Streaming Destiny 2 Crucible

Streaming Destiny 2 Crucible

and that’s take a dump here’s a combat bow interesting
interesting all right Hayden still with us maybe not but weird a little peep that
was just weird sound yep Hey yeah I should push the talk and
then I guess I’m some well and I changed my push-to-talk settings so I didn’t
know what they or we lie this whole time yep so we gave
all the secrets away all the secrets all right all the embargoed secrets yeah all
the embargoed secrets he heard him here first people you loved it not sponsored
by vitaminwater yeah not sponsored by bottom and water
or Metamucil yet we’re still trying to get the Metamucil spot here I thought
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enter at this URL for your chance to have regularity I love it I love it all
right um yeah I guess if anyone was actually
watching weird we don’t actually have a Metamucil giveaway either
I know sometimes I’ve teased you multiple ways at this point well let’s
start officially everyone to play ready here we go
all right and take one I’m mad at Patrick Murray Daniel Dan Masuka you’re
back I’m back you like you haven’t game she wasn’t so damn well I have not game
in a while but you’ve been gaming yeah I think I’m almost done with Battletech 65
hours in there you go battle checking it up we also have Hayden Dingman a voice
only over on on the discord the disembodied spirit of of one HCD Allah
as I said Adam my internet here is I haven’t convinced my roommates to
upgrade our internet yet that’s next nice
well hopefully you don’t drop off if you do we’ll take it personally
yeah it’s not important to a video game reviewer yeah Internet anyway yeah let’s let’s play some
destiny too because that’s the hot new thing this week right in my correct
hayden set the hot new thing this week yeah it’s a hot new thing I guess no I
actually really like forsaken well you’re cutting out a little bit I will
take that as a glowing compliment towards destiny to you’re still working
on the review but your impressions pieces up on the site now and I just
heard the discord sounds I feel like you got disconnected well we’ll see yeah see
well here just pop in a message okay okay there we go switch over to the game
now dan is piloting us Island the the main gear f1 31 so should be running
nice and smooth and I’ve got a the Acer predator Helios 500 that I’m playing on
here yeah big chunky ass laptop still significantly better than my home PC
right so oh yeah because it’s got a 1070 yeah first of the 9th 7th and 8th gen
CPU right where’s that 17 I don’t know I didn’t look I think it’s
HN well either way that’s more than my second gym so say Oh nope
yeah H Jen okay yeah so six generations better so Hayden where do we find this
new this new stuff sit in it’s not is it warm mind no this not yeah so just to
clarify me and Adam have not played the new expansion and all yet no there it is
just need to forsaken story that Hayden has so Hayden will be our our guide wait
our hero wait – I know that it I thought I already owned it
Hey yeah I know sorry I’m for some reason that’s saying I need to purchase
it but I already own it I think I think you only own the first two expansion Oh
Oh No okay did this whole thing is just ruined then like I could have swore it
means I can’t buy it either I’m sure I could have swore I had the the the
whatever the news shit was the full digital deluxe edition now you probably
did but that was just a one-year season pass uh has it been a year Wow
everything well crap then folks who have tuned in just kidding so if you want to
see some new for Sagan you’re not gonna see that here yeah I put that everywhere
even on our own website PC WorldCom uh you know what I guess I will just go
ahead and purchase it well not because that doesn’t help yeah cuz I’m huh you
want to bite the bullet No that’s weird all right well what about
what about some warmind I guess I never finished warmind that’s
not what people yes the worst expansion Jesus Christ
crucible time then good way is there anything new in the crucible there’s the
new gambit mode but I don’t know if you get access to that either
let’s see Rumble quick play wait how do I is it in the base i gambit would be like
the it would be on the map is its own thing well that is a bummer
yeah well crepe yeah crap on me alright I guess you just
wanna play some crucible then yeah dry we should change the description hey
Gordon was destiny how you doing playing some destiny have you heard about this
cool this cool game that this is a cool new PC peripheral I don’t know if you
heard of it has analog controls unlike a mouse and keyboard no huh first person
shooter man first person all the way yeah thanks thanks for hanging out
thanks to Gordon coming in and in passing judgment because that’s what he
does so for those of you tuning in we’re not doing for sake in the kitchen
so yeah yeah that sounds fun we’re just gonna play some crucible then a little
