Swamp Thing TV Series – The DC Universe Streaming

Swamp Thing TV Series – The DC Universe Streaming

You gotta give the new DC Streaming Service credit where credit is due!


    Despite the set photos, I'm still excited for Titans. I love everything in the Arrowverse, plus Riverdale, and Love Simon. Though I do think Flash and Riverdale can be meh at times.

    Grace, I'm curious why you're still ragging on those unofficial, out of context, photos for Titans? Not only do you NOT KNOW the context for those outfits but you constantly claim them to be their hero wardrobe just so you can make jokes about the shows budget (to which YOU KNOW NOTHING of either). No offensive to you but if you don't know how studio productions work then maybe don't discuss it? You've even been called out about it by the production heads before (Remember Wan putting you in your place when you spread those false Aquaman claims, there's a reason news outlets didn't report on it). All I'm trying to say is that you assume so much that you take alot of your assumptions as fact, and that's not very good journalism.

    Why do we like Swamp Thing? Well, if the fact that The Shape of Water was inspired by it wasn’t enough, or that it’s an amazing sci-fi horror story, or that Constantine made his debut in it, maybe you’ll appreciate the talent attached. Give Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing a read. You might find something you like.

    originally swamp thing became iconic because whatever alan moore touches turns to gold. Also the art is so trippy, iconic of the 70's time. Finally the character is so relevant in the time of nature degradation

    I have a question 🤚
    Can the DCU get all their tv shows to the streaming service? Like Gotham, flash, arrow, lucifer, Legends of tomorrow, izombie, krypton, and etc

    Swamp Thing is an amazing and deep character. Alan Moore's run is top tier comics. Snyder started a prrtty good run in the new 52, and Tom King did a beautiful one shot. The dismissive attitude is pretty upsetting. Especially if someone hasnt even read any of the Moore stuff.

    It's so obvious that this is being pitched as a love story because of the hype surrounding "The Shape of Water". Talk about the elephant in the room! I'm surprised you missed it or didn't mention it?

    How many misguided and flat out wrong statements can one person make in a single entertainment fluff piece.

    I am really excited. I love Swamp Thing and can't wait to see where this goes. I am also glade they went with Abby and not with Poison Ivy. I prefer Ivy with Harley Quinn. If Animal Man shows up to that would be awesome.

    The poor response is probably because you are the only person I have seen cover it and I have seen ZERO publicity for it. My guess is most of the fans you say aren't there have no clue this is even happening.

    I like the spooky/ occult nature of swamp thing. It allows a different kind of story than the usual superhero action fare. Also, the Alan Moore series is very well – written. If you haven't read it, you should!

    If they would have chosen Poison Ivy as his love interest I would have watch… It would have been the Antman and the Wasp of DCEU but creepy and dark!

    Swamp Thing is my favorite DC character if not my favorite fictional character ever. I love that he's a reluctant superhero who's conflicted in his desire to become human and his desire to do the right thing. The Alan Moore run is a touching, harrowing and mystical story that feels like something completely unique in the world of comic books. I love that they're going for the romance angle with this show as I feel like when Swamp Thing works best is when the tortured and sensitive nature of the character can be shown. If they go too far in the monster or superhero direction you often loose that incredibly important aspect that for me makes the character worthwhile.

    It's always nice to see new BTT videos upon waking. Also I call her Gra = like in grass Ce = like the word See LOLZ

    Please react to gotham last two episodes grace please… Do Jeremiah white band trailer reaction plzzz ….. Graceeee plzzzz

    I really feel like this is going to blow up in their face and that they should have just created a Netflix Universe.

    I really want these shows to do well because I love these characters but I don't think there is enough mainstream audience members who care. Also, some people can't afford Netflix and DC Universe so…

    Wait, I don't know much about this. Are you telling me I can't watch these shows, because I live outside of US?

    alan moore swamp-thing features Constantine and very dire story so i will watch this tv show for his story lines on television. i watch anime and cartoons mostly to avoid the cheapness associated with tv live action limitations but that doesn't mean i don't watch some or movies but usually shows like gotham and arrow and daredevil lose my interest. i hope the show is good like the venom movie

    i really do hope they pull this off. and yeah dc needs to have better photoshop. 😛 theres so many good designers.

    I'm excited for swamp thing and a little interested in titans out of youth fandom. Just know its all typically disappointing in the end from what we the people seem to really want. But Hey! Maybe it'll be like Cobra Kai, way better than it has any right to be lol

    I remember the original Swampthing TV series, I loved it back in the day. I realize this is most likely not going to be anything like that, but I do find the character quite interesting. As long as find away to keep the show engaging and interesting, I'll probably watch.

    Grace, I think Alan Moore is the main reason people love Swamp Thing. His run on that series is a legit contender for the best story arc in comics history. The more recent series are not that good, unfortunately.

    Man vs man, man vs nature, man becomes nature lol it’s interesting. Creatures appeal to me so I hope they come up with some cool, interesting science experiment creatures for the show

    I'm a fan of Swampthing from watching live action movies and TV shows and then more from the comics. Swampthing very underrated superhero he very powerful he can control the entire hold Earth if he wants to.

