The Best Internet Marketing Tools (Behind The Scenes Look)

The Best Internet Marketing Tools (Behind The Scenes Look)

hey what’s up Aaron Chen here how’re you
doing I wanted to do a slightly different video today you know it’s it’s
a Sunday and I’m just kind of busting out some videos and you know if you’re
trying to build an internet marketing business you know first of all you get a
lot of information on my channel of course right but I wanted to do a little
bit of a behind-the-scenes and and you know kind of inspire you guys to
continue to take action in your business because sometimes when it comes to
internet marketing you know you do something and it doesn’t really work
okay and what a lot of people tend to do internet marketing tools is they tend to just sort of give up all
right and they don’t you know push themselves they don’t try much harder
they just kind of give up and they they don’t really do anything and then they
end up quitting but the truth is is that you know today is a Sunday I’m all about
the hustle I’m sure you guys know that by now and I you know just busted out a
brand new preframe video that I’m gonna add to one of my funnels okay if you
don’t know what a pre-frame video is is basically a video that you have that you
put before an opportunity to pre frame your customers to thinking a certain way
about that opportunity okay so whatever you’re selling you must have a pre from
frame video and I talked about this in in my you know in my free training
course which you know you can get access to if you just click on on the button
below this video most of you know in there already and getting the training
but if you’ve never seen it before I welcome you to you know get that
training below and I talked a lot about pre framing videos okay and creating a
value series where you know it’s a series of videos that people watch you
know a series of probably three or four videos that is also kind of a pre framed
video before they see any opportunity and a lot of people that don’t create
pre frame videos or they don’t create a value series and they just send it
traffic directly to an offer that’s the reason why they’re not making any sales
right it’s because people don’t want to buy your stuff alright and remember that
people buy from people that they know like and trust instead of a faceless
website right and it’s funny because I get a lot of emails from my customers
and my subscribers just my audience in general and they
always you know the main thing that they struggle with if they are dabbling in
you know internet marketing or affiliate marketing is they’re always doing the
same thing they’re always building some sort of website and you know with the
filling it with products and the filling it with offers and they’re saying that
they’re sending traffic to these websites but no one’s buying their stuff
right and I keep saying I’m like guys you need to stop doing that right the
reason why people aren’t buying your stuff is because people don’t buy from
faces web sites you know if this was like 10 years ago and when the internet
was still very new yeah you could do that but but these days people don’t buy
from faceless websites they want to buy from a person okay so if you’re going to
be building a website make sure it’s in web make sure it’s a website of you okay
make sure it’s your value series make sure you’re doing video teaching them
how to do something before you ask them to buy anything all right
sending people straight to a web site and asking them to buy stuff people just
aren’t gonna do that all right so if you’ve been doing that please stop
okay you’ve got to create pre-frame videos you have to create a value series
right and if you don’t really know what I’m talking about
you know just click on the link right below this okay and it’s gonna lead you
to my free affiliate training course all right completely free it’s gonna I’m
gonna send it to your email inbox and you can watch it and it’s gonna
teach you exactly how to set up a pre-frame video what it is why it’s
important how to set up your value series all that stuff okay so that
that’s kind of what I wanted to say but the other thing too is I wanted to give
you a little bit of a you know behind-the-scenes you know look at look
you know I look at my office right so you can see here I’ve got kind of two
computers there and and this one is actually my iMac it’s usually a big
computer here you know most of you seen my videos there’s a big computer there
but after four years it just broke down my heart is broke down so it’s in a
workshop right now I’m waiting to get it back maybe in like a week or two
hopefully but that that’s like my workhorse right now I’m just on my this
this is my air this is actually like five years old
it’s so old that it won’t even run certain videos it’s crazy right so my
wife’s one is over there which which I’m which I’ve been using I’ve got
I got my microphone there so very this very inexpensive it’s like a thirty US
dollar condenser microphone but if you want to make good videos you know make
sure you you get some sort of you know good quality microphone I’ve got my my
obviously my my sign there which I change every you know every few months
to keep me pumped you know to keep you pumped as well positive messaging very
very important right I’ve got my Canon DSLR there yeah it’s a it’s a 70 D okay
so if you guys want to buy a good quality camera to make good quality
video like this even though I’m using my iPhone right now iPhones are great by
the way some stories are great as well if you want good quality stuff I’ve done
a lot of research the Canon 70d is really really good okay and it makes
really good this is like my workhorse as well okay so this is all my like my pre