hiccup rabbit man I could I could have swore I had it well aim it now may be a
good time Hayden do you think it’s worth it to pick up the the expansion of $40
40 wow I haven’t finished it so can’t give you an official official
opinion but I played like eight hours and I would say yeah I’ve really enjoyed
everything I played so far did you know Dan as a tight-ass with money though I
am one stingy motherfucker well I mean I don’t know about Dan it did you know it
does take quite a bit to convince him but I don’t like Dan you played a lot of
destiny to to begin with right yeah I put it I yeah he’s at 3:30 yeah
so like the story and this is a lot better like the campaign stuff is a lot
better there’s like so the structure this time
is like as as they spoiled in the e3 marketing cayde-6 dies and he is toiler
since aldrin who’s like the Prince of the tangle reef and basically though oh
my god the crucible guy the whole game is you like taking out Prince oldrin
servants which are called the barons and it’s like a real fun a real fun sort of
like I don’t know like I want to say magnificent seven except than that like
the Magnificent Seven are the heroes so that doesn’t really work but it has that
sort of feeling of just like a bunch of cool unique characters that you have to
take out it’s like the different boss fights that’s the
structure you said unique kind of boss fights too
right yeah so like one of them is called the rider and they’re like they ride
around on motorcycle yeah I don’t know it’s it’s a cool structure I’m having a
lot of fun with it so far so what else do you get my loadout cuz I’m playing
with a bow which is I had no my loadout here it’s not great for this mode either
yeah well what else other than the the story campaigns what else is there’s a
new raid right yeah there’s new raid it’s not out yet
Oh ray comes next week ok that’s September 14th I think is the launch
date for that so the game is officially out right the game is out yeah yeah ok I
mean the expansion that the raid it’s same as last year the raid came like a
week after oh interesting and it’s a it’s an actual new raid not a raid lair
like the last expansions and and have a little more substantial how deep did you
get into two raids have you done all of them
I played the original raid a lot I did not play the raid layers very much and I’m just getting white I know right
my loadout is not perfect for this also it’s been a it’s been a while since I’ve
played so yeah forgotten oh my oh my ultimate stuff but man jumping back in
still feels damn nice oh yeah I forgot that there is an ultimate so yeah
there’s a new raid there’s also the new gambit mode which is the thing that you
can’t play without the expansion that’s we played at e3 it’s a hybrid co-op in
PvP mode yeah I remember we we we published some of your video on that
though that seemed pretty good your team is trying to get a certain number of
kills of just like mobs and fill up a meter and at the same time you can be
invaded by the other team so one member of the other team could come over and
just like try and wreck you in PvP and there they have some buffs they’ve like
a faster recharging shield and stuff like that it’s a it’s a really cool mode
I haven’t gotten to play much of it since this game actually came out but at
e3 I was really in love with that I was that was probably the thing I was most
excited about with the expansion nice have you played much of it since this
been out wait you just know I’ve been on busy doing the campaign stuff and also
Tomb Raider so it’s reading those tombs yeah that’s taking up all my time we’ll
have a review for that next week but yeah I haven’t gotten playing nearly as
much destiny this week as I would like I’m gonna tell you what is running
pretty damn well on this laptop 144 Hertz panel also I should mention that
because it’s been a while since you guys played yeah you know how you’ll notice
we’re 66 now that’s the baseline hood okay yeah I thought it was for view for
before yeah it was for before and everybody hated it so they moved to 66 supercharged is not helping us from
getting rekt I know I am getting oh wow yeah what’s a button for supercharged
again I don’t remember for what supercharged super is F I’m trying to
remember what my super is – that ground-pound thing I think I remember
correctly should not have ran in there oh it’s my – the Thor’s hammer
I have a new super for the Titan class which is like you turn into a missile
what it’s literally called like like order of the ballistic or something and
you just like launch into the air and then like fly around for a bit and slam
down into the ground with a huge explosion almost great guy that’s funny
should have had two kills on it so yeah because I my main is Titan I am me I
want to see that’s the only one and I never did another character how many
characters did you do Hayden high me yeah I did three damn
course he did I did one for each class but I haven’t finished the expansions
