Streaming Dark Souls: Remastered

Streaming Dark Souls: Remastered

hit that button Oh does that mean your
life well let’s let’s bring it up and see why don’t we what do we got here we
got twitch alright twitch come for flesh pc world us looks like we’re here why
we’re here looks like in flesh and then from a PC world it looks
like we are live right now that’s not Wes world huh or is it is it
is it I don’t know is it I would how would you know you’re so
wait have you fully cut off my Westworld nope okay but yeah there’s a meme I was
gonna send you back and does quite work tone that’s welcome everybody yeah I
ready yeah I’m at a Patrick Murray we got Dan Moss oh yeah where we talk about
west parallel we talk about western world our PC world’s premier West world
podcast yeah you’ve tuned in by saying that also if you didn’t catch it
Adam is not cut up so don’t say anything in chat please to give away anything
because I am interested in the end watching it but yeah we’re we’re here to
play some Dark Souls Dan Dark Souls I are you cells you have never played Dark
Souls now now you’ve always but you know about Dark Souls yeah I mean no Dark
Souls everyone always talks about it everyone makes
I mean I’ve seen all the jokes about how you know it’s the it’s the least
friendliest of games punishingly difficult yeah yeah and very precise
very stubborn too and yeah it’s it’s a stubborn thing well I’ve played many of
games in the series but I started with Dark Souls 1 mm I did not start with
Demon Souls but Dark Souls came out with a remastered version earlier this year I
have not tried it out but we were provided a code by Bandai Namco I think
don’t ask me so Satan yes citation and decided to punish us itself agent
himself or Satan itself it’s not sure yeah inside note also if you can see
right here we have a new PC that we’re gaming on sexy yeah very sexy
this is the main gear f1 31 I’ll point to it again right right there right next
to the RGB this is Elena’s RGB build this is the main gear f1 31 which we
just did an unboxing for and then we haven’t really said video yet but we
decided to immediately play some games on it because this thing is a powerhouse
yeah 1080p nice SLI a core I nine 79 80 XE 890 no 79 80 XE 18 cores 18 core 18
cores I got a core for you core for you get your course everybody gets a core
and we have a question on YouTube from bnx 1701 okay that’s the purpose of the
dual GT X 1080 Ti that’s a great question
what is the purpose of anything in SLI at this point you know that’s a glory
question yeah but so well why you would do that is one thing why we’re doing
that on this box yes because they send us this box to to test out so you know
we thought we must what might why not I mean we’re streaming 1080 so it’s
playing in 10a so it’s obviously overkill
we should you know try to figure out 4k I wonder if we were wonderful I mean so
actually this panel is not 4k but that’s fine yeah I mean I’d be I’d be curious
to say like exactly how much better performance you know in a 4k gaming
situation would you get out of – who knows it depends on the game and the the
channels so why don’t we why don’t we dive right in I
why don’t you launch it up and remember you’re in control the audio for the game
I did set that up and I have this I’ll switch to the controller which I have
also not used – yeah you know this I think it happens I I’d
like to think this game is probably best suited for controller play even on the
PC so and then so Gordon set aside afterburner to show off these not take
up much space at all on the screen the the metrics these are the real-time
metrics of the game you can if you hit alt G you can turn it off okay but
that’s just in case anyway yeah we’re at 6% on each other of TI’s there you go
easy framerate 60 frames per second perfect yeah that’s it
okay their weakness thing works welcome welcome to Dark Souls remastered don’t
forget to read the EULA yeah just kidding nobody does okay so like
the joystick is at these medias okay it just in the movies alright new game
brand new game see I always say not gonna I’m not gonna be fooled by having
things pop out of me in the dark and I that that that’s not too much about this
game there’s not too much you see you see the things that are no I go max max
bright wow wow I see a dragon and I see a flame take that Satan my elbows
yeah there we go yep boom we turned everything on we’re gonna we’re gonna
really max out these uh these carts just kidding okay camera is the right
joystick okay and you lock on how important is locking on targets very
important okay all right oh so you’re gonna have to figure out your your
character I’m not gonna help you with this
I want to see what you do D&D bx d b NX and following up an SE saying he’s new
to pc building huh and everyone keeps telling him that he doesn’t need two
GPUs for 4k gaming well we’re at a whopping 10 percent right now yeah I’ll
see the the the thing is that yes theoretically using two GPUs in SLI is
going to be an amazing way to go the problem is the game has to support it it
has to be optimised for it and unfortunately there’s not a ton of games
