The dark secret behind sexist advertisements. | Natalia Ortiz Hazarian | TEDxYSMU

The dark secret behind sexist advertisements. | Natalia Ortiz Hazarian | TEDxYSMU

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I came here today because
I wanted to ask you one question: Do you think this image
is dangerous? This is a ’60s ad about a deodorant saying that this girl can have
a lot of beautiful physical attributes, but they just won’t do
if she doesn’t smell good as well. Do you think it’s dangerous? What if I told you
that it can harm people? What if I told you that it
can actually help to kill people? What would you do? I mean, it seems harmless, right? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that,
but it does actually help to harm people, and I’m going to prove to you why. I wanted to invite you today to think about how women
are represented in advertisements. I’ve been thinking about it
after seeing some numbers in Brazil saying that 65 percent of women
don’t feel represented by ads. And that’s weird because in the same country
other researchers say that 80 percent of the buying decisions are made by women. I mean, it doesn’t make sense, right? Why would brands do advertisements
that their main customers wouldn’t like? And I saw that it wasn’t happening
only in Brazil but in the United States, France and many other places in the world,
and that intrigued me. That made me wonder what’s happening. Where is that gap? So I started to study more about ads
and read about them, and it comes out that they have
some kind of patterns, some kind of elements
that continually repeat themselves which I organize in five components to help us understand
why women don’t feel represented. And I wanted to share them with you today. So it all starts with: Women
that we see in ads are often not real. And I’m not only saying about Photoshop. We all know that with it
we can change everything about them, their hair, their sizes and shapes,
even the color their their nails. But I’m saying that women
are so Photoshopped, their images are so manipulated, that they actually turn themselves
into different persons. They’re so forced to look perfect,
in whatever “perfect” might mean, that they actually turn themselves
into a third person, something else. And you know what? Women are forced and told
to be like them all the time, but that “them” doesn’t actually exist. I brought an example
about a world-wide known model that got her image so manipulated that she actually had her head
bigger than her hips, which is anatomically impossible. And right next to it
is how she actually looked at that time. Quite different, huh? She actually got fired by the brand
because she looked too fat. They are forced to look like that because apparently they have to
meet some beauty patterns, which you can call beauty stereotypes. Which leads me to the second component. And we don’t have only stereotypes
saying what women look like, but who they should be
and what they should or shouldn’t do. And stereotypes are all over it. And we can grab some examples
of our day-by-days. For sure you’ll be able to relate. If I say “the beautiful girlfriend,” or “the loving mom,” or “the efficient housewife that will know how to solve
any problem in your house.” Or even “the caring grandma.” Those are all stereotypes. And stereotypes might be good because they help us
to quickly identify some profiles, but at the same time,
they put people into those little boxes. And when we take them too seriously we don’t allow people
to go out of those boxes to explore their own uniquenesses
and complexities and diversities. And women are forced into those boxes
every day by brands. I brought an example here
about a cleaning product ad saying that on Mother’s Day,
we should remind them how it is to go back
to the job that really matters. There you go – you have
the efficient housewife. And look, she’s actually
training the next generation, her daughter’s
right with her – it’s a combo. We have the loving mom as well. And the funny thing about the stereotypes
is even though they were made with women, they don’t seem to be billed for them
but for somebody else. Women are only included in stories when they help to please
somebody else’s needs and desires. Which leads me to the third component: Women are not the protagonists
of their own stories. We can go back
to the same examples I shared: the beautiful girlfriend, the loving mom, the efficient housewife or the caring grandma. You see? They’re only there
because they’re somebody else’s something. Brands are not saying, “Hey, you, woman,
I want to talk to you. What do you want? I want to discover what you want.” No, they’re saying, “I know
how you can make others happy, and I’m an instrument for that. Wanna buy me?” And, you know, we can get back
to the same example again. The cleaning product. On Mother’s Day, let’s remind them
about the job that really matters. I’m not a mom, but I think I can guess
