speak
on my mentorship program because I know a lot of
you guys are interested in my mentorship and
having me be your mentor on your journey to
affiliate marketing success. So I wanna say a couple
of things honestly, ’cause it’s been just
kind of on my mind lately. First and foremost, the program, all my students in it are
amazing, and it’s just so crazy. If you guys haven’t heard about it or you haven’t checked it out yet, I have a mentorship program
for affiliate marketing where I share my exact blueprint for how I do my affiliate
marketing businesses. Every single one of them, I
follow the same exact process, which I then have basically shared on
how to do this process, you can apply it to any niche, and it just works, and
I’m proof that it works. And I have students who are YouTubers with 400,000 subscribers, 700,000 subscribers, I have an NFL player in
the class, Stepfan Taylor, I get all sorts of people from
all different walks of life all sorts of different ages, internationally people
who are in Australia, who are in Asia, who
are in Europe, the UK, who are in the Netherlands,
it’s just, it’s crazy. So basically, it’s completely legit. But I get a lot of people who
are DMing me every single day, and they’re basically just
asking hey, can you mentor me? Listen, I have a mentorship program. If you’re not in the program,
I’m not gonna mentor you. It’s simple as that. And if you’re gonna message me asking me to mentor you
for free or whatever, I’m not even gonna answer that. Honestly, I’m not even gonna
respond to your messages. So that’s just laying it out there, and I’m just being completely transparent. I have hundreds of students
who have invested in me, and I am investing my
time and energy into them, and I’m not wasting it on people who are asking for freebies and handouts. ‘Cause I have tons of videos that teach you guys how to get started. Most people, a lot of
the messages I get are how do I get started? Come on, man, watch the videos. I teach people how to
get started for free, and for little money. So just go watch the YouTube videos, that’s my response to your question, I’m not gonna type it out, alright? So anyways, if you guys are interested, I did wanna let you guys know, give you guys a fair warning
that my next move is to actually close the course. Yes, enrolling is closing
somewhat in the near future. Because honestly I wanna develop the group of students
that I have right now, ’cause we have an amazing group, and I don’t want to just take in as many students as I can because for me it’s not
really about the money, it’s really about the quality
of students that I’m getting and the higher the quality of students, the higher the chance of
success for them on their end. So I want to attract more of those people. So if you guys are
interested, it’s closing, and I don’t know when it’s gonna reopen. It might be a few months,
it might be half a year, who knows honestly, I just wanna focus on the
people I have right now. So if you guys are interested,
link is in description, check it out and make a move if you want to change your life. Alright so catch you guys
in the next one, peace.

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