THE BEST GREEN SCREEN FOR STREAMING… EVER! – Elgato Green Screen Review & Setup Guide

THE BEST GREEN SCREEN FOR STREAMING… EVER! – Elgato Green Screen Review & Setup Guide

You know… I’ve legitimately delayed this review due
primarily to my attempts at finding a way to write it without sounding like a complete
shill or sellout. While yes – the Elgato Green Screen was sent
free for review on the channel – I work with Elgato on a wide number of reviews and don’t
always have nice things to say. In fact, I had actually ordered the Green
Screen myself on Amazon and was thankfully able to cancel the order upon learning that
Elgato was sending one over for free. I thought it was worth the price as soon as
they announced it. So spoiler alert: Yeah, I have a lot of good
things to say about it. But there’s a couple things I’d love to
be worked on or made available in the future, and I am personally not the biggest fan of
the current trend of green screen over-usage in the first place. Let’s jump in, right after this. Who.. what.. Orisa, where? HUH?! I just see a Rein… Oh. Cool. DUDE will you just get a ModMic already? It attaches to any headphone so you can use
that good pair you like, but I’ll actually be able to understand your call-outs. It also has a mute switch so I don’t have
to hear all those conversations with your grandma. We gotta get serious to get out of Plat. Yes, just order one tonight. Learn more via the link in the video description. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun, and today I’m reviewing a Green Screen. But it’s not just a piece of green fabric
with a brand name, this is a premium piece of kit designed to make your life easier while
still being a simple concept. I’ve used 3 different forms of green screen,
but they’ve never really made their way onto my channel. Why? Because the setup was FAR too cumbersome to
ever keep up with within my small working spaces. In my bedroom back during my college years
I hung a wood dowel from the ceiling and ran a green screen on that. It technically worked, but was VERY hard to
light in such a small space and divided the room way too much to leave up. I’ve tried using a traditional backdrop
stand, but again – having the space to leave it up sucked, and setup time is a nightmare. Plus with both of these, rolling up or folding
up the backdrop cloth introduces all kinds of wrinkles that make the keying process even
more difficult. Then while interning for a local sports broadcast,
one of the main hosts just had one of his basement walls covered in green paper with
some clamp lights. An effective budget setup, but hard to light
evenly and not something most people can commit to. And frankly, if you’re not going to pull
off a nice-looking chroma key, just don’t bother. It’s obvious, looks awful, and far inferior
to just setting up a proper, decent-looking backdrop in the first place. I had all but just given up on using a green
screen… pretty much ever. I still have a couple old cloth screens, but
they need cleaned and ironed before ever being useful. But then Elgato showed up and dropped the
Cam Link and Green Screen on us. This actually answers most of my issues with
traditional setups. So the idea behind Elgato’s Green Screen
seems fairly obvious – it’s one I actually looked for when I was trying my ceiling-hung
method circa 2012 – but it’s very effective here. Remember the pull-down projector screens from
grade school? They hung on brackets off the wall and pulled
out of a little box, but always stayed in place and perfectly flat. This is the same concept, but flipped upside
down. You have a nice, metal case to enclose and
protect the green screen, and it rolls out from there – remaining wrinkle-free and in
perfect condition. You spread the balancing legs, open the case,
and lift up on the handle to your desired height. The crossbar keeps it secure in place at any
height up to 70.87 inches high. No extra switches, levers, anything required
to lock it into place. It just sits there. Then when you’re done, lightly push down
and it rolls back up and you can store it under couches, under beds, anywhere, really. This is a great system. The screen and case are 58.27 inches wide
– big enough to cover the width of you sitting in a chair, but not too wide for most setups. Though for some super small setups it can
be too wide – but you’d risk not having enough coverage for proper keying otherwise. Height-wise… it goes up to just over 70
inches tall. This.. frustrates me a bit. Just like 2 more inches and it’d be perfect
for me to use standing up, but as-is, I’d have to slouch quite awkwardly to make it
work. I realize the purpose of this is fully for
sitting down setups for streaming, but this would be the PERFECT screen for my post-production
work, too, with a little more height. To work around this, I would LOVE to see a
taller variant. I realize there’s probably a limitation
on height due to the crossbar’s engineering, but literally just like 3 more inches for
me personally would be great. I could, in theory, just set it up on some
books or cinderblocks or something – but I don’t have anything to do so in a secure
manner and evenly, and this technically detracts from the easy setup gimmick for it. Alternatively, I would also love to see a
modification or variant in which the case can also be hung from wall hooks like the
projector screen I mentioned before and extended upside down so I could use the height to still
use while standing since I don’t need a green screen that goes to my feet. I was thinking I could do this with this screen
