Taking the Stage at Content Marketing World This September 2019

Taking the Stage at Content Marketing World This September 2019

Hey, welcome back to my YouTube channel. I
know it’s been a while since I published a new video. So before we get into today’s topic,
I wanted to just give you a little live update and what’s been going on and why the past
two months have been so crazy for me. So a few things. First, I am getting ready to speak
on one of the industry’s biggest stages in content marketing. Content marketing world,
and you’ll hear more about that in today’s video. So I thoroughly have my head down preparing
for that. That’s coming up in September, just a couple of months away now, and besides that,
I’ve also been finishing my first book, a narrative non-fiction. I sent off to my editor
early of June, got it completely finished. It’s looking like 250 pages, really excited
about the story. It’s a true story probably left to quote, escaped in the middle of the
night, grew my business from nothing, literally $75 of pocket cash into a multi-million dollar
empire. So is that story it’s a non-fiction memoire and that’s going to come out, published
to be determined. Besides finishing my book, we took some time off. We took our five-year-old,
my husband and I went out to California took her to San Diego zoo, the Safari Park out
there. It was amazing. We got to do a bus tour, a tram tour. We were a few feet away
from giraffes and lemurs, all kinds of cool animals, and that was a huge highlight for
us taking our five-year-old out there in California this summer. I even got to check off on of
my bucket list item which was a hot air balloon ride in the San Diego Safari Park out in Escondido
California. So
exploring the biggest zoo in the US was tons of fun. I was still working at night in the
hotel because entrepreneur life doesn’t slow down, but I still got a little break in. So
let’s get into today’s topic. This September, specifically the third through the sixth,
I will be in Cleveland Ohio for content marketing world, which is content marketing’s biggest
industry conference with thousands of marketers from all around the globe. This will be my
third year attending, and I’m actually going to be a speaker, which I’m really excited
about. Last year when I was at the even, I lost count of the amount of people that suggested
that I speak this year. One of them was Joe Pulizzi. And when your industry here basically
tells you, you need to speak at my conference. he started that conference. You know you need
to do it. So I applied to speak late last year, and I’m really thankful that my pitch
was accepted, and I’ll be speaking on stage, I will be co-presenting with a friend, Jason
Schemmel, who has been a good friend in the industry. I’m super excited to take the stage
with him. I’ve been structuring and creating all the content for this session, weeks and
hours of work, and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be truly unique, and one
of the kind session because I’ve structured it like an intensive yet easy to understand
at a beginner’s level, masterclass. I will be teaching how to create and publish authority-building
blogs. Throughout this session, my co-presenter, Jason and I, will be inspiring you to get
it done. You’ll learn the what, how, when, and where
a growth-focused content, and you’ll hear exclusive insights from leading content marketers
that have achieved real tremendous success with content marketing. We’ve interviewed
these people exclusively for this masterclass. You’ll see the specifics of what it takes
to put together a high converting content marketing campaign. You will see the difference
in real-life with examples between “sexy” vs. high ROI profitable content. You’ll learn
what drives real content growth. The most important KPIs to focus on, which might surprise
you because there are so many you could be tracking. What content tools to use and what
metrics to track inside of those tools, and how to get executive buy-in for your content.
I’ve spend weeks working on a session. Jason and I will be presenting it in a very fun
educational way. I believe it is one of the best masterclasses I have put together on
this topic. So come to meet me at CM World. Learn more about this amazing industry even
at contentmarketingworld.com. Use my last name McCoy to save $100 on your ticket. Maybe
I’ll see you at the opening party at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. Don’t
forget to hit that subscribe button and catch my new videos that come out right here on
YouTube. I’ll be taking a step back to focus on getting ready to speak this fall and publishing
my third book and to stay updated on my progress with new projects coming out, new book coming
out, definitely follow me on social media. I’m on Twitter JuliaEMcCoy, Instagram at @fementrepreneur.
I look forward to seeing you around.


    Awesome! Please email me when the book is out. I would love to buy myself a copy! 💕 Hot air ballon is on my bucket list too!

    Well deserved events happening in both your life and career – enjoy them because you've earned the right for them to occur. Please sell me an autographed copy of your book when published. You offer quality information that not only works, it's also personable, genuine and comes from someone who I can tell cares about people. Thank you for being more of a "giver" versus a "taker". In today's environment we need more like you.

    Julia! I just received your practical content strategy book and I cannot wait to dive in! As a freelancer, I am extremely grateful for the kind of effort that experts like you put into teaching new marketers in the space how to actually drive results forward and I’m so genuinely happy to have that in my life. Thank you and looking forward to your speech! PS: First heard of you on CoSchedule’s podcast, I dived deep into the archives 😉

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