with all three because I couldn’t take it and you’re not max at all three right
just to tell you I’m not max on even one right now oh really and I know like a
hundred to go on this guy would you say that New Mexico was 500 is the soft cap
okay and then 550 with yeah I think 550 is this the hard cap well this is a
comical I still can’t get over the fact that uh I don’t I don’t own the new
extension that’s hilarious oh man defeated captain wheezy who easy I need
an inhaler so you were up late planes uh some some tomb raider last night yep
that’s about all I can say cuz we’re still but yeah is up till 4:00 are you do you think you’re gonna hop
immediately into destiny afterwards yeah we got kind of quiet September after
that I think so probably like the ps4 has a couple things coming out in
September they’ve got our consoles in general expire oh I wrote spirals coming
back a spiral remaster comes out next week I didn’t even I didn’t know that
that’s a yeah so the same people that did the crash bandicoot that makes sense that’s funny how is it just the first
one or is it like now it’s all three and but that’s the thing is there it’s like
Santa’s crash bandicoot’s console only for now and I assume it’ll come to PC
next year or whatever but I don’t have to review it until at that point so then
spider-man obviously came out today so lots of console people playing that
but another one that we don’t have to worry about yeah Lewis was was asking if
I was excited for spider-man and I am I am not personally
what about you I’m excited for spider-man I just don’t know when I
might get around to it yeah hey okay my efficiency wasn’t too bad I
guess it wasn’t in the negative I didn’t even see what I was you were
the last place you know I did the the 6v6 makes it a lot more yes Wow
especially on on some of these maps oh man I just got a fantasy football
notification from from one bred shark as he’s offering me a trade already let’s
see let’s see what he’s got you know bring it Brad arms oh yeah yeah I’m not
even high enough level to wear the new new armor it’s got like big spikes on
them I need to change my gun so change it out this is it so this is the problem
or one of the problems I’m having is what you’ll learn in the expansion is it
now actually it probably is the true of not in the expansion also it costs lots
of money to upgrade your stuff now so you know like the like you and the
previous expansions you just infuse your old stuff with your new stuff so yeah
yeah like a chess piece 340 and you’ve got another one that was 380 you would
just dump for 381 into the 1/8 the 340 piece that you actually liked yeah
now doing that cost like a certain amount of legendary shards and master
hoard cores and like the planetary garbage so you have to steal Santa’s
like kind of terraforming a bunch a lot of wine like a bunch of stuff out or get
those so in order to play the expansion you end up actually just like whatever
is a higher number you just equip so they’re forcing people to like use the
equipment they pick up more now yeah and so as a result like my gear right now is
just like a mishmash of garbage that I picked up they’re all like it’s all
blues that makes sense because like all the junky weapons and no one ever even
touched even if they were all you know exactly I would just like immediately
trash that stuff yeah I didn’t find my new stuff if it was high enough or don’t
in my old stuff I mean if it was high enough so it makes sense from like a you
know like a pure mechanic standpoint but also it’s made it a lot slower for like
those numbers to go up like it’s a lot less satisfying to get here this time
around I feel like huh and it definitely has led to some situations where I’m
just like stuck using some weapon that I have zero desire to use like I’ve used a
lot of lot of submachine guns and pulse rifles this week just like weapons I
never wanted to use all right off to a better start this
time yeah I feel like I was starting to
remember how destiny plays yeah I mean I haven’t played crucible and probably
like six months at this point I mean there’s some people that just love it
right I don’t think anybody loved it for a while like it was just real a real sad
place to be I think that everybody’s more on board now that it’s 66 and I
think the time to kill is a lot faster than it used to be also like the
engagements feel a lot deadlier there was a long period there where
where it was like four before and everybody was roaming around the map in
like a giant pack yeah it was really slow and tedious all the time you know
it was no uh no call to duty that’s that’s for damn sure wait yeah which we got call of duty
coming up sometime soon yeah that’s next month they just showed off their Battle
Royale stuff in a trailer yesterday oh really how did not see how that is a
look interesting which field also showed off their Battle Royale stuff this week
too so funny timing so what is it what does it look like is it a hundred