that she wanted to do something else rather than cleaning
her house on Mother’s Day. Right? And sometimes it gets so strong
that they actually turn themselves, they are literally offered as products. Which leads me to the fourth component: Women are objectified. They have brands and packaging
all over their bodies, and it gives us a feeling
that we can just grab them from a [shelf], use them however we want to
and then just throw them away. And that’s so dangerous because when we turn
a person into an object we don’t see them anymore as human beings, and that might help us to forget
that the person actually has human rights. And it gets even worse, more evident, when we focus only
on parts of their bodies. And we can see sometimes
the head is taken off. And when you lose
the connection with the face, you lose the connection
with their identites and personalities. I brought a curious example from Brazil. So this is a beer campaign saying that if the guy that invented beer
had also invented skirts, skirts would look like that. Honestly. We don’t need to see her face, right? The only thing that matters there
is her backer attributes, I guess. And maybe you’d like to see what it would be like
for curtains in fitting rooms. They would look like that. Or even censorship tags. Come on. The last one for me
is still the worst one. So if the guy that invented beer
had also invented beach soccer, it would look like that. A guy chasing a naked woman
in the middle of the beach. Doesn’t that give you a feeling
that the guy can just grab her, that she was something? And you know what? This can get even more dangerous. This can lead to the fifth component: when women are literally
sexually harrassed or physically abused on ads. And this one, specifically,
it’s so hard to talk about because it’s so visual. It’s so straight to the point. I’m saying that women
appear with purple eyes and blood all over their bodies. Or even as dead bodies
in the middle of the street. Who does that? But that actually happens, and I’m not talking
about any random brand, I’m talking about
an international, powerful brand that has the power to inspire
so, so many people. This is an advertisement
that had to be banned because it was associated with something
that we can call a gang rape. Yeah, and you might be thinking, “Hey, Natália, okay, you brought
some examples from Brazil, maybe others from the United States. I don’t know, maybe
they’re a bit just too Western, maybe they don’t happen here like that.” Well, then, I’d ask you back,
“Are you sure?” This is an advertisement that just went through
one of the main streets in Armenia about an Armenian brand of Cognac. A good example of objectification, right? Yeah. And you know what? Our neighbors can be very creative
in using those five components, especially the Russians, oh my god. They are very clever in that. And you know what?
Women are getting tired. And you know what they’re doing? They’re finally saying no. They don’t want to take it anymore. They don’t want to be
so stereotyped and Photoshopped. For example, 30,000 online petitioners made Victoria’s Secret
take off an international campaign booting women that get together
saying that they had the perfect body. But they were all similar models
with slim bodies. That doesn’t represent women anymore,
they want real beauty and diversity. They also want to be
the protagonists of their own stories. They want brands
that communicate straight to them – “Hey, what do you want?
I want to please you.” They don’t want to be objectified anymore, they want respect
for their bodies and identities. And last but not least, they for sure won’t tolerate
those kind of abusive communications. And you know why they’re saying no? Well, this, dear audience, is the most
important part of this whole speech. They are saying no because they know that advertisements don’t affect
only the imaginary world. They’re saying no because they know
it affects the real world as well. Yeah. What? You’re not surprised? I didn’t think you would be because we all know that advertisements
can help to shape behaviors in real life. That’s what we’re made for. Because, I mean,
guys in the audience today, this is for you. What if that girl was somebody
you knew in your family? What if it was your sister? What if it was your mom? What if it was your daughter? It is for sure someone else’s daughter. How do you feel about men fantasizing gang raping a girl
that could be your daughter? How does that make you feel that a brand is actually
promoting, encouraging men to fantasize about gang raping
a girl that could be your daughter? Honestly, how does that make you feel? Girls in the audience today,
it could be you. And you know what? I keep saying,”It could be you;
it could be your daughter,” but to be honest, I don’t like it. They’re good at calling attention
but I don’t like it at all. Because it could be a complete stranger. It could be a total unknown person,