that really optimized for it so while in the past it used to be better to have
SLI and even Gordon he likes he likes having multiple GPUs for the most part
people recommend just getting the highest card single card you can so yeah
that’s yeah III would say instead of dumping
money into two cards I would you know I would dump money into one really high
end card in this case these are the highest and will not the highest end but
pretty much the highest end cards you can get so we got to all right let’s
have a we can have our give you text or viewers choose a name if anyone’s
watching well what
whatever long you put in willis that’d be funny so that’s okay Big Willie style yeah let’s go Big
Willie style Big Willie well do it I mean as a female wander
that might scare people oh yeah why I gift following stars HPG
BMX says you should put in ballbuster but we we actually know somebody named
Willis and we his nicknames Big Willie not because of that more deadly than STD
bomb see this is an STD bomb you you know what are you doing can I throw STD
bombs at people and divine holy water I feel like that sounds pretty good it you
need I know you need to heal a lot so I’m going to go with with with goddess’s
blessing physique to change anything doesn’t look like a change yes it does
but it’s not changing my stats it doesn’t matter
that’s the problem is that there are stats that aren’t visible to on
top-heavy and top-heavy I mean for the most part it’s fun
does it tiny head mean I’m dumber maybe this feels like a trap so I’m a slimmer
guy so I’m gonna go slim there you go face common uh I am NOT a common are you
a delta fama how about a dubious drinking yeah a great swamp
oh yeah Far East Rio oh that’s hell yeah i okay here I love it next aisles have a
slight note not known for the graphics if you couldn’t tell
hairstyles let’s go for not braided oh d BMX as a STD was
stands for Star Trek discovery deadly your that Star Trek Star Trek discovery
hey Tara that is a good that’s pretty funny oh geez this is all terrible
alright let’s go with yeah yeah let’s go with a pigtails do it and color is I
mean you’re probably gonna have a helmet on let’s go Oh gray kind of looks cool let’s go with silver silver pigtails for
Big Willie what does customized scale oh you can
actually go in and like fine tune hormones yes please
all right well we’ll just play we’ll go with that I sorry I’m just tweeting it
out tweet it out WWH okay I’m getting some wow that’s this
great well I’m gonna see what happens you know what honestly nobody cares
about the story you can just skip it it’s actually just kind of boring well
this flickering we’re still at 9% there’s a restart but yeah alright yeah
it must have a problem with the cinematics luckily that there I think
there’s only one in this one in the beginning so this is remastered the dark
side breaks who’s this guy hello there you don’t
know you’re not doing too well help you don’t know to live either the North
remembers where they are locked away the end of the world
the end all right so talk about all these dead
people are locked away but I am also locked away well am i dead oh you almost
you might just stumbled on to the something I guess I have to be dead so we are in blue what’s the you know
late I did not choose all lady what’s the usage of the GPUs well on one it’s
using it’s only using one essentially yeah 22% yeah oh hey oh there you just
throw a dead body and like a soul what’s that for me okay touch it okay you just get a key
okay don’t know what that just did okay I have I need a weapon now any weapon all right those camera controls oh wait how do I switch this weapon
okay I see Oh nope that didn’t do anything do I have a sword okay good thing this guy’s not pushing back do me you don’t got anything strong
attack is right trigger wait what’s okay so that’s the more useful one call left + B – okay okay wait how do i
lock on and confuse okay I see okay oh we have we have Hallas Tina hello hello
a falestine says yes it’s in 4k but that you don’t
need it and our good buddy Gordon on this here and he’s talking about sli
good we got an answer or at 30% Gordon’s has a good point he says if
you’re looking to impress who cares that the second card is doing nothing your
best at bonfire where we cover HP all right so this is a fun fire yeah
also we’re getting some bad screen tearing you should probably turn vsync
on is that in the monitor you know in the
menu alright let’s let’s pause this okay I don’t know what pause but I think
we’re safe here oh let’s see wait how do I get to menu there’s menu no the other
one this one use the right bumper keep going keep
right just options there may be PC settings actually camera display no
that’s no go back pc sitting there we go vertical see
there make sure it kept it yep cool all right did you rest at the
bonfire I hang in for how you should rest of the bumper Dana yeah I think you
just look the bonfire okay so yeah once when you first come across a bonfire you
have to light it I say all right so I’m arrested is there anything let’s try to
show you looking I’ll be like random things or is always obvious when you