players I haven’t looked I just saw the headline okay did Brad write it up for
us yeah I don’t know what it will look like
I’m kinda curious cuz it still seems like a weird proposition but no it
mainly I’m still mad that we’re not gonna have a campaign so yeah me too
that’s that’s why I play call of duty every year yeah like that’s literally
the only reason I buy call of duty every year so a little bit weird I know that
like makes me a huge outlier as far as their sales are concerned but I mean
it’s weird though cuz there’s a number of us around the office who were saying
that I’m even John who doesn’t play video games that often was was bummed
that they don’t have a campaign yeah I I mean at least it’s just a one year thing
like it sounds like they just like messed up and like didn’t have this
campaign ready in time they’re like yeah we screwed up yeah I get honestly sounds
like it was just like wasn’t coming together and they decide to cancel it
but it’s a shame because black ops of all of the the Call of Duty settings one
I’ve cared about most so yeah cuz we won’t get another black
ops story for what three years in you had three years so having like the next
black ops feel like oh actually there’s no story it’s a little weird better be
damn good then hey the zombie stuff they’re doing seems
kind of cool I’m just not interested in that mode very much yeah I’ve never been
interested in that mode I need some people just love it but they’re doing
like a time travel story where you’re like on the Titanic and stuff what of
that and there’s like one that goes back like ancient Egypt I think also like
that seems fun and pulpy and dumb that does sound dumb but that’s also
kind of kind of fun because couldn’t in the first one couldn’t you play as like
old presidents or something didn’t they have JFK sorry for a second I thought
you meant the first zombie mode which is like a real bare-bones but I thought you
could play as I’m in in the zombies you can that’s it yeah first black ops is
that cuz that was kind of fun I mean that I I loved the first one especially
like conspiracy theory kind of stories and I think the first black ops is my
favorite like I feel like all the love that I have for black ops just comes
from liking that first one a lot yeah because like I don’t really love the
second one it’s fine and the second one has a lot of interesting stuff in it
like those weird fake RTS sections or whatever it was worried what is it a
Mack stirred Maxtor tube yeah Max’s cheap on youtube says uh actually I
thought I was the only one who bought it just for the campaign so yeah there’s uh
yeah I think there’s definitely a sizable contingent like it’s the only
place that you can get that sort of like really loud crazy sugar camp
these days yeah of that of that variety like there are other great shooter
campaigns like doom but I don’t know there’s something really special about
that Call of Duty setup that I’m gonna miss it’s a it’s the the summer
blockbuster you know yep and there’s just there’s fewer fewer and fewer I
mean I think this is why I’m also I am partial to destiny keep giving a shot
even when the campaign is just garbage is like they’re so few just straight
ahead shooter campaigns like that at this point yeah right they used to be
everywhere yeah it feels nice a lot of the time just like have a really
mindless shooter campaign to play yeah I feel like a it kind of transitioned into
like the third-person open-world stuff we get a lot of like the Far Cry type
stuff where it’s just like a lot bigger and like I get it that stuff is better
for like games as a service quote-unquote but it’s still
disappointing because I would much rather just play like a eight hour
really crazy campaign yeah I’ve played a lot of really crap and then not even
crappy but just middling campaigns just cuz I was like it’s eight hours it’s
it’s mindless yeah now I got played I replayed the original homefront at one
point no way oh wow and it was like wow it’s still terrible than 50 hours I
would never have even bothered it was just the fact that’s like a six-hour
game I was like yes burn through this again that’s funny what was the one that
had like the the time-shifting stuff I think you Larry yeah fantastic yeah that
was awesome I remember playing that thinking the underrated games that came
out of that like post Bioshock era I really wish people played yeah that
was fun dan how you doing over there better than last time yeah me too GED miss destiny
I mean if you’re almost done with the Battletech then you got something to hop
back into that’s trail what do what’s my next game I have to
pay that out Starcraft three never gonna happen yeah we gonna lose right here at the end
I didn’t realize it got that close I’m supercharged coming in went crap I
got lost nice look at that love it
Wow right I’ll take that that’s how you if only all these all these players knew