and we would still owe him or her respect because we’re all humans, and we all have human rights, and respecting human rights, among others,
is what makes us civilized. And you know, since
we’re talking about real life, do you want to know
what’s happening right now to real women in Armenia? I’m going to show you. Women, almost two thirds of them, have already suffered
from domestic violence. That’s huge. That’s a terrible benchmark. Domestic violence includes physical,
sexual and psychological violence. They are receiving 30 percent less salary
than men for the exact same job. And you know what? They’re receiving less salary
even though they’re more educated because, yes, in Armenia,
women have more enrollment rates in primary, secondary
and tertiary education institutions. And unfortunately, they are
not that well represented politically. They only compose 11 percent
of the parliament and ministries. And the saddest part is still to come. Unfortunately, we are the second worst
sex ratio in the world, losing only to China. That means that for every 100 men,
we have only 88 women. And that doesn’t happen naturally. That happens because
of sex-selective abortion, and it means that we’re killing
our female babies. Because apparently they don’t work
the same as boys do here. Because they will grow up
and they [won’t] receive the same salaries so they won’t have the freedom
to do whatever they want to do. So all of that together
among other indicators builds what we call “gender inequality.” There you go. There’s that gap I was looking for. That gap that says that it’s okay
for women to feel uncomfortable and to be disrespected. And you want to know what women
are saying about it in real life as well? They’re also saying no. We’re exhausted.
We don’t want to take it anymore. And we have so many good examples
of women fighting against it. For example, it just happened
here in Armenia a few weeks ago. When people went to the streets
to say no to domestic violence, remembering all the people
that got killed by it. Or maybe some of you will remember when a famous actress from Hollywood
had a speech about equal payment when she received an Oscar. Or another thing that just happened: Six million women
went to the streets of Poland to say no to a law change
that could prevent abortion there because they want to be responsible for their own bodies
and their own futures. And we have so many other examples
and we have more representatives, international campaigns. Or even in the locosphere when two girls
raised an awareness campaign about sexual harrassment in the subway, or maybe Nobel Prize winners
trying to take education for girls because apparently in some countries
they’re not allowed to study. Or even in the music industry. Yeah, with more lyrics and content that can empower girls
and women through the world. And all of that together is because they are examples
of brave and courageous women that are fighting for something that they believe
has to be changed in the world. And you might be not as passionate
as they are in that fight, and that’s okay,
but I have to tell you something. If you, at any moment,
felt just a bit uncomfortable with the numbers
and images that I’ve brought; if you’ve for just one second
wondered why those things are like that, and wouldn’t it be better
to be another way; if you did that, then you already
share something in common with them. If you did that, that means that you’re at least
just a bit aware of what’s going on, and maybe something has to be changed. If you did that, you know that that
might be connected to a bigger picture that could be manifested
in so many places, including advertisements. So after all that,
I just wanted to go back to the same question
that brought me to you today: Do you think this image is dangerous? I can, for sure, see some
elements there, some components. We have some stereotypes
of what it would be like to have beautiful eyes or teeth or hair, but the most particular thing of all
is concentrated in one word. She could have all that,
but it would all be “wasted” if she doesn’t smell good as well. Wasted on who? I mean, that is not saying,
“Hey, I want to sell you deodorant because I want you to feel better
about yourself and be happy.” No, that is saying, “Hey,
you better buy my deodorant, otherwise others won’t like you
[because of] your smell.” What’s that? Is she an object? Is she there just to please somebody else? She’s for sure not
the protagonist of that story. So I just wanted to ask you once more: Do you think it’s dangerous? Because if now you’re thinking twice
before answering no, well, then you already
got the message I came here to share. If you now think that you might look to
advertisements in a different perspective, and try to question what brands
are really trying to tell us with those messages, if you now feel that this
is helpful for you to understand, that you’re a more conscious consumer, well, then you already gained a huge step. Thank you very much. (Applause) (Cheers)