find stuff or is it like I’ll go run to like every corner and like I would
definitely explore it is definitely in its place I guess keep pressing this I
don’t know what I’m doing though that’s well that’s your divine blessing what is
that that’s my health yeah it’s okay so I use
two of them up already right okay it looks like something’s happening be wary
of demon okay I mean I feel like I’m supposed to have a knife here but I
don’t have a sword I feel like I saw a sword and then I did something that okay
I’m about to die yeah this guy is okay access don’t forget your lock on you know that makes it a lot easier jimena but a bunch a okay Oh dodge okay watch your stamina okay oh I think I’m dead no okay not yet
wait what is blood-stained I’d see touch blood safe but seem to something okay it isn’t be wary of a demon then
– now I’m dead I died okay okay don’t worry it’s you first of
many but you barely did any damage – and you used to pull you – fine thanks I
feel like I saw a sword there at the beginning am I am I crazy
yeah go and do try to go into your really is that mean I have a sword yeah
you you were actually holding it earlier for you unequipped it so if you go back
out and hit on the right button sorry then oops escape from that okay and then
there you go Oh tell us how you cycle through the things
you have equipped I see okay all right now that’s live loss as I put away the
the butt end of a sword that is definitely where he lost I’m pretty
sectional until I actually this is a weird overlay
okay we go you already did just as much
damage as he did last time oops okay I dodged that one oops okay whoops ah okay that time I deserve to die and this
is yeah it’s definitely unforgiving this man died you see that weird like overlay
yeah yeah I don’t know what that’s definitely a glitch that’s like booking the hell out of me I
mean what does a green dot do that green thing either when you die you can
retrieve everything that you lost by not having if you die before you retrieve it
then then it it gets lost for you it’ll be your souls yeah I don’t know I need
something else okay what is this got to do yeah I think that guy needs to go on a diet
he’s a little happy yeah here the box is right here
so that’s what three deaths three death yep cool all right
how’s the house the rig holding up are we taxing all these pores I mean it
doesn’t seem like actually CPU usage at 47 percent all right that’s
I mean is it using it how does that determine with all the cores you know
yeah it’s overall so it’s it’s not necessarily accurate he actually did
turn on all the cores and it was hilarious because it took up even more I
mean we can turn it off oh so I can break those okay okay oh Gordon says 47% is one quart sorry
yes I haven’t been reaching for sorry I haven’t been reading chat I’ve been
watching Dan die so I can I say over and over oh hey bullets this here he says
stab the but that’s what I’m trying to do on chance now but well if you would
have listened to Willis I’m Big Willie and Big Willie he didn’t get a CSP no
actually Willis we the name of our character is in honor of you we picked
up Big Willie so yeah a little a little mosh to our buddy
we need to grab lunch sometime soon that’s uh text me let’s set it up Big
Willie do you have any other recommendations for uh for Daniel other
than stab the but I always want to press a to dodge but is there anything No also Willis Gordon is in the YouTube
chat talking junk about how he’s gonna beat us at console vs. controller or
controller versus keyboard Palestine why would you want to go with
a bigot 56 and I’m curious curious Gordon’s continuing to talk more more
smack oh it’s finally starting to get a rhythm
there ain’t get rid of yeah I mean it barely takes any damage elephant I need
a better weapon will sasaeng do you have to fight the boss immediately can’t you
pick up a better weapon it’s not doing much
Willis have you never played this game I feel like you’ve never played maybe it
can’t go through any of these doors no you can’t I buy I’m gonna I’m gonna
answer your stories open right here okay huh what’s this on fire that’s how I
need so remember lighting it and my ass
sitting at it they’re just feelings I’m at full health
well the daughter’s safe see you no I mean it you go back to your last bonfire
cager she’ll also Gordon hey Willis says bring it over on twitch o-o okay I got
shot in the face okay your shield I don’t have a shield oh you have freesync
I get it okay alright so I’m guessing I might have to kill that guy to get a
shield and Ivan is asking what happened to the HP omen X you can maybe you might
you might be able to see it every day it’s it’s it’s still over there but I
mean why have eight cores in 210 80s when you can have 18 cores okay to 1080
T eyes I mean no we didn’t give it away no we didn’t we just decided the game on
something different you know it’s a little bit of a change
also Willis Gordon says he didn’t hear you over his yawning picked up a shield
I don’t know how I equip it yes I hit enter
hey okay so you can have things in your inventory and then also things equipped
those are two separate oh okay there’s there oh my laughing card and oh yes how