    I love Comic Book Movies & TV Shows but it's getting WAY too overcrowded on the Television side, honestly I can barely keep up with the CW DC Shows and the Netflix Marvel shows but then you add other shows like Agents of Shield, Cloak & Dagger, Gotham, The Gifted, Krypton and now these "DC Universe" shows it just starts to become overwhelming (That's why I'm only going to watch the CW and Netflix shows from here on out)

    I would love to see Constantine in Swamp thing.. considering those two are always appearing in each others comics

    Dont use twitter, never will. As for the swamp thing, that is never going to be an action series, the only way for it to work is going off the deep end and making it a hard core horror series, kind of like supernatural.

    For me the appeal of Swamp Thing is largely his environmental angle. I would totally read a Poison Ivy standalone comic (which I feel would be better than Harley Quinn) for the same reason

    SWAMP THING Has two films that still hold up as entertaining to watch today, a live action television show that aired on USA network and even had a saturday morning cartoon. Its definitely more entertaining then CAPTAIN MARVEL.

    Hi Grace! I haven't really followed the Swamp Thing comics but I've always loved seeing him interact with other DC characters, even when I was a kid I knew about him and found him fascinating. I suppose it's because I love monsters in general (the creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, etc, now Del Toro's amphibian man too). I have to say I like the idea of a live action show, if done right… we'll see how they manage to do the creature/s and I'm super happy that James Wan is involved in the project, his description of "mood, mystery, gothic romance, and swamp monsters" sold it even more for me. I started following the DC Universe twitter account as soon as I saw the tweets but I'm disappointed with the fact that, so far, the streaming service will be available for U.S. residents only (I'm from Argentina). I'm also looking forward to the Titans show and keeping my fingers crossed for good stories and performances, but it'd be great if the platform was available worldwide.

    Your crazy swampthing is the top one on here !!! I have all the cartoons and movies!!! I'm a real fan because he is a underdog super hero and he was created by a scientific mishaps like things that happen today with modern day scientist creating thing they shouldn't, I'm very excited about this!! #Go #SwampThing

    what dose that mean people in the uk cant get it for fuck sake why DC people in the UK like you to you know

    I like the original Swamp Thing movies and the TV show that was done in the 90s I believe I believe it would be a good TV show if it was more horror like and Monster movies like the original movies and shows

    Saga of the Swamp thing is amazing, how can you not understand how people are into him? You have heard of the mastery of Alan Moore right?

    SWAMPTHING is by far my favorite reads. my intro to comics was via watchman so i wanted to read moore(hehe get it) and so i did with swampthing, then i switched to hellbllazer then sandman then i went to the new 52 stuff again revisiting swampthing before hitting the more iconic stuff. after going through all of that, the most compelling story i get drawn to is that of the avatar of the green. his blend of duty, compassion, power,and overall longing for a humanity that is beyond him, is so compelling a journey it transcends the different iterations.

    Swamp thing is gonna be more interesting if poison ivy is included, if not a love interest maybe a villain

    Saying your mainstream Grace? Not the best place to be 😛 Swamp Thing is probably THE best DC books of the past few years, Along with Batman. It just has a fantastic atmosphere to it, a vibe, a feeling like no other comic. Read the past couple years of stuff and maybe you will understand. Also for Swamp Thing to work its got to have a major horror vibe, gotta be scary, and deal with the different Avatars like Arcane the avatar of the ROT. (scary fellow)

    Swamp Thing is freaking amazing, can't wait to check this out. Horror, romantic, gothic, trippy, epic fantasy, cerebral… If done right this might be legendary.

    I'm swamp thing fan since the TV show came out years ago and the cult classic movie also dark version dc comic

    SWAMP THING!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s kinda cute isn’t he and he’s pretty damn cool the way he can grow in all directions plus he has wings so cool

    I've been a huge swamp thing fan since I was a kid. I had a glow in the dark swamp thing action figure and skeletor pillow that both protected me from the boogie man when going to bed lol. But I agree certainly swamp thing is a cult classic vs mainstream but I will say he had his own series on USA channel for many years which is not an accomplish to sneeze at. But yeah thanks for letting me know he has a new show. I'm gonna have to check it out. 🙂

    4:04 Swamp things foreboding setting with the jolly green giants spinach cousin whooping on villains in the bayou, saving the world one broken litter bug at a time. What's not to love about swamp thing lol?!

    If DC streaming service fails, it's most likely this content will end up on WB's upcoming streaming service. That I could subscribe to.

    To answer your question on what got me into Swamp Thing, I can honestly tell you I can't remember. Just that he is one of the few American Superheroes I have liked while growing up, even when I got into Guyver, Alita, Ghost in the Shell so hard, Swamp Thing has always remained my favorite DC Character (Blade my favorite Marvel Character.) But if they could do a live action series that ran from 1990-1993 (that aired on the USA-Network) then they (DC Execs) can do again. I actually learned of the series back in September when a Co-Worker told me about it and just recently found production stills, and even though it is too early to tell, I am looking forward to seeing the series whether I have to by a DC-Streaming Subscription, buy it on Vudu if and when it is released, or both. As for the future of Swamp Thing, I would like to see some sort of reference to him (as Alec Holland or Swamp Thing) in the DCEU.

    They are not competing with netflix….titans is in netflix for people outside usa…and so will titans by next month

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