Streaming Devices – Top 5 Streaming Devices of 2019 (Best of The Best)

Streaming Devices – Top 5 Streaming Devices of 2019 (Best of The Best)

I got my man Larry I am taking comments
from my subscribers subscribers said Lamont what are the best streaming
devices in 2019 well I brought the expert the expert reviewer baby we got
another YouTube video where we’re going to explain to you the top 5 streaming
devices and it starts right now in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately that you’re right but to fail read it justice what’s good YouTube the inability all
northern living off feeling I’m saying all-powerful damn all everything sexist
hell host where the sex is hell coho look who it is
he stuck around for hold and we can you believe it and we’re going to talk about
those top five streaming devices but first Larry you know the tradition on my
channel oh yeah we got to put on our plus seven glasses and I got some for
you Oh sexy as hell here we go cuz we working on skilling up our crap bringing
you a more info on YouTube it’s paying something better to look at please
subscribe to my channel his channel my facebook group and his group and let’s
dive on into this our number one recommended streaming device Apple TV
and layers gonna tell you why alright so I love the Apple TV I know
some people are annoyed by Apple some people think Apple TV’s aren’t flexible
enough but here’s the thing it’s super super easy to use and for people who you
know especially for older people for people who have iPhones iPads Mac’s
whatever if you’re already somewhat in the in the Apple ecosphere or entirely
in it it’s just that much easier to use especially for older people it’s because
if they already have an iPhone or an iPad that means they already have you
know an iTunes account it’s easy for them to log in to their Apple TV and get
it set up it’s easy for them to download apps it’s just something the way that
it’s laid out with the tiles the way that you can delete apps with the whole
Wiggly thing and it’s just very very familiar and it just makes especially
for older people everybody though it just it’s very comfortable to use
because you’re so familiar with it already and it’s very seamless and if
you know what you’re doing you can do developer options to get the apps you
want on it oh yeah so that you can really really open up your universe when
it comes to streaming number two on our list if you’re like me you have a
champagne taste but you got a beer budget the number two thing on
with fire TV stick Larry telling why that new fire TV stick is
such a great device for streaming Matt okay well first of all a new fire stick
is a 4k stick many so it’s nice it comes with the brand new Alexa remote that has
the volume controls on oh my god and because it’s a fire stick and it’s based
off the fire OS operating system was based off of Android which means you can
do whatever you want to do with that thing anything there’s no holds bar yeah
you can load you can sideload apps on there you can get all the regular apps
little Amazon App Store apps but you could put whatever else you want so
there’s an apk you want put it on there if you want to create an apk you create
one stick you don’t note it on there yeah you know they have accessories in
there so that you can hook it up so that you can get your Ethernet port
they have accessories so that you can add a USB port you can really do a lot
with it and you can turn the TV on and off with the same device yes it comes
with the new adapter that’s a little longer for you people that have your TV
post it on the wall because a lot of people complain that the older data was
too short so this one’s a little alarmist really just stick it in there
and go seamlessly and for me the price you can catch a great sale and get that
thing for like $34 it’s way more powerful than the fire TV box in my
opinion and you can just take it anywhere you go if you’re traveling like
I’m doing this week number three on our list Nvidia shield oh man let’s tell us
about that shield Larry so I have a shield and I use it all the time now but
when I first got the shield I hated it that was like my worst device I just I
was about to do a review and dog it and then I just said now what I used to hate
that thing because the original firmware the original software on that thing was
complete garbage but now they’ve updated it has a new shield experience on there
and that is that is really it’s a fantastic device it’s super powerful and
you know some of the things are really nice on there as
you know you have all the ports that you want so you have you know your Ethernet
port you have your USB ports you obviously you have your power and all
that stuff but it’s really nice that you can download movies from your computer
or somewhere and put them on a thumb drive plug it in and watch it mmm so
that makes our number three to Nvidia shield powerful device still a little
pricey but very very powerful device and great and I was gonna say and it’s great
for gaming so you’ve got that gamer in the house who’s also a court cutter this
might be the great device for him and and that’s a full web browser on there
which which is good for those of you that love to watch things on the web
that’s gonna be a good device for you yeah number four on our list it comes
from the Android collection the team 95z Android BOTS Larry you love them yes the
t95 yeah I mean it’s a great Android box they have different versions of it some
of it with Android 7 so I’m gonna go with Android 8 but these are great boxes
because they’re relatively inexpensive you can get them somewhere between like
40 50 bucks depending on where you where and when you’re buying them you know
they have multiple ports the one that I have a believ has like four USB ports
has Ethernet port you know it comes with a remote you can hook up a mouse and a
keyboard it has a full web browser in it I got a question
uh-huh most of these Android boxes when they send them to your house and you
pull out the remote they don’t give you batteries this will give you better this
one does not give you batteries either I ain’t buying it tell you that right now
I’m you to give me them better I ain’t buying it you need you need the
batteries with it but it is a fantastic device but here’s the problem with
Android TV boxes is that for the most part they’re made by small companies out
of China that you just don’t really know so you don’t know if it’s gonna work for