and maybe make a separate project video – but unless I’d want to awkwardly hang it not
at the top of my wall, it wouldn’t reach down far enough to be fully effective that
way, either. The mechanisms to use the screen are great
and feel high quality, and the green screen material itself feels super premium. And the fact that it stays wrinkle-free is
just… great. Here’s a message I sent directly to the
Elgato team and I stand by this. It’s a premium product for a slightly premium
price – but far cheaper than any remotely similar professional products I have found. My main concern would be if you left it up
and a cat or dog decided to chew on or scratch at it. It’s premium material, but if it ripped
enough, the spring could theoretically pull the bottom half back into the case and it’s
ruined forever. But that’s why it collapses into a protective
case, right? Lastly, I did want to cover setting this up
in software. This is still a green screen – you still need
solid lighting for both you and the backdrop. Shadows will give you problems, lack of light
on you as the subject will cause problems. This will also show up best with a proper
camera, such as a camcorder or DSLR – fed into a capture card or the Elgato Cam Link,
conveniently launched at the same time. A webcam won’t resolve the color or background
separation as well, and if you have auto settings on, your face is about to get hella red. We’ll go from most complicated to easiest
solutions – OBS, XSplit, and Elgato’s Game Capture software. In all options just crop off the excess framing
around the green screen. Let’s start with OBS Studio:
Add your facecam to your scene as you normally would. Once it’s set up, right-click its Source
Listing, and click “Filters.” Here, you can add lots of effects and edits
to your audio and video from this source. Under “Effect Filters” click the Plus
sign. You can use either “Color Key” or “Chroma
Key” – one may work better, depending on your setup, but the intended purpose is basically
the same. Pick one and choose your “Key Color Type”
– in this case, green. This should automatically start to cut out
some of the green. You can now use the controls for “Similarity”,
“Smoothness” and “Key Color Spill Reduction” to clean up your image. “Similarity” controls how much color similar
to Chroma Green it cuts out. If there’s lighting differences along your
screen, you will want to adjust this – being careful not to go too far and cut out other
colors. “Smoothness” smooths out edges and the
overall keying of the color. Too much can start to dissolve the rest of
your image, though. “Key Color Spill Reduction” aims to help
you reduce keying of other colors – but again, messing with this too much can affect your
image on the whole. This filter also gives you controls for Contrast,
Brightness, and Gamma – but these should be left alone in most cases. This is something you need to adjust in your
webcam or camera’s settings instead of here. Especially if the webcam has been left on
default automatic modes, you may notice your skin has now started to turn red on-camera
due to it trying to compensate for the green backdrop. In XSplit:
Add your webcam as normal to your scene. Right click on the webcam either in your sources
list or on the canvas and click the “Color” tab. Towards the bottom, you can choose “Color
Key” or “Chroma Key.” For “Chroma Key,” you choose the color
green and adjust the “Threshold” and “Exposure” to adjust your image. You also have an “Anti-Aliasing” setting,
which can help smooth some of the jagged edges produced by the background removal, but with
a performance impact. For “Color Key” you can click the eyedropper
tool to choose your background color, and then adjust Threshold and Exposure, as well
as individual Red, Green, and Blue levels to fix color issues. You also still have the Anti-Aliasing option
here. In Elgato’s Game Capture software, enable
Stream Command – I have a full video detailing this feature linked in the video description. Add your webcam to the scene or choose a scene
with the webcam added and click “Edit Scene” if it’s not already in edit mode. Click your webcam and click the icon of a
silhouette in a square for “Remove Background.” Click “Enable Chroma Key”, pick your color,
and adjust tolerance. Less control, but much simpler. The Elgato Green Screen takes a setup that
has been reserved for the lowest-end budget configurations or unaffordably high-end setups
and given us a very premium middle-tier that will serve most streamers very well. I’m happy to have something to implement
within my studio space for chroma keying for the first time… ever, and I’m excited
to see what future revisions look like. Product links, as always, will be in the description
below. Check out the Elgato Green Screen for yourself
if you’re interested. Otherwise, hit that like button, subscribe
for more awesome tech and educational content, and I’ll see you in the next one! 4K60 PRO WHEN?! EposVox is a Patreon-supported production. Our videos would simply not be possible without
the support and generosity of our patrons – whom you can see on-screen now. If you’d like to join the inner-circle and
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    Hey man Thanks for the vids. I love that your not compromising steps and quirks for time. In a ream where all the reviewers and tutorials wanna save time you take the extra time and effort to make sure were set! I hope yall the best on youtube and thank you so much.