you like that oh yeah you better run upset something I didn’t you keep
hitting here mowed yard Oh okay that frustrating to hit the wall
yeah yes we’ll see you should definitely play
Dark Souls at some point if you hate your life also a side note I played what
does that cooking game that you had recommended I played it for the first
time two weeks ago pretty cool Phillip Roberts is asking Dan how are
your balls there there since total they still haven’t squashed it a few times I
know just a little yeah yeah can we hit this guy strong man oh well oh yeah I
don’t like this has he not now you do I just say it like a combo how do you so
it’s all about timing rather than mashing there you go nice let’s traverse the
white light you just drag him high and salad sit here so I have a weak-ass
weapon yeah what is it overlay yeah I know right
I can’t tell if it’s back SEPA so it is a stream and that’s okay it’s a bug it’s
a feature hmm let’s go down first I hear something like oh wait this is where I
started so that’s one of my favorite things about Dark Souls is that
everything is connected or at least Dark Souls 1 mmm the rest of them didn’t
didn’t connect as nice as the first night so I know it’s down there
you know I’ve wonder if it’s because you changed the brightness setting that’s
really burned in there save Jim no chump yeah yeah Willis’s is a double exposure
feature let’s see the X was run nope that’s not
right to go let’s look like Big Willy now
you’re gonna play some Dark Souls oh shit you sure can
there you go dang dang get out of here he’s not paying attention Lewis is here
with all the drinks he’s Louisa’s our favorite for many
other reasons Jesus guys crazy on me yes well yeah cuz this game is not great on
mouse keyboard even Gordon is saying in chat that his controllers are good for
flying driving sports fighting games see he’s uh he’s turning he’s turning us
around also Willis says he wants you to bring him some beer Willis what do you
want you’re gonna have to come get it if I’m gonna have to guess I mean it’s a
50/50 shot but I bet he’s gonna say Anchor Steam let’s see what he says and
the survey says and Willis we’re waiting for Willis haha save me a blue moon dang
it yeah crap this guy spaced on all right good luck I will be there oh you can still get a new Xbox 360
controllers well okay I keep on not even sure what it does it’s it’s Ana mode
that’s all of this is just your voting I wonder why I like my natural tendencies
but I want that guy sword I’m gonna get you I’m gonna get that sword yeah you
definitely need a sword I mean oh you did retrieve because you had 80 Souls
from the bow and arrow cat you killed remember the jump back button is be there you go oh there we go yeah nope
not yet these teams are running a running start
oh and you getting some combos in nice almost dead almost undead dead there we
go gimme I just got 20 souls for that and a fund regnal and no sorry didn’t
give me give me my sword I thought no sword he had a sword in his hand and
that it literally disappeared and he okay alright so I came into the air I went
down gotta get mine bends oh hello wait now you know Estus flasks all right okay
it was big I would hate to home you don’t think um so access to use item Reston bonfire replenish class okay yeah
let’s go I think that key you got was for
upstairs yeah but I want to heal yeah so I believe with that goddess blessing
then you’ve got when you picked your character yeah
it lets you have five flasks I think you only actually only start off with three
so you actually do I ended up picking one of the better hey wait a second wait
a second do you want to know something about this
game oh yeah he’s gonna come around in oh wait is he stuck on the edge oh my
this guy’s actually angry now we fit down on the d-pad that’s how you use in
Estes Park wait what does okay okay all right well
now I at least have SS for us yeah and really important part of the
game and yes my vests your your souls your shield does anything against this
sword let me see yeah oops okay also if you get hit in the middle
of drinking and Estus flask it cancels it takes a second for it to fill up so of this game Willis what do you been up
to man why don’t you why don’t you tell us why
you’re sitting here watching Dan die over and over again in greedy all right to 20 Souls yeah Hollis teen
says this game gets hard not even hard yet yeah right
wheeled right weapon two-handed why but I don’t have it
yeah left plus RB is kick don’t the sidekick right yeah it’s yeah it’s like
a good okay did you see that I do not mean to do that I didn’t I didn’t know you struggled so
hard with controllers yeah that’s gonna make this game even harder I wish I
could hurt each other that would be nice Alstine says you’re gonna need those
flasks yes he is oh yeah I forgot well let’s move she
jumped over to Berkeley yes well shit I have no idea where I am you know if should tell me we’re in
Berkeley but we should yeah we should grab machete somewhere that was close to
all of us stranded two against one okay let’s just go this way I close that
fence behind me no this guy’s easy he’s Beckham into corner there we go