I was using a controller too they would they be so sad they’re taking be back ah crap Jesus
we’re gonna lose right here yeah oh that was close though hey I leveled up I’ll take it yeah
that’s completely useless level ups yeah all right
not too bad not too bad my efficiency was I’m positive over one terrible
Hayden you know I’m on a controller right damn why are you on a controller
because I’m ripping it up you know I did better than both of you guys
yeah for both matches too I’m just getting rid of old gear and swapping in
the new the old movie five hundred one day wait what’s here what what’s your
main weapons that you like to roll with Auto rifle yeah I usually have one auto
rifle one scout yeah I haven’t messed around much with a new weapons system so
you can put shotguns and your secondary now finally because couldn’t you do that
in the first one and then they took that out yeah they and so it was just like
very basic piddly weapons in the second slot now you can put anything in every
slot but it’s all depending on its like kinetic in the first slot energy weapons
in the second slot and then grenade launchers and rocket launchers in the
third hmm when did they introduce these triumphs
things that was the expansion also okay well it’s just achievements yeah okay
yeah what do you get for a more oh you get score weird
it’s yelling at me that I need to collect all this I wish there was a
collect all button wait what do you do with the score
nothing it’s just that show-off no achievements now I have all the scores –
nice secret triumph so I found out that we have three people on staff that are
going to the North American finals for League this weekend for League yeah boy
they’re evident over oracle is guarding going I mean I even checked with them
but I would doubt cuz he was a son to a tournament within the past few months
League tournament I know if I was League or if it was another game but minecraft map yeah because this is from the
campaign right yeah it’s a leaf Melissa and Romans taking his kid for Oracle
okay yeah I was like oh man if only I knew somebody who liked big I would go
I’d go once I’ve never been to a live sports when when it was at the Staples
Center a couple years ago and I never need to go to that again yeah I’d go to
one it was a cool experience I haven’t played league in a while but but I could at least follow it and
appreciate it well yeah you you’re friends with uh with Malik alright I
can’t remember if he does League commentary or not nice my main thing at this point is I
don’t want to talk too much smack about riot but also that company how do you
pull a bitch dump it sounds like let’s punch
what’s punch I don’t know I’m on a controller
Hayden let’s punch I don’t know I’m at mine to the side of my mouth fancy I
could say it’s C wait so you didn’t try out that new dota2 card game now no
desire and especially after they detailed how you’re gonna buy those
cards how so there’s no like do you know hearthstone you like if you just play
you get a certain amount of cards just by playing right in artifact they’re
only gonna sell booster packs so when you buy the game you get like a certain
number of booster packs and that’s it so you don’t even get your artists nothing
nope Wow yep well also as I said in the office yesterday valve it’s like saying
they’re not gonna moderate chat because why would anybody say anything mean in a
1v1 setting when there’s nobody to see them do it which is maybe the most
baffling valve thing I’ve ever heard yeah no one no one would ever talk shit
yeah it’s like dude have you ever even played a video game your life well the
last time they made a video game there was have you yeah yeah Team
Fortress 2 that was fun but yeah a lot of lot of smack talk
I guess I was a team game and this map is doing great again this
map is hard to figure out where I am yeah it’s very confusing oh man what who whose clutch how Thanks
who’s in the whatsits we’re gonna be this bad Anglo I haven’t
messed with in multiplayer I’m curious yeah actually i’m i am surprised by how
well it’s playing on this uh on the flap top and so the 144 hurt screen it does
you notice it yeah oh yeah oh killed somebody with a bow that means i
can retire two people with a bow you just leveled up your nerd cred i’ll
makes it worthwhile only five minutes left you have the advantage who is the
voice actor on this i dont not diggin it dan has the advantage crap wasted my ultimate for a waste you have the advantage except that we
don’t you don’t have the advantage you have no advantage see I could be a voice
actor yeah probably actually I have been paid $1,200 for one voice acting gig
let’s get pretty good yeah well when you’re doing radio spots they paper like
zone or area the routes cars I rent a guy with a sword and yeah you get you
get Bank or no as a TV spot that’s what else oh dang it I almost had a lame-o man
like I just killed I heard it I felt it ooh Oh oh come on
so I don’t think bows are gonna be the matter
