O espírito aventureiro faz com que saiamos da nossa zona de conforto e ter experiência de que jamais saberíamos 🌍🌎🌏🚥🚦🏁🇧🇷

    Paz do Senhor Jesus
    gravo vídeos , quem puder me ajudar , se inscrevendo no meu canal , agradeço desde já

    This is the dank meme bot link, its for discord theres a tutorial about it

    he sent me a link https://youtu.be/VbUuB1aN2DA

    These guys can also do local guide on Google maps simultaneously because going around the globe is awesome

    Said Akoudad, je remercie les personnes qui ont fait ça pour moi même????/a et pour la vie est une ville très sympa pour votre aide

    These women are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story, this opened me up to a new world! ❤️❤️

    Such an encouraging and inspiring video! Another GREAT job Google and Google Map! (Btw in love with the new Google Map icon💙❤️💛💚)

    I was SO proud to ride 573km of the route in NSW, Australia.
    My first, awesome, overnight adventure on my bike, & I came away from the ride with some wonderful new friends!

    Hey google I wanna see the world but I can't afford the money so give me job for the navigation tourist in Nepal.

    I am so proud I have been part of the relay in germany and the netherlands …..what a great experience it was and found livetime friendships……..No matter, a one in a livetime memory

    Google Maps É um Excelente Navegador !
    Parece que os caminhos está Claro !
    Explorer ❗❕❗❕❗❕
    Da para fazer um Pit-Stop para o lanche !


    Всё хорошо но хотелось бы слушать все рекламы на русском языке

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