    It would be interesting to be in a public place (a store) and casually, yet loud enough, say I am not going to buy (this deodorant) because this brand uses sexist ads. Since most buyers around you are women (if statistics are right), they will hear you. They make say nothing, but they will hear. The same with children – they may act as if they are deaf, but hear everything their parents say. Or say something funny to the same effect (works even better) – "I'm not going to buy this deodorant because it only works for "bones + skin" ("skin on bones) types). I'm too beautiful and too curvy, so, no, it's not for me (was not designed with me in mind). Women bond immediately – it takes one person to step up – and a few will say the same.

    Why I cannot take seriously anyone that expects to get inspired by brands with advertisements? Probably it's just me…

    Advertising has a lot to answer for. It appeals to bias and weakness. You won't be happy/popular/loved if you don't buy this product, combine that with social media and the inadequacies it leaves behind when people see others having fun and you have a dangerous combination.
    It's not only sexist but advertisers prey upon us, it's easier to make people feel bad and offer the solution than to prove your product is just better than other products and entice people to buy them. You stink and are a waste of a human being vs. Do you want to smell nicer?

    Started out good then took a turn
    >"guys in the audience, this is for you. What if that girl was somebody you knew in your family? What if it was your sister? […] How do you feel about someone imagining " etc.
    I don't think she cleared that up enough at all.
    It doesn't matter if it's a stranger or not and implying that it would make a difference to the general audience, including you and me, and then proceeding to teach them that it should not is something at least I find insulting on a personal level.

    There was actually a study done, where they would scan peoples brains and show them images of men and women. When they looked at images of women, the part of the brain that identifies objects lit up. When shown pictures of men, they saw them as a whole person.

    I guess this is why everybody hates advertisements on youtube and just wanna click that damn skip button cause I don't care about Tiffany's backpain

    TEDx Talks are delighting us to understand deeply our nature and world. The unexamined life isn't worth living. These talks change my perception and thanks for those women who come and talk about who women are really. I like to hear and listen to a woman talks about what is a woman than listening to the prejudices of society.

    This is another one of many problems with Advertising.
    My personal gripe with ads is when they advertise cars, with the actors not wearing their seatbelts, engaged in dangerous activities.

    Ads has never forced me to violent a woman. Frankly, I'm surprised to hear that men may transmit the "objectiveness" of women in ads into the real life. If it's so, it's horrorful: it makes me think that sexism is everywhere and comes even from things seem to be so far from it. We shouldn't divide women into "beautiful" and "not beatiful": this is different for all people. And of course we shouldn't push women to be "beatiful" to us: they were not born to be a decoration.

    Why are you using Brazil as a basis in the US?
    It is ADVERTISING, created to appeal to the unconscious to get people to part with their $$.
    Go whine in a country where nobody cares like Syria.
    What are you crying to me about Armenia for? Go there and complain.

    You can tell she's really emotional about the topic, especially towards the end. I'm glad she's being passionate about standing up for women and how they are presented in the media.

    I'm tired of the "She could be your daughter, wife, sister… etc" because it takes that for some men to understand. What if it was them? What if men were treated this way? How would they feel in that situation?

    80% of the buying decisions are made by women in that country, but the sexist part of this equation is 65% don’t like the ads.

    People saying guys should also get paid paternity leave. dude. Are you saying if a woman is pregnant, she shouldn't be able to get a leave and continue work, because equality right? Unless guys get the same treatment? You're basically telling your daughter, gf, wife, mother, grandmother, aunts, to work while they're heavily pregnant because.. men doesn't get the same treatment. Wow. Nice.

    This may come as a shock, but your average mans man sure isn’t represented very well in ads either. Maybe include that problem?

    Makes me wonder why as a woman, most of my jeans don't have actual pockets while most or all of men's jeans have pockets.

    came back to this video today when i heard about the new law that Great Britain is about to install from next June on!!! yaaaaaay!!!! no more gender specific commercials allowed!!! one step in the right direction i'd say!!! eventhough it seems like a huge detour for humanity itself… but better late than never!

