The BEST Keywords For YouTube Channels That Sell Products

The BEST Keywords For YouTube Channels That Sell Products

when looking to sell products through
your YouTube channel there are certain words you’re going to want to use in
your title description tags to attract the right audience and increase the
likelihood of making a sale and these words are called keywords and chances
are the keywords you’re thinking of using probably suck but that’s okay mine
also did when I started my channel three years ago I was a bit lost in life had
no direction and I just wanted to start a channel and share information with my
audience and back then I was using any and every keyword I could think of and
that was definitely a mistake and it was only after a while that I decided to
look at the professionals the top salad on YouTube to see what keywords they
were using themselves now Pat Flynn and alpha m have over two hundred thousand
and five million subscribers on YouTube and they’re definitely top sellers on
the platform now Pat Flynn and alpha M are the two channels we’re going to be
looking at today to see exactly what keywords they use when they’re making a
sale now I’m gonna start the video off by skipping a lot of waste of time and
give this video some focus by saying when you’re looking to sell at products
on the platform you want to be using commercial intent keywords now
commercial intent keywords are the keywords where there’s a high likelihood
that someone searching using that keyword on YouTube is going to become a
customer so we’re going to go ahead and get Pat Flynn’s channel up now and while
we’re doing that if you can go ahead and subscribe to this channel if you’re
interested in creating a YouTube channel and styling through it that’s exactly
what we cover on this channel let’s jump into Pat’s profile now okay cool so now
we’re looking at Pat Flynn’s YouTube profile Pat Flynn’s famous for making hundreds
of thousands of dollars online by selling products through his website
every month now if we jump over to his videos we’re gonna see an insight into
the keywords he’s typically using when he makes sales and we can see from his
latest three videos here he’s using commercial intent keywords which I’ll
explain for you now what Pat is doing here is he’s using a type of commercial
intent keywords called product keywords now these are keywords such as a
specific products name such as iPhone Xbox Ferrari they can be keywords about
a product category so car house and keywords investigating these products
such as best top cheapest are also part of the product keyword category they
will jump back into past videos here we can see that in the last three videos
he’s using specific product names so we’ve got Focusrite Scarlett – one – in
the first video we’ve got a key G like a USB microphone in the second video and
Road castor Pro in the third and we can see he’s also using product keyword such
as review review and if we go click into one of these videos they’re gonna be
videos specifically focused on that single product exploring it talking
about the good things about it the bad things about it it’s a video purely
focused on those product keywords and then if you scroll down to the
description of the video we’re gonna see that Pat has included a link in the
description to the video where you can go ahead and buy the product being
spoken about in the video so Pat achieves a really clever strategy here
he’s using specific products names to catch people on YouTube that are
searching for that particular products because people were looking for a
product typing in product key words already have an idea of a product
they’re already planning to buy of specific products but they just want
some more information maybe some confirmation that it’s a good product
before they go ahead and buy it so what Pat’s doing is he’s catching people
searching for products information giving them that last little bit of
persuasion to buy the product and then send them them through to the product to
buyer where he’s making money from my sale now I’ll put an even more detailed
list of product keywords you can use in your YouTube keywords in the description
below so go ahead and look at that to get some ideas but let’s just jump back
past channel there’s something out of notice it’s really interesting too that
he does and that thing is if we look at this video here how to podcast with an
iPhone or iPad yeah he’s using product keyword iPhone
iPad it could be a bit more specific with iPhone 10 iPhone 11 but he’s
actually using a how-to at the start of this video tie
– which is another style of keyword that it works extremely well on youtube for
making sales that we’re gonna jump in and explore now and to explore this
different type of keyword we’re gonna jump into alpha M’s YouTube channel
which you’ll see on your screen now which is all about lifestyle grooming
and fitness tips for men he’s got over five million subscribers so anything
alpha M does must be effective on the YouTube platform so what Pat Flynn was
doing with that how to make a podcast video and what alpha M does with his
video is they use informational keywords and they capture people searching for