    So you have a top quality green screen, that gives you very good capture quality.
    Did you know that the other weak link is the camera it self. You need a camera that has the capability to capture more of the green spectrum.
    And a camera that is capable doing that are the 10bits ones.
    So i challenge you to make another green screen video, but then with the cheapest 10bit camera/webcam you can find ๐Ÿ˜€
    And demo the quality between them !

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    Green Screens were cool about 5 years ago for streaming. Then broadcasters realized how awful the lighting is for gaming and quickly backed away from it. Look at the top broadcasters on twitch, non use green screens anymore because it's worse.

    I never even though about needing a new camera source… I have a Logitech C922, is that good enough for capturing the green screen nicely? I'm worried I just wasted my money on the green screen now (its on the way still), blew my budget just buying the green screen and lighting

    Mine finally came, almost 3 months after I ordered it. Awesome quality and ease of set-up, but I'm still figuring out whether the width is a big limiter. Even in your demo, it's apparent that if you gesture too broadly, your hands or elbows will extend out past the green screen at times, and disappear. So far it seems to me I'll need to keep the screen very close behind me, and/or stand or sit very still, to stay within the green screen's range. Normally it's considered best to have the green screen several feet behind you, but with this one, it would photograph too small if it's not really close to you. On the other hand, because it is perfectly smooth, there's not so much need to fuss about perfect lighting. Something to consider, although I still think the design is amazing.

    nice review! thanks for all the info! do you have any video about lights for streams and video recording? cant find anything good

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    ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก I ordered one of these elgato green screens on Sept 2nd and I was supposed to receive it on Sept 12. I NEVER RECEIVED it!! I called elgato, Amazon and went to the post office to find out where my order was. My tracking information said that it had shipped from the seller and that it had been received by my local post office for final Delivery. Meanwhile neither ELGATO, AMAZON OR THE US POSTAL SERVICE could tell me where my order was! At this point I'm very frustrated with this whole experience ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก!

    Dude, you are working WAY too hard on trying to sound like an old style FM radio announcer. Make it more natural. Other than that — nice review.

    What kind of lights do you use? I have a smallish office that I don't wanting anything massive taking up a ton of space. Recommendations?

    Just a suggestion for getting the height you want out of the green screen. take 2 milk crates and place them upside down where the support legs on the case are located and place it on top of the two milk crates to raise it up and you can put some weighted items under them so it doesn't move around. If you have access to a home depot/lowes and basic power tools, get roughly 8-12 nut and bolt sets 6" long and 1/4" diameter, along with a drill bit of the same diameter. You could probably fit 1×4 planks under the case itself and if you do not have a saw of any kind, you can ask an employee to cut it to the lengths for you to insert planks into the milk crates as well as outside the milk crate running along the inner and outer sides of the support legs. Where the wood inside the milk crate and the would outside the milk crate cross one another from a top-down perspective is where you drill. Then keep them secure with the nuts and bolts(make sure the bolts are fully threaded, you want to be able to make these snug up to the wood, but not so tight you crack the wood. Also have the top of the bolt on the outside of the milk crates so the extra threading behind the nut wont scratch the green screen case or you… If it seems like it might be to unsteady you can do the same process to connect the two milk crates together with 2x4s on the outside at the length the milk crates and the distance between them. As well as 1x4s on the inside to bind them. Make sure to get longer bolts of the same diameter since the 2x4s are thicker. This will allow the green screen to essentially gain the height of milk crate platform shoes. I apologize for the long winded comment, it kind of just kept going and then I felt ownership to finish what I started with pride!

    This aside I enjoyed your video and I appreciate how you provide a suspense in the beginning that also provides viewers with your succinct opinion.

    Great video. I am currently using VCAM which is better than nothing but has a flickering problem on my current PC. I will use a new Computer this month.

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    Hello ! Love your channel and all your tips for Streaming ! Just a little question we have with a friend of mine : does you use the green-screen to fake your room with a photo, at 1min14sec on this video ? My friend is pretty sure it's a green-screen montage with your room on a picture, added, and i'm sure it's just your fullscreen cam ๐Ÿ˜€ ? We would love to know the answer ! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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