frame videos and all that stuff and then on top of them I got a it’s called a
shotgun mic okay it’s a shotgun mic this is actually a road it’s a rode shotgun
mic an amazing again an amazing microphone this is when I’m like you
know shooting videos like that so instead of getting a lapel mic I just
kind of hold it like that or I put it on a stand and I kind of use that as well
okay and then I got my whiteboard right this is where I do all my planning and
stuff all right you can see it there internet marketing tools that’s where I write down all my
strategy stuff that I need to do I sometimes I use it in my videos not
often but sometimes I do right and then I want to kind of show you kind of show
you that the lighting situation so you go I got to you know soft lights there
right so this is how you got to do it right you got to get good lighting if
you want a good do good video and I’ve got another whiteboard there with my
pyramid of success you might see that at some point okay that’s coming out soon
guys watch this space some really really good stuff there but but this is my
setup okay now here’s the thing I show you this not not to impress you but just
to to give you an idea that you know if if you want to be serious about this
stuff then you got to take your your tools seriously okay now if you know if
you have a problem with money right because obviously you know that’s
expensive and you know all these things together they cost money right now now
understand that you don’t need all these things
okay to be successful right because remember I’ve been I’ve been around for
a while I’ve been I’ve been online for nine years so I’ve slowly collected
these things over a period of nine years I didn’t buy them all at once because
it’s very expensive okay but but what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need
all these things to be successful or to internet marketing tools get started all right so all you need
really is you just need a computer which you all have okay you need an internet
connection and you need an iPhone or a Samsung or some you know hand phone cell
phone that has a camera that’s all you need you don’t need all this fancy
equipment you don’t need the microphones you don’t need the DSLRs you don’t even
need the light boxes honestly you don’t need those okay all you need is good
sunlight just make sure you’re next to a window and you’ve got good sunlight
coming in or you’ve got good lighting you know on top this kind of stuff can
wait right but honestly if you wanted to buy in there soft boxes you can buy this
one if you live in the States go research cowboy softbox lights on
Amazon it’s like $30 it’s really cheap it’s not expensive at all okay so a lot
of people think that all you need you know these are gonna cost like hundreds
and thousands of dollars I mean there are lighting systems that cost that much
but you don’t need that yeah this is really cheap this is from China I think
this cost me like 300 ring it ring 300 ring get my money that’s like what’s 300
ring it divided by 4.5 yeah that’s us fellas so you don’t need expensive stuff
to get yourself started okay but eventually okay eventually if you
want to start making really good quality stuff if you shot like a hundred videos
on your iPhone and you want to you know take it to the next level then maybe get
yourself a DSLR okay if you want to start you know having good quality you
know sound get a microphone right get a microphone but you don’t need it to
start you just need you know you just need your iPhone your Samsung whatever
you know china mobile phone that you have you can use anything okay so yeah
so so that this is just kind of a little bit of a mixed video today I just wanted
to show you some of my equipment some of the stuff that you could
and and you know wanted to give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes here
about how of how I work okay so listen I hope I hope you’re having an awesome
weekend we got some cool stuff coming out in the next couple of days so so
keep your eye out on you know your email if you’re not in my list
right now go ahead and opt-in you can get again a couple of things right
you’ll start getting some really really awesome training I think anyway that
will help you in building an internet marketing business online if that’s what
you want to do okay also you’ll be able to get any updates from me I’ve got a
course coming out and a lot of people have been waiting for this course again
I do apologize has taken its take in a while it’s it’s a very very powerful
course and a lot of coding was involved and it was just hiccup off the hiccup
off the hiccup you know my business plan I was really struggling you know to get
it together but having said that it’s awesome
I’ve seen it it is it’s pretty kick-ass okay so it’s worth the wait it’s really
really gonna help you you know take your business and understanding to the next
level there’s nothing out there that I know of and I’ve been around again for a
while I’ve never seen anything like this it’s really gonna help you to get the
results in your business okay if that’s what you want to do so I have an awesome
weekend guys remember never ever stop okay always take action always hustle
and remember that you know sometimes when you do things it doesn’t always
work the first time the second time the third time the fourth time but just keep
at it keep at it because if you do then you’re actually
gonna see some amazing results okay take care have a great day speak to you soon


    Hey Aaron, another great video. Thanks for sharing with us. It's nice to know what type of equipment someone like you uses to create their videos.

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