nope nope there we go one more definitely
he’s my flask I don’t know if I like to tell that you
should read the notes on the floor while falling plunging attack oh hello
though oh we found you I did not think he was gonna come find you Wow sneaky Saint says you should have a
better sword I’m trying to get line and Hallas teen also said that’s funny also
over on YouTube House Keene says you need a better support it’s like they’re
they seem like I don’t want to get one you should try to do the whole game with
this this I’m just kidding that I mean you know what I’m sure there’s people
out there who’ve done it I’m not even gonna that would not surprise me some
people do some awesome things in this day and age gave me a better sword come
on go and give me your sword all right I
feel like I’m ready to take on this last guy all ready to go where’d you go
where’d you go where’d you go oh yeah like it’s like burnt in from
like a minute ago it’s like it’s like yeah it’s like a long exposure sneaky
st. says it should be in your inventory if you picked it up earlier they are
Lehren today miss also Holliston over on YouTube says check your inventory that’s
their inventory nope he did not pick it up okay all right let’s see what opportunity wants her to pick it up okay
sir let’s see here I think you should try to turn down the
brightness that’s killing me what’s this little thing okay that’s alright Pippi oh yeah that’s kinda get him there we go
you walked right past it hit be hit B you’re in the mini still hippy there you
go nice good block yes the the crowd goes wild punks all right so now I have
a sword I have a shield ah that feels good doesn’t it oh yeah so much better
all right let’s see here let me just make sure there’s nothing else up here let’s see what’s it bees run yeah okay
yeah there’s messages on the ground you didn’t read to you read those 100 don’t
do this week Arby while falling is a puncheon attack
okay feeling like a bitch oh that looks
different now behind it a man enemy is critical hit
just like on this corner Perry is left traitor
oh okay I thought you were like the me okay so that was another Perry yeah it
has to be exactly timed very specific timing on that one all right
Palestine says we’ve motivated him to install the Dark Souls games on this
living room for Peters yeah remastered version or is he just reinstalling the
ones he had IME he says Dark Souls games plural so he might have all of them yeah
I have the original now they remastered and – and you picked up three on a sale
that one yeah I just don’t think he gets better than one something about like
that first experience and also the map like I said like everything’s just so
connected I really like that about the first map didn’t get that same since in
the second okay these guys are like wimpy now cuz there are joke oops
I think it did register to view of like falling or something uh what Halas teen
says he has all three and he’s never played them shame on you shame on you
I mean yeah I’m not gonna tell you what to do Hal Steen but I would HIGHLY
highly recommend you start with the first one let’s say you have the
remaster – the first one of the original first one all right let’s see what this
thing this oh my power kill me sneaky Saint says you have to time with
the attack hmm it’s a parry I’ll practice on those easier guys alright so
you did this I got the key done did that let’s go in here I first did this okay okay
yeah I’m dead already but I was like I’ll try to remember I said like jump
and then like do a budget and I was like okay and then I saw them flying up and I
think it’s our beef I could go falling attack but now it means I’m ready for
you Palestine has a remastered perfect lot
by some caption all right so I got to go back up here which means I gotta fight
these guys again okay okay and Hal Steen says yes you should
definitely do the plunge attack the plunge attack I may just practice this
it was anything is fall and RB and no no no that’s that’s our trigger our beats
the top one mm there you go okay yeah all right oops do you hits in there dead oh I forgot
that it puts your souls back out in front of the white light I’ll take them
oops no no you go oh yeah I’ll just try to UM be that guy anymore
and I get his souls missiles here two souls your soul is mine you know those
from no mortal kombat the movie Shao Kahn says your soul is alright
alright I got full yes stuff yeah that target him nope
sorry there ice oh dude again Oh actually doing damage this time huh oh
yeah it’s already down to half oopsie okay get some distance oh ho that was lucky how because I need
the NADH to dodge yeah yeah this game is very much about
standing stamina management oh right down on you mr. Doug yes this is Dan’s
very first time playing how could you tell Oh okay Oh good one good one
nice yeah you did it yeah fatty hell yeah
Big Willie Victor humanity and hain’t you got some humanity touched this blood
stain I know in 10 pence how does a how does it feel to get some community
that’s good yeah I feel like a human I feel like a human be wary of demon okay