    It is easier to oppress and abuse a group of people after gehumanising them. That is what those add do to us. Great talk!

    Thank you Natalia !! Boy you hit the nail on the head !! Thank you for bringing awareness about this subject !! God bless you and yours and your work !!! Sincerely Sheree 😇😇😇😇😇🌹🌹💒💒💒💒💒💒💒💒💒💒💒

    Men are victimised in the same extent as women are. Men are told to be the head of the house and they must bring in money to pay for the bills and rent or mortgage and this all starts from day one at school. When men leave the classroom and enter into the job markets they are faced with the reality that there isn't enough work out there and what is out there is below the poverty level. This puts a huge stress on the body and men feel inadequate from the get go. Men have problems just as severe as women do only we are told to bottle it up and never cry about it. In my country the No1 cause of death for young men is suicide and all men understand why this is so!!! Let that sink in real hard. It is at epidemic levels and is a growing crisis yet the tabloids and news outlets NEVER EVER speak about this. It is covered up because if it was to be talked about in the media there would be a backlash and a demand for this horrifying truth to be put right. Men are abused and sexualised and worse ignored in a far deeper extent yet women refuse to acknowledge this completely. I know several people who have committed suicide and some are from my school going back to our first day at school. I am not a unusual case but I am typical man who just have been sickened that this has been happening for as long as I can remember. Men have problems too but they are just different. It is acceptable for this beautiful woman to talk about this but when have you seen a man get up there and do the same thing. Never is the right answer because we are not allowed to complain simply because it would be perceived as a weakness. Men are not allowed to cry and share their struggles in life which is a terrible crime against men. Men have problems too but they are different problems and even this truth is beyond taboo and is not allowed in society!!

    She is strongly suggesting that men are to blame for the CEOs of companies with marketing departments abusing women whilst they are trying to sell their products. This is not the case whatsoever. Take a look at all the Gillette shaving products that say 'The best a man can get''…? It is always with a beautiful woman who is portrayed as his girlfriend or wife who feels his face and then approves he is now acceptable to her. If you look it is everywhere but this woman cannot acknowledge this because she has cognitive bias hard wired in her brain and is blind to see this happens to Men and Women also!! She thinks she is right and is trampling all over men by suggesting men are to blame for the marketing tactics that all manufactures use and have used from the beginning of T.V !!! Even if you layed this out for her in multiple instances she would never accept this to be so!

    the sad truth is that whenever there is an ad with a wholesome non toxic message, the main motivation behind is still money making

    Imagine the psychological impact of the objectification of women have on younger women. Because of the way men generally objectify them for their outer looks they think every man is objectifying them. I was walking around where I live and I decided to wave to the people I'd come across. One was an elderly lady and she gladly waved back, smile and everything and the other was a young woman…she blatantly ignored me and didn't want to wave back…she's probably been objectified by many men and didn't want to talk. It's sad when you think about it.

    I just thought that sexism existed in India even in the 21st century, but little did I know that it is such a strong and emotionally disturbing issue worldwide. Kudos to Natalia, this video deserves much more views. It should reach as many people as possible.

    What to make of this talk? It's as if this woman woke up one day and realized that there's this system that presents aspects of reality as problematic, and attempts to convince people to purchase solutions to these largely imaginary problems, and now she's on a mission to educate the world. Um, ya that's advertising. Convince a group of people that there is a problem – real or imaginary, offer a solution for a cost. She speaks as if she's blowing everyone's mind, as if it's all so new and shocking. I'm pretty sure we all get what advertising is.

    Guys don't feel we have anything in common with ads either, none of us look like those guys…it's just that we don't care.