a year or if it’s gonna work for a month and so I’ve had some boxes where you
know I’ve had some Android TV boxes and this is not specific to the 8095 see
it’s just across the board with Android TV boxes I’ve had some of them or I
plugged him in used a once and then they were dead
I’ve had other ones where I’ve plugged him in I’ve been using them and I still
I’ve had them for a couple years now they weren’t fun but I’ve heard some
horror stories from people about Android TV boxes were they they paying for them
they break then they try and send them back they can’t get them service they
want them to ship it to China to for it to be repaired but then it’s gonna cost
like $40 you ship the box and they only pay 50 for it Jesus man you know buyer
beware with Android TV boxes they’re great but you know third they have there
they have their downside stick to that t95 Z you heard it straight from Larry’s
mouth that’s the best one to grab last but not least at least a very polarizing
device garbage but it had to make the list because it’s popular what is that
mr. Larry what’s the number five device on this list
I’ll say this Donald Trump is popular and he’s a garbage human being
so there’s a box this stick it’s garbage but it’s popular cuz some people just
like garbage and that’s the Roku I hate Roku devices hey don’t tell me
why you Manson I hate are you man I’ll tell you the Roku it looks like you
should have everything mm-hmm the Roku is like meeting a beautiful woman who
looks like she is the perfect wife on paper mm-hmm and then you get to rely
you get to meet her and you realize that there is nothing that you like about her
now you know you know oh she’s restrictive oh you can’t get in where
you need to get in oh man me too I ain’t say it you’d a completely locked down it
is just completely locked down if you’re a cord cutter and you want to be able to
do whatever it is you want to do with your device mm-hmm
you just can’t do this with the Roku with the fire stick you can you can it’s
two clicks you know you go out from unknown sources and ATB debugging you
can do whatever you want to do same with Android TV boxes same with the Nvidia
shield even with the Apple TV you can go in there NBN and as long as you have a
Mac you can actually become a developer even if you have an Apple TV for you can
do a lot of stuff even with Windows and there’s lots of other stuff that you can
do what you know what what holly’s devices what Roku you can download stuff
from their channel store Roku’s made up is like had it’s concerted effort to
even block their private channels they have you know it’s just it is become
more and more restrictive the more popular they’ve gotten and I mean it’s
it’s garbage but for those that do love Roku the picture quality I think is what
has brought Roku to the dance because they was doing very good picture quality
before Amazon and everybody else thought about the picture quality it’s very easy
so if you want to go hand this to a grandparent or somebody who likes
something that’s not gonna cost them a lot of stress I think that’s another
reason why it’s popular and when you getting a Roku device it’s just as easy
as just plugging it in stick in your email you good to go and they have it
preloaded with a whole lot of freebies that you can use immediately out of the
box and they’re in a lot of different devices if you go to if you go to any
major retailer and you buy a smart TV the chances are it’s gonna have Roku in
I mean there’s just you know there’s there’s Roku devices showing up on some
of these cable boxes now it’s just there’s a lot
Roku’s all over the place so there it is it is very very widespread and that’s
that’s the other thing that makes them popular because they are preloaded on
most people’s devices and the reason it is that way is because they don’t allow
developer options and for anyone to come in to put what they want to put
right yeah ladies and gentlemen that is our list of the top 5 streaming devices
you now have a bonus oh man we got bonus material which bonus this is this is one
of mine this is one of my other favorite devices okay I absolutely love and
you’ve you’ve used them I’ve used them they’re fantastic is the Azul access 3
it is a mini PC stick I love these things because it is I mean you get a
lot of the apps that you can get on a regular streaming device like all your
Netflix or Hulu your ESP has all those media apps you can get on there
but because it is a full committee understand computer you can add you can
add like BlueStacks as the emulator sleeve on Android apps on there you can
go straight to websites and you can and you can watch streaming from websites
you can download stuff so if you guys like BitTorrent you can actually
download big torrents to your devices they have USB ports on there so you can
connect a hard drive so you don’t have to be limited to like the 32 gigs or the
exact 64 gigs they give you on a device you can go to Best Buy buy a four tear
apart tear 4 terabyte hard drive plug it in and then download all the movies that
you want and stream it right there and you can plug it into your HDMI port on
your TV it is basically a glorified computer that is almost the size of a
fire stick and I have done reviews on it he’s done one go check his videos right
now he’s just gonna review for maybe about two days ago
and it’s pretty affordable the one that you did in review and how much was out
it was a little bit more that one was like about a hundred and seven bucks so
okay it was a little more than a fire stick but it’s about it’s about the it’s
somewhere it falls in between say like a an Apple TV and video it’s a computer
yeah it’s a full computer so there’s so much more you can do with it I mean you
can you can load Photoshop on there and you
can edit on your 50 inch screen right you know I mean there’s just it is it is
a fantastic device and I love them I mean the many PCs are great yeah and its
family said that ladies and gentlemen so that is our list plus a really big bonus
if you’re in the mood to buy a new streaming device just want to have
something else to take with you check this list man we’ll have links to
everything in this video that we talked about in the description and that’s
gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like the video comment subscribe let
us know what you would like to get let us know what other videos we can do a
review for and until the next sex is hell video we’ll see love peace and hair
grease you