it’s getting good note there it could tip the wary demon wait that’s where I
came in and Willis says finally I like how I was like trying to kill it how
many times are that like a little I know that’s like this is my way no way I was
like I knew it was difficult and holstein says good job
Thank You Haleh Singh alright alright let’s see I hear something though I
don’t know if I like if you hear something that’s definitely not a good
thing that’s always a bet good job go straight how I good job good
job see now I want a better weapon and it’s
like am i here we go cutscene only in the Asian legends it is stated indentions it was stinky so I’m
definitely dead to leave the undead asylum in pilgrimage to to the land of
the alien loads to the nine I feel like all we need is the number if we don’t
need this charge hey don’t hurt Gordon’s feelings okay that’s Gordon still
watching I’m sure he’s not what you might be listening he’s doing that we’re
testing no actually he Gordon he loves to watch videos with the sound off oh I
don’t know ever notice that like he very rarely listens to anything most watches
he’s just a visual kind of guy he is level up and Kindle that fires let’s
level up me I see okay um what do I want to level up how many points do I have
weird to say that so he says souls and required Souls and
then if when you add a point it’ll show over on the side like the helices this
is yeah so you hit to the right and then that’ll put start putting stuff what is
it – mint explanation hit that but don’t do nothing
oh yes scroll down so hit that button and then it’s problem it’s kind of done
okay probably attunements lots don’t even
want that okay strength I feel like I need some more endurance is this like is that like just like okay
that’s how much the chicken does it has changed and how much if I gif I go with
this yeah okay it’s killing that our souls use for anything else
there are various uses for sound so let’s just go with those two Kindle okay know what that is
reverse Halloween okay no humanity okay that’s good at good eat enough
well what do we have well what do we have here
natively but there’s no salvation in that foundation actually like really
like the voice actors it’s so bad it actually wasn’t pay attention sorry but
I feel like I like these things try fatty ring too I actually don’t know
what they mean but I’m guessing it’s a guy called fatty and I got a fight I
don’t know if I should go up or down but I said I got funny you look good try fatty you should try to practice
your of herring – oh I got a helmet I mean you see it does not pause the
action yeah draw your hand and you pick those pigtails for nothing I think I parried that one you do that
is good except them okay I had a feeling I can’t blood it’s good
oh that shows you which way to go I guess maybe but I don’t like this guy
throwing something at me okay loops these were that that what do
you think I you know I would say actually this is a good spot to stop for
today bags this is like one of the central hubs you’ll be coming back to
this bought a lot and kind of go into different places so yeah won’t you once
you switch it someone she switched off and let us know what do you what do you
how you feeling what do you what do you think is this what you thought Dark
Souls would be yeah yeah I feel like it’s as it’s kind of a you know the
unforgiveness like I had you here and people saying there you know get a
better sword I’d be like man I’m just this thing just I would have fought a
guy you know I probably like this yeah I don’t know I mean it was just by luck
that you you ran past it I didn’t I did remember you running past it but I
forgot that was the sword so I wasn’t intentionally holding that back but
actually now that I think about it you should probably go retrieve your souls
and then save oh okay now that I think about it yeah that’s PI channel so let’s
do have a caught yeah why don’t want you to learn can you you can follow yes two times I
can mr. Trevor says he loves this game and that they still have the original
our original is in Demon Souls are the first Dark Souls Hey obvious factors getting back well once you sit down the bonfire they
all respawn in I set fire to the left oh hello traveler oh I guess you can’t
do when there’s gonna be friend I forgot alright there we go alright so yeah Dark
Souls you did it even even want to try this for yeah yeah I think you know i
i’m usin most games where you gonna pick up stuff it’s a little bit more obvious
like it’s a chest or it’s like you know this is just like a glowing thing which
is it looks like everything else has been garbage
yeah but i guess now that you’ve kind of played a little bigger like oh you
really don’t come across much to begin with so if it blinks touch it yeah and
if it’s not blinking then there’s nothing that’s pretty obviously when
there’s something it is pretty uh so it’s not like a tomb raider or just like
this like like oh there’s like a clip of ammo you know kind of in the corner of
the darkness so you didn’t realize the mechanic of when you rested up on fire
it responds the whole world I realize that yeah after you came back I was like