    After a few decades only Women will be necessary for reproduction.
    By this way, only girls will be necessary to be born.
    This will be the heaven of women and the end of their problems.

    more victim talk… I don't really see anything wrong with the beer add. how is it harmfull for women? its a add FOR man, man like to look at women, so it succeeds in capturing male attention, therefore it works as an add. stop being a sensitive snowflake. adds arent harmfull to women, what is harmfull is the lack of education kids get nowadays and the social networks.

    While there's always very real bad things happening in the world, this video is one large hasty generalization full of anecdotal examples. Can lead to women having victim mentalities and feeling men in general are oppressors (harmful to male/female relationships). No genuine researchers take things like the pay gap seriously (lifestyle choices explain the pay gap down to just 3%). You are not a victim. You are the powerful creator of your own reality.

    about the advert about mother day. Watching this first time I did not look carefully at my screen and could not see clearly what mother and doughter are doing. Hearing the slogan however I though that surly picture cant show them cleaning, and here i am, they acctually cleaning. I suspect that advert was created by women, what is even more sad.

    im not pro sjw, but as a woman i agree with this talk. many men are visual and they get influenced by non stop bs from advertisement and videoclips. Many men areny that smart to divide fantasy from reality. as a woman i constantly see this bs and i cant see commercials. learned to ignore the bs. sometimes i get angry but i try to ignore it. especially now i know most of the 'women' are trannys i dont feel bad about myself

    Do we need a whole talk to realize that men are the decision makers? The majority of companies, board rooms and presidential cabinets are filled with and run by men. More women in decision making positions equals more representation of real women and women's issues.

    And what makes this sexistist just Because a Woman has a problem a man do not have it doesn’t mean its sexist

    Do men get all that fuss about objectification? Perhaps they've grown a pair. Of course it can be seen as misogyny as everything that doesn't fit in this victimhood card women like to play so often. Women are empowered to do those adds, they are as much responsible as everyone else, and that's thing women don't like, responsibility towards their own actions, it's way better to blame all world instead

    My sister used to be an ad model. Sometimes I had to go through a magazine more than once to find her because she was so photoshopped that I couldn't recognize her at first glance. It was heartbreaking to me because I always considered her to be so beautiful.

    Marvelous Mrs. Mazel is a show that makes me feel less than as a woman and wife. Because it shows a perfect (inside and outside) woman that does everything perfectly. The only “mistakes” she does is in her hobby- stand up comedy.

    Beauty is power and women seek to be beautiful and maintain that beauty to retain that power. Ads that appeal to men are no better. You are only manipulated as much as you let yourself be. What about ads that tell a man he is worthless unless he can win a beautiful woman? All feminists see is the woman being "exploited," even though the female model usually makes more than the man.

    She missed the obvious, a child’s head is disproportionately large to their body. Indeed the photo shopped photo makes this grown woman look 11 years old. Why do this?

    Bitches have been creating all there own misery as long as I am old. Thank feminism & feminists for that. Destruction all by Jewish design

    I don't suppose she's referring to the advertising that makes fathers look like incompetent idiots or the ones that paint all men as violent sexist predators, is she?

    And these same people can't take it when they see Muslim women in modest attire. They keep calling them oppressed and backward. Well, if this is what you call being modern and civilised, then you keep your modernity and civilisation to yourself. Nowhere is woman more honoured than In Islam.

    Why r people so afraid of muslims…most Muslims are God fearing and genuinely kind. Yes, there are zealots in all religions. No more, no less than any other religion. Only genuine responses please?

    I'm a mom and I damn well want to serve my family! I like products that help my family. Those speeches 🙄

    Ads aren't meant to make you feel good about yourself, they're meant to sell a product. If that involves women (or men) having a crisis about their identity of appearance, that's what they'll do. Women are targeted more for ads aimed at their insecurity because women are generally raised to care more about their appearance, to appeal to others. Ads for products claiming to help guys "get it up" in the bedroom are equally willing to prey on insecurity if that's what it takes to sell a product. These ads aren't sexist, they're just exploitative. Not any better really, but we live in a world where money rules and products must sell, no matter about privacy or self esteem of the customer.