    Are you using one of the best streaming devices of 2019? See what made our list of the best streaming devices for 2019. Some in 4k.

    Great to see you two collaborate. I'm loving that 4k fire. It's amazing. Been hooking people up with side loads thanks to you guys. Stay up!!

    Thanks for sharing. I can't afford the shield yet, so I am happy with my A95X PRO. ALSO HAVE A M96X MINI THAT WORKS WELL. Keep the awesome content coming. Have a great day

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    Started with a Beelink Mini MXlll with 2 gb ram / 32 storage (still use it) . Then got the Nvidia Sheild and after three days of Frustration I returned it and got a Second gen Fire stick (still use it too). But I still wanted MORE. Sooooooo After Many Videos I got Another Nvidia Shield and Never Looked Back! (turns out I was the Problem Not the Nvidia Sheild!!! LOL.) Try playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Any other Android Box. Thanks for Another Great Video!

    This is what I live for! Great seeing ma'man Larry back on YouTube also! I live for my Firesticks, can't do much with the Roku as of yet. Cutting the Cord this Spring for sure if not sooner! I,,,Holla at boff of yaw later! ✌

    Great vid Lamont & Larry I agree for the most part have the roku's for 2 reasons my elderly parents very easy on them and my 4yr old he can navigate it well anyway hope all is well safe travels and my Atlanta Falcons still suck but whatcha gonna doπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and to make it worse it seemed like I would either have to see NO celebrate on our field or Brady dear God I must have done something real bad in a former life Lol.

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    Man i just got a nvidia shield today for $107 brand new on Amazon. It's the gaming edition with the controller and everything I cant wait to hook it up. Idk why it was that cheap but im happy

    Good video, but what about the speed of boot up the boxes and the speed of getting Netflix or youtube loaded and the processing performance?? How about loaded or side loading things like Kodi does that even still exist or have the shut down all the free streaming TV shows and newer movie sites? I want something that has got fast processing speed all these smart boxes and TV's they are very slow as far as streaming and booting apps up. Help me out here.

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