oh no that’s sort the oh yeah knowest we know dang it lame yeah I don’t think I did very well
no oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy I did last boy the demo and oh we had
somebody drop that’s why you know we didn’t have a full team that you know we
we would have got him maybe next time he did pretty good again though hey you
know what you’re acting like you’re surprised maybe maybe we need a I mean
we gotta get her name assist on we got it we got it there you go yeah you know
you got it got to use the the advantage where you can write the helmet of Satan the helm of Satan oh yeah you still can only equip one
exotic damn Oh again to get better weapons you kind of have to just load up
your height your new stuff just so that you have a higher number and then you
can get better stuff oh yeah better drops
yeah ah destiny do you think they’ll make a third one I don’t know
I hope they would just keep fixing this one so what’s wrong with this one last
now Oh Hayden just hit 400 yep I just saw it
you kept 311 311 min Tokido there was appointing my life where I liked 303 11
AB and yeah that was a long time anything at allé I can’t even think of the song what’s
the take 311 Sonic I can’t back down was their first one what was that like yeah down down if I ever want to thank you
you and maybe I’m misremembering I think it’s because you’re not going full out a
full on you got to you got to put your heart into that into the singing I’d you
know what even 311 didn’t put their heart into the sing he sure about that
yeah like one of the guys sent the 11 is like watching us he’s like Paul but it’s
like huh man I really did put my heart into it he’s like I know I was super
high the whole time but I really gave him my all as much as I could while I
was high destiny it’s still a video game I like
it I’m glad it’s here so when you play Hayden would you say you are someone who
it can like multitask like for me when I’m playing I can’t like focus on
anything else like when I’m playing I what a multi-time yeah can you focus
like I can barely have a conversation like I’m like full why it’s really hard
playing crucible it’s a lot easier when you’re like just playing the campaign
missions I think that’s true there’s a lot more you know you’re not on guard
nearly as much we are we are joined again by one Gordon Mong hey Gordon
guess what out of all the rounds that we’ve played I have been the highest
scorer each time isn’t that it’s not a little weird do you have anything to say
Gordon and Hayden this is playing with us too so and Dan dance better than I am
he has a higher light level than I do I’m saying I in in the past three
matches we’ve played I’ve been the highest the highest score out of all
three of those okay that part is factually correct yes it was he can’t he
can’t really Hayden but yes there is auto-aim just like the consoles yep because guess what pc games are just
like console games and console games are just like PC games yeah that is correct
yeah that is also factually correct it doesn’t matter on the score because you
know I’d I’ll take it if it’s cheating I’ll take it yep it’s it’s auto-aim is
that good I don’t even have to touch it that’s what you get when you play a
console games yeah I mean it’s it I mean when you scrub over the enemy it kind of
like you know has a that has a little sticky area so that that’s what it is
yeah yeah yeah it’s cheating but it’s built into the game but it’s built into
the game so is it technically cheating Wasti was the what do you mean by worse me I mean I did that’s typically where
I’m aiming for you mm I always successful now but then again I mean
that this game is definitely not like a battlefield you just to get your
grenades are actually on cooldown even when he died I know I hate that but yeah
you know so it’s not a pinpoint-accurate that’s like a battlefield foot oh no
well cuz the new big expansion just came out this week yeah there’s still a lot
of people playing this destiny no it’s destiny destiny is doing big big bucks
gang gangbusters Hey yeah it’s destiny no yeah I think it’s a it’s battlefield
that’s over super I think it’s world of warships it’s over Oh Hayden says it’s
world of warships it’s over oh and I forgot to tell you Dan Gordon
got invited to a world of warships briefing on a submarine right that’s
pretty cool so yeah we’re gonna see if if we can get some video to to go check
out some hot world of warships content in 2018 it’s built into the games of
cheating it’s called a handicap it’s like it’s like golf right oh man that
guy’s a good shot notice he didn’t say anything about him our our competition hey Louise Sam I didn’t hit a single person yeah
what a waste crap can you oh dang it dude
no he was using a super I know I swear man I feel like pistols are back in meta
yeah Julia I’m getting taken out a lot by handgun hand cannons can hands
yes can Hannon those Steve Hammond ah my laptop died and we are in all sorts of trouble today