okay no I didn’t know that first it’s just like okay that’s not a save like a
pause save it’s like okay it’s a bad guys are back if you die they’re gonna
be back yes so and if you die and reeving your your souls you’ve lost
those souls that sucks yeah yeah so if you’re gonna so make sense that we
strategize backtrack yeah so that you’re closer to a save and don’t you know like
a lot of games are like well if I keep running forward I’m gonna be safer this
is like no don’t do that yeah because you you like I mean when you get used to
knowing yeah the saves are sure you know that’s one thing but like you don’t know
you don’t know where the next save is I know where the next save is yeah but
yeah but they’ve been pretty frequent actually surprisingly yeah so Farley
yeah yeah that that first area is like the first area this is you’re you’re in
the real game now yeah yeah I’m curious to see I’m curious how long the games
are if I super long or if I can actually not that bad yeah we should check my
account on on the original one but I think I put like I think I put like 40
hours there’s something into it I never beat it I got pretty fun
three quarters okay but yeah can you see why people love this game yet yeah I
mean I like the idea I think of unforgiving games
that’s unforgiving against computer which is different than unforgiving
against other players yes because if you’re playing on the players and you’re
just game style you like fuck this game but you know it’s like okay everyone
who’s play this game is in the same boat as you yeah at least so it’s like I mean
yeah that’s the thing about this it’s very much punishment and to tell you the
truth like the way I always kind of frame it is that this is like if you
think about it this is essentially you playing the Legend of Zelda on the NES
you know like it didn’t hold your hand you could kind of go anywhere you know
even harder spots and and still die you know like it was so much about cover E
and learning how yeah how things go like yeah there’s so much mystery I mean now
this games been out for so long like there’s so many guides out there but
like at the beginning people were like wait what is this do I can go there they
had a new way to speedrun it like it’s it’s definitely yeah and then once you
start getting into like the different weapon types because I mean there’s tons
of different weapon types and they’re all completely different styles from
Spears – you know broad swords to bow and arrow all those different styles of
playing yeah so yeah I mean I like I said I still think there’s nothing like
the first one and maybe that’s just a reverence for me playing the first you
know in the first time it never has the same impact but yeah I like the first
one and we will continue Ivan says uh you should you should try to play near
at some point it’s a different game but I love near near was my game yeah I’m
not playing the air I have not played the Bayonetta it’s a lot of it yeah I’m
like very much someone who played RTS games and that’s like you know maybe
some RPGs you know we should try it at some point we should try maybe the the
mouse and keyboard hey somebody next to me now yeah so these are you start to
see some persistent players and I’ll give you a hint so you know sometimes
you can bring them in your world and sometimes they come into your world
that’s another part of the game you can turn that off but I because some people
hate that but it is kind of fun uh but yeah so that’s it for us today
yeah you ever thank you for joining us for joining us and helping Dan out play
some dork yeah I need your help I think we I think we should do this every once
awhile like you know I don’t know yeah maybe we’ll have you play some Starcraft yeah yeah especially in the the summer
doldrums I want to you know try to stick with the game yeah I know one of my
favorite uh guys I’ve been falling for a long time Jeff Green he went through
Dark Souls on Twitch I think he did is over he did like a couple hours over
like eighty streams or something or something like that I can’t remember but
like he yeah you just you tried to play the whole game yeah so it’s it’s kind of
fun yeah it’s a good one it’s a video game
yeah we did all the video games and thank you guys for tuning in we’ll
probably be back on Friday I think I’m gonna least gonna play something okay
and I know that hayden wants to jump in on some of this multiplayer stuff Elena
I we’ve heard you we will get Elena in here to play some games but she’s a busy
lady yeah she’s a very busy lady so yeah you know with that once you once
you take us out and everybody stay regular oh yeah


    great video to show why Dark Souls is considered "difficult"…

    ppl don't read instructions, can't keep 5 buttons to press in their mind, and ignore their health/stamina bars on the screen. it took him about 40min to switch mindset, and thats all there is to this game.
    BUT he did it, so well done. most probably give up earlier.

    we are all guilty of this, modern games just pamper our asses all day, most games you would need to work hard to die at all.

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