informational keywords and convert them into customers now this is a strategy
that can work really well on YouTube if you’re clever about it because you’re
grabbing people’s attention who are searching for information and then
you’re selling them products inside those videos I’ve made a whole video on
this concept and how to do it with your titles that you’ll see on screen here so
make sure to go check that video out if you’ve not already seen it let’s have a
look at some of his videos getting bigger without getting fat he’s grabbing
people on YouTube that are searching for how to get bigger and he’s gonna sell
products to them inside this video what else do we have how to be less shy he’s
making a video on that informational but you can guarantee he’ll sell a product
inside that video how to boost your metabolism naturally you can guarantee
people are already looking for that on YouTube he’s providing information on
this and if we go to the video I bet you he’s selling products related to that
topic so here we have the video if we scroll down ways to boost your
metabolism and we can see here straight away
he’s sunning services how to calculate your metabolic rate and then he’s
selling products to buy his bodybuilding related items so if we click on this
link we’ll see that alpha M is trying to sell us from this video on burning fat
he’s trying to sell us supplements and basically workout products so this has
great effect on YouTube like we saw before alpha M has over five million
subscribers people come to YouTube for informational content they want to be
educated a recent study has recently shown over fifty percent of the content
consumed on YouTube is educational in nature so if you can harness that and
sell products to people just like alpha M does you can make a lot of money
selling on YouTube and these are the types of keywords you should be using
information or keywords and if we have another quick look at aplha ms videos we
can see that he’s not just using informational keywords he’s also using
some product keywords that we saw earlier where he’s using the word best
cheap if we scroll down we’ll find best again in his title these are all from
the first category of product keyword so he’s using a combination of product
keywords and informational keywords to sell even more effectively so what
lessons can we learn from Pat Flynn and alpha M first off product keywords such
as the products name specifically the category of the product words like best
review cheap or work amazingly well on the platform and secondly informational
keywords so how to videos lists of the best ways to do things things like alpha
enters where he’s thinking about what people are searching for and making
informational videos using those keywords in his title is the second
fantastic strategy to use on YouTube education is key because people come to
YouTube to learn things whether it’s to learn whether a product is worthwhile to
buy or it’s to learn about a vague concept or topic that they need to buy
products to achieve and get better at that topic and that concept education is
how you should be thinking in your mind when you’re creating sales videos and
writing sales keywords on your YouTube channel and don’t use any keywords that
come to mind any keyword Under the Sun talking about any random product that
won’t work and it’s just a way to have a YouTube channel that sucks
you need to think about what your channel is about and use keywords a
product keyword or informational that fit within your channels topic I mean
think about it Pat Flynn his channel is all about podcasting and those three
products that you can see at the top of this video page were all about products
related to podcasting alpha M is about fitness and lifestyle tips for men and
those videos those informational totals who were writing were tailored for men
and helping them improve their lifestyle so figure out what your channel is about
and make videos using products and informational keywords within that topic
and we’ve spoken mainly about title in this video but what tags are about
and how do you write a good tag while subscribe and ring the bell because in
the next video I’m making that completely about YouTube tags and how to
get tons of views using the right tags this channel is all about how to build a
educational YouTube account teaching people a skill or a specialism that you
have and then selling product through your channel eventually – I believe the
world is made better by teaching other people things and YouTube is the way
that you can teach as many people as possible the skill or the specialism
that you have in your life so go ahead and like this video if you found it
useful if you’ve got a talent a skill that you think other people would love
to learn go ahead and get your channel started it can be a little life changing
thing I’d recommend anyone to do it subscribe to this channel ring the bell
like I mentioned before and if you’re leaving YouTube if I can’t convince you
to watch any of my other videos today go ahead and follow me on instagram at
start starting up and i’ll see you there – so thanks everyone I hope you find
this video useful see you very soon but you



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