chat if he if anybody is chatting anything in chat I’m not gonna be able
to respond to it because my laptop died so I did not plug it in before we
started classic yeah man I mean we haven’t streamed for a while so it’s you
know it’s been a bit I like this map has a little bit of a old-school charm to it
definitely played this map a lot yeah at least I know where I am
yeah all right I feel like this one’s a pretty straightforward I think it’s a
good size too it’s a lot more fun with 66 yeah yeah I feel like there’s at
least like at least two like areas of engagement rather than just yeah
everybody packing together and going around in a circle yeah I think this one
feels the most like a halo map oh man what the hell was that
chaos reach and then a guy from behind me got me jeez yeah I would say if there’s one thing I
hate about destiny to gameplay it’s the goddamn grenades on the timer yeah I
keep that like I don’t know I don’t I even when it’s expendable at least I
know I can like you know maybe pick one up but being on a cool-down just like Oh
awesome man this team is just full of like shotguns and pistols yeah they’re
they’re wrecking wrecking crew I’m switching to my my long-range oh well
too late I did not do good that round no I did not take it either
I do last time I talked to us but I had an efficiency of at least one here we go and more damage man our discord is going
crazy yeah which discord is that mine I don’t
know what all that is yeah nope 402 yeah
damn hey new rocket launcher that time just like working my way up to the ranks
of the time oh I got a new shotgun I got removed from our fireteam what
yeah I got removed – Oh Adam must have kicked us out wait wait wait
invite friends there we go Hayden nope whoops damn it accidentally and joining
your fireteam Hayden so why are you join Hayden’s fireteam
now I’m joining your fire team no okay wait invite to 30 air could not send two
to network here what fight to fire to you I’m in years
okay you are in the same one now yeah yeah alright looks like go back alright we’re
back alright let’s see uh what are we playing yeah I just think they’d pick up
the stuff it’s too bad we can’t play the expansion so uh what are these other
modes like Rumble too many players never run doubles too many players competitive
wait I have all my beautiful gear and it won’t I want people to use anymore it’s
it’s sad what are we doing oh my color same thing okay wait you can
also jump over and do a strike if you want but yeah let’s say strike and said
okay let’s change app you can also see all the strikes on the on the map now so
you can just choose which strike you want to do mmm which ones do we want to do just join us
it’s a it’s an old friend of mine what yeah which one do we want to do
legendary strikes no legacy strikes right what can we do or a nightfall I
don’t know what they’ll say to me people cuz now we have four you know okay come
on I know you can’t hear me Jake but sorry
there’s something called a daily heroic story mission now I don’t know I might
have a different menu than you guys boot fireteam remember sorry
Jake’s gonna be pissed yeah he’ll message me via text message no program
fees so what let’s just you a legacy strike I guess I guess I don’t even know
what that is I’m nightfall I think they I think they
call it that because you love the new expansion well we have nightfall that’s but I won Zoey’s been oh yeah nightfall
on my side is forsaken only but yeah nightfall on mine has warden of nothing
which is forsaken only but then it has two other ones that’s recommended power
540 which antenna was even close to yeah did the one I’m playing is 270 so cool
should be doable yeah equipment locked locked and loaded oh now I can use my
bow there you go no it’s locked wait so you can’t change your gear
during a strike anymore I guess so really weird I wonder if it’s so that
like you can’t like change it to a higher level at the very end maybe yeah
maybe but like again like why would bunch of
care they want to make it as slow as possible and nice spawning restricted I hold on I can’t hear the story the
amazing oh yeah that the robot guy where the hell is the console again man I
haven’t done this striking it’s right here nope there’s hack I think we did
this one as a nightfall one time right I don’t remember fight through all right players fight through yeah this is some real destiny whoo good bomb from above we
nice do Oh what was that there’s a there’s a
strong guy at the very back it strong like bull and nice and I gotta get some ammo I need green animals I need you have the
thing no I do no Hayden just there yeah run Hayden run
yeah where are you guys that I need to pee I’m recommending Oh God
do you hear in the thick of it dunk it who damn I don’t have an energy weapon oh boy Chad I got down
get me up actually I guess get the end up also where you don’t know where you
guys like alright oh and narrow we gotta say hey you do look pretty