    Edit: Yes, sexisim and other forms of discrimination are widespread, and in many places affect women and minorities much worse than non-minorities. I just don't think that targeting advertisements created by cynical corporations interested only in selling products to the gullible through whatever means necessary, is a good place to start. The problem with sexism is deeper than that. It's ingrained into our culture, and in more extreme cases such as the culture of traditionalist Islamic countries, can result in women being systematically cut off from the outside world as a method of control. Human trafficking exists and thrives even in modern, first world countries because people aren't aware of it, or just don't see any way to stop it. Sexist ads are a symptom of a problem that pre-dates modern culture. We should fight not just for equality, but also for the sake of basic human decency, no matter how it be distributed. I respect anyone who truly tries to make a positive change in the world.

    Also, to clarify, as I mispoke earlier, these ads may indeed be sexist, but the propagation of sexisim is not the purpose of the ads.

    A male orphan told me that many women when he shares his tale of how his mother was killed laugh and point. What's so funny about a soldier slashing your throat?

    Seeing through advertisements to what they are really promoting is the first step towards not being manipulated by them any more.

    I agree with her conclusion but her argument is not really strong. We need more papers about the connection between behavior and advertising

    A sad but much needed talk. I notice misogyny everyday in movies, ads and more. Imagine if African Americans were still treated the way they were treated 200 years ago. Sadly women are still being mistreated and objectified today. The sexism needs to be called out just as much as racism is being called out. Both are incredibly destructive. Humans need to evolve and it matters greatly how you treat others. Always be kind and compassionate. Golden rule rules.

    'THE SANDMAN' building and construction company :- 'Smashing your wife's back doors in and putting all your construction woe's back to sleep'.

    Great talk but the only question I have is:
    If women control the market (as she said) but women don’t like the adverts… Why do they then go out and buy the products that they’ve seen on said adverts? It leaves a huge plot hole in what’s being said in this video, in my opinion. I’m not saying she’s wrong, or that the adverts a right, but I am wondering why the creators of the adverts seem to be the successful companies.

    i think I would rather di then live the way they've forced me to when they made me the most robbed man whos ever lived

    I hate ads in general. Any company that spends too much money on ads means they're pouring less money on the actual product which means their product sucks. And the ads are horrid too, made for sheeple.

    Im so tired of them.
    There always like-
    Girls sleepover add: Come on girls! Lets have a sleeper! We have so many bffs! Its time for snacks!

    Girls real sleepover:
    Music, boredum, art, things that people actaully like.

    Like, ever noticed that adds for pre-teens and teens are talking about pink, sparkles, smiles, mermaids, and unicorns?
    In my sleepovers, we do art, listen to nirvana, play games! Its never pink and sparkly things and im sick of it.

    mmmm i met a woman awhile back who suddenly had a bad feminists attitude. i asked what happened n she told me she went out clubbing n met a nice goodlooking fella n swapped numbers. he called n made a date . they were to meet at a warf for a ride around the harbour then dinner .her problem was he didnt recognise her at the warf n she lost it and started yelling at him so he left. i asked what was so different n she said she didnt think there was anything different cept she had makeup on .ok so how much makeup ? well i covered my freckles n did my eyes n made my lips look fuller .i said ok n what did you wear n she said she had her new legin things that hold your belly up n she had high heels on .i told her thats the problem n she lost it with me .a fella can have a shave n do his hair he cant do much else besides nice clothes.she was a totally different looking person to the one he met at the club . n women wonder why men are weird ect its due to us not getting what we have seen which is what he wanted .maybe if women stopped trying to be what theyre not they might find someone who wants them for what they are .its not so much the advertising its the competition between women to outdo eachother.all a fella can do is try n have a bigger boat or bike or have better paying job n yes we all would like a beauty hanging off our arm but thats not always possible unless the partner is plastic

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