Surprising a subscriber! // AD // Vlogmas 2019 Day 1

Surprising a subscriber! // AD // Vlogmas 2019 Day 1


    Hope you’re both good! I watch your vlogmas every year , and for some reason don’t watch you for the rest of year 😂 lookin forward to your vlogmas.

    I enjoy your blogs and just wanted to say hello from San Diego California and all so you look so goo all the time and happy you got a mobility chair love you both Happy holidays

    I thought about doing a Vlogmas but decided against it since I don’t relay have the subs for the effort. You should make Christmas cookie again with a bake with Jessica and Claud.

    Jessica is so cute! She is such a thoughtful and loving person and I love how tickled she gets by making others happy!! 🥰🥰🥰

    That first day–Vlogmas was a beautiful surprise. I love English tea parties. ironically I was eating very bland popcorn at the time I started watching this video. Insert {sigh}.

    I’m 41 and have never rode a train- rather find to find in the Midwest/Wisconsin. That’s going on my bucket list 🙂

    I’m really excited for Vlogmas this year! as this is the third year I’m watching your channel during this time of the year, I remember discovering your channel in Vlogmas 2017 and watching every video since then 🎄 following you has helped me feel like I fit in and like I have a safe place 💕

    I’m so excited for Vlogmas and for my favorite time of year. I love making people happy. And I loved all the queer disabled goodness in this vlog. Happy Christmas from Minnesota!

    This was a lovely video and I loved seeing you “four girls” enjoying the tea and chatting. I love afternoon tea!

    Just when I think y'all couldn't get cuter and sweeter and generally just the best humans…. you guys get _better_. IDK how it's possible. My day is now 100% better, thank you!

    Hi Jessica 💕Claudia what Amazing Lovely Supise 💕🎀🎁🎀💝 Fabulous Vlogmas
    Happy First Day December Adorable Couples
    Tea Party Toodies Byee 🤶🤶❄⛄❄⛄❄

    Calling a gift basket a hamper must be a Britishism, because in the US a hamper is what you put your dirty clothes in when you take them off…

    The video was lovely, thank you 🙂

    Man I wish trains were more of a thing here in the US. We do occasionally take the train for long trips to different states, but it would be great for travel between cities

    1:10 you bring me joy, I'm so happy to have found your channel! 💖
    2:07 My support is with you Jemma! 💕🙏Happy afternoon tea! ☕
    3:10 I take the community bus quite a lot, they're all great!
    Bless your beautiful souls! What a great thing to do for Jemma! 🥰
    5:50 tears of joy
    Love you both! 💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏

    This is so lovely 😭 Re: trains, I used to get the train all the time because I had a long distance relationship (not long distance any more because we're married lol). I can't believe you don't have to queue to pick up tickets any more, that's so good! It would have saved me so many hours of energy and anxiety of queueing and then standing at the damn machine flapping a large piece of paper with the code on while a queue of people behind me get progressively more annoyed 😅😅


    Honestly I think I look forward to these more than any other xmas related thing (we don't make a big deal of Christmas. I'd love to experience a proper European, or even American Christmas.)

    Claudia, why not use lactase replacement capsules (like Americans have lactaid.) We have a few different brands of them in tiny NZ so surely England would sonewhere? I get the two types I use from my reg pharmacy and (the more full spectrum) a health store.

    Your cream dress here looks so similar to a spring wedding dress I made for a friend. Hers had 3/4 lace sleeves but otherwise it's so similar. Compliments to your style as always!

    Such wholesome content! And a beautiful statement to now new-found friends! High tea is always a great way to cheer someone up! And I love when Claudia features in your videos!

    Very pleased to see that Claudia puts the cream on first! great choice 😝

    Everything about this video was wonderful! It's so wholesome and happy, I love it. It's lovely of you to do something so kind for a fan.

    Can't wait to see what else Vlogmas has in store!

    This was absolutely beautiful! You made her day! Loved the bloopers.

    If you have to miss a day or days it is ok, please take care of yourself.

    Yeah I remember those packs! We got them on the train (Virgin trains)
    And we used to love those tickets. Sometimes at the end of the journey we'd collect all the old ones when we were little

    There’s very little lactose in cream, actually. Once you separate the milk, the lactose stays in the skimmed milk. The cream is basically pure fat.

    Me next time my sister try to comlain that i'm eating both gluten and lactose and will be sick later: But Claudia did it!

    I don't know for sure, if it's hormones, or seasonal affective disorder, or just that the season makes my emotions heightened, but I got to the point where they meet and I'm sobbing. How sweet. I hope everyone has their own personal Jessica this season.

    I watch Jessica’s videos when I’m sad. Makes my world so much better knowing that there’s still good people around. Plus, her voice is so soothing.

    I love trains, too!I'm from Portugal and I remember the time where the doors would open and also the windows… Well, I never thought of it as dangerous, but I was a child! What child thinks that dangerous things are dangerous? Ahahah

    I think this idea of yours is so thoughtful! I think the more aware of life 's difficulties we are, the more you understand the others around you.

    This is the sweetest! ❤️ Lovely to see hostess Jessica in action as well! More and more convinced that you actually are a time traveller but from a different dimension where disabled and gay people are treated like human beings.

    Hella Jessica Kellgren , my actual name is Andrew and i love every one of your videos. I live in the U.S and i am dealing with medical problems of my own they do prevent me from doing daily things i want to and i am trying to get better but its hard. I live with my Amazing Boyfriend Michael and i love him very much he helps me out a lot he is the only one with income at the moment but i am hoping to remedy that soon with some help from the government fingers crossed, Any who keep up the amazing videos love to the both of you and Claudia From Andrew Hause .

    While at home in the US, I used the Trainline app to buy tickets for an impending trip to England. We rode the train from London to Stratford-upon-Avon and back with no problems whatsoever! The app did make everything very convenient. Would use again.

    IM SO EXCITED!! ive gotten into the habit of watching your christmas tide and vlogmas’ videos will getting dressed and im SO pumped for new content!

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