impressive with your bow there it’s the best weapon now I like never want to use
anything suppose and these TV here’s my super worried oh yeah
I hope you saw that missile I missed it left to it again so pretty you know I like how the big fights are
broken up by the nice little kawaii parts you to relax
Oh Hayden I saw that greaseproof controller is that a real thing is that
a joke you know what the greaseproof controller
I sound like nah haven’t seen it like hand grease ya know like yeah it was
like an Xbox controller sounds sounds nasty but yeah they they like like
you’re dropping the oil on it and like chicken and I couldn’t tell if it was a
joke or not oh yeah this is where you normally
you guys want to take a shortcut no I wonder if it’s still work shortcut yeah I don’t know anything about a shortcut it’s like that I could go far left but
we’re all going this way then oh Jesus I got no lighter it got me where you got down I everybody now yeah
all right oh crap oh never mind dan don’t die help
then I came back Jesus what is wrecking us a
chef dad says shit behind this crap and you got killed by sion – yeah who’s
right behind me most of their singer debts
embarrassing I got more guys behind us theoretically I see them maybe just keep
going FM I also have no purple mo I rarely use my whatever that third one
is what’s the button for the ship this is the giant ass hanger I don’t think
you can do the shipping you used to be able to like take it for shortcuts
really you ready for this missile super yeah
shows up on this tank whoa I missed Easter you still took a
little bit that’s hilarious it’s like firing
yourself out of a cannon yeah it’s great maybe my favorite super in the game even
though it’s worthless for PvP that’s funny I’m mopping up the little shark guys or
whatever Schank
fuck all right glass tanks down come down
coming we can’t revive them yet anyway oh
you’re right wait oh I’m down a sham County oh no Jesus guys not all this can be level 41 I might
thank you because I should not be like charging
the fucking part yeah what do you mean Wilkins boom Shaboom I have a super I can use all
right the other I would do it now ice get that tank dang one guy left wreckin house nice all right I got a super to super-dee-duper the boss needs three
supers really oops oops
dang it oh heck still think through my goodnight stupid
said of the tour Oh that guy up there I don’t think he likes
us breakfast is on pushed it back there we go stays my off no
say it for the boss at this point to the top layer one then they have time don’t we no I don’t think
so I’m down let me know when you can be
revived 15 minutes of night yeah not 15 minutes
whoops now what a minute there we go there we go alright alright did you clean it
elevator up my least-favorite boss fight oh we have Creasy well we have three
super so which one’s yours din staff no can I keep whacking away I think I have
the thing that turns it on longer twice as long or it stays on as long as I keep
hitting I think no nice and Hayden you’re just a human rocket launcher
that’s it yeah there I’m stuck in that floor I know I saw you jump off that probably wasn’t a good time to do that alright Hayden are you here okay yeah
all right Jane coordinators Morrissey give me that solar cord is done all
right all those guys are in here he’s a super expect clearing tell me
when ACM yes he’s up on the tower up there oh cool crap I got the core all right do it there’s guys over by the dump if you
guys dude um I I either super on them now all
right doing it and they didn’t do much got another wave coming in to our lips all right you got it all right you got any stragglers nope
doesn’t look like it oh yeah boom
kerboom crap I got you I got you there’s a bunch of
dudes over here don’t Russian all right you got brat just behind me
that’s it Chris Oh get out of there get out of there clothes clothes nice very moving level up weekly
challenge completed so that was our nightfall it was a nightfall yeah yeah
it’s funny cuz the nightfall on my end is 100% different but I still got credit
for completing the nightfall nice yeah like way over level four yeah oh shit sweet love it well look at those kills
kill kill kill nice return to orbit alright well I
think that’s good yeah let’s try a forsaken at some point yeah I didn’t
realize I didn’t have it so thanks everyone for uh you know that was some
video games some destiny I hope you’re not saying anything in check because I
can’t read it so I’m just gonna leave it at that thanks Hayden for playing some
video games with us yeah that’s fun and thank you Dan for
playing some video of us thanks very it just do it peer pressure
anyway everyone have a good weekend and we’ll talk to you later yeah I’ll see
you next time stay regular


    Its funny. i have this game and I cant for the life me get past 15min in game even thou I really want to. Just like this video 😛 Thank you for the video guys.

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