Streaming music for every moment with Spotify and Google Cloud Platform

Streaming music for every moment with Spotify and Google Cloud Platform

mission of Spotify is really about being a
great musical companion and making it more personal. It’s not going to be the
streaming music experience or the online music experience. It’s going to be your
music experience. SABRINA RABELLO ARONSON: We
create the tools for people to actually swim in
that sea of music data and find the information
that really corresponds to why they’re there. WOUTER DE BIE: Quite
a while ago, we’ve made a decision
to focus on data. SABRINA RABELLO
ARONSON: Depending on the complexity of the query,
it could take a whole day. Sometimes, it would
have to run overnight. WOUTER DE BIE: And being able
to store that and process that has been a
very big challenge. Moving to Google’s
Cloud Platform enabled us to take use of the
scale that Google can provide. NICHOLAS HARTEAU: The
reality is it’s quite hard to build great data centers. And we saw an opportunity to
spend our focus elsewhere. And that was really the driver
into Google’s Cloud Platform. SABRINA RABELLO ARONSON:
With Google Cloud tools, we can rerun the same query. And it might take a
few seconds, minutes. NICHOLAS HARTEAU:
The less time that we can spend solving
problems that are already solved, like scaling
our Hadoop cluster when Google has
already figured out how to scale it for us,
the more time and energy we can spend on turning
our data into value. And that’s really a
game-changer for us. When you’re talking
about a technology like BigQuery, when you’re
talking about Dataflow, you will feel the Spotify
product evolve, making the user experience great. SABRINA RABELLO ARONSON:
Once you break down the data, you realize that
there are nuances. It’s not a straightforward path. It’s a mosaic rich beyond
the most popular artists. It’s a lot more than that. Music can transcend boundaries
of language, culture. If it moves you,
then it’s there. And it’s there forever. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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