Steam In-Home Streaming – How to set up & What is it?

Steam In-Home Streaming – How to set up & What is it?

this video has free main parts now
nephew to any these free park becomes green right now what is going on guys money reassignment
today we’ll be looking at steams in the home streaming rated program now
this is a B two programs so all the
information I’ll be reading to your eyes wanna go into more detail will be read
off be the website the reason why did you speak to and I do you know what your
view is the fourth information so in simple terms awardees the steam
beater program within home streaming beta program well would pretty
much is is it allows you to play really hard
game to run such as you know crisis to a maximum addition 10 crappy low-powered laptops what you mean BP PC
downstairs on the next room does all the hard work advantage of with
pretty much is you have your laptop in your bed or
happy he was playing like the crisis to and you know you
don’t have to be totally down to your desk now there are other
solutions that such as video shoot but has more unit you taking
advantage or from the machines which you can come out
soon and autocrat your laptop I don’t be car
to a death like a third I’ll be up there you know playing in all
these good iTunes theme now in this video obviously you how sup so you guys can do this and television
you fuse on pools or have you noticed PewdiePie me Benny game on October so well into
the video righty-o left into the step-by-step
guide on how to setup in a room stirring for you so you can
take the Moos all this program and use it in your home the experience
the wonders HEADSKETBALL – Outlast DLC: Part 4 (Whistleblower) ruin the wall or May with ability you have you been
able to use in the first place so the first thing you do is you wanna go on your steam crime
tango steam then settings and the worse is better participation unity the change but then and make sure your opting into this team beta update hearing on boat voices and number both twice Israel ample my
laptop to my main computer need to have a Steam client Iranians to
now you wanna make sure your opting this the better obey on boat
clients on boat devices now we’ll do next is on a
restart your steam launcher now the skin easy be not putting clothes
on the top because our any minimize it to the taskbar will redound
retards Barkley threw up our right Nicholas the mic on push accidents
restart steam altogether so hello welcome back now this is gonna
be the tutorial and that a person is working to deliver
more computer from me to you a loose group to a bit more and make
sure I actually sleeping properly it will be our lives that things may
happen and implications may happens ok im gonna be using two cameras so both camera will be my capsule through my main PC computer observed
trim one and you can see my mckennon’s exceed the now shooting my my laptop which term luscious their car even put perhaps
on there because it’s that bad and it will be run it so the first thing
you wanna do to make sure that you to the boat link-up both have a records 2 is really about who to that steam and
use a brief both you know both devices about the
settings and go to the in whom extreme notion soon to talk with
his logged in as me and I can see head HP
which is the name of my laptop now are using my laptop for that ok so
you can see the whole screen laptop just because opening rules in on you the camera
screen for your Mac you two years now published theme on the
laptop and push the things you can see that I
says Sam PC which is the name of my main PC now won’t be to do is on how my laptop been
able to play the game and you know during on that was my maim big machine deluding coding and
hard hard part the the job so only have ball lands who the AM will be
demonstrating today installed all my main PC if I have a
look in a story for the Mike orders girl after my own stuff
because it was either in different places and after keep laying around but if unprofor k all
my main computer I’m right click over on Borderlands 2
you can see through a corn screens or to apologize go to properties I should not for peace
or we wanna do russian appropriate to do I
have a good local follows ok no he wouldn’t Leigh Anne falls
because there’s nothing stored on a laptop the circus just you know disproven I’m gonna be
stream your never gave it my main PC %um and brightly components who properties
in your local files Cynthia I can actually delete the local
game content because I actually have installed on my
main PC so that the right to let’s push play my main PC gimbal & to launched up that was play to
launch the CC brown’s second although many in the
stream Liberty frames you can have the opportunity stream in 651 you can fool out on the
main screen way veteran who created the three
options you can do different resolutions and yeah button you know you can you can
explore yourself in go to configure anything commercial for
it when we look back on to our camera screen and now the game initially launched all
my main computer we can see that option on Borderlands 2 on my laptop thing
stream North with both in and see what happens
0 to announce the border lands on my
laptop now through back over to my main PC yeah both them go ball and seaplane on push
any heed the his role in that special week
actually into gaming I can actually play on my laptop so when out is loading up into a game
remember the frame reasonable weight because of him recording 24 frames my camera for to my
main computers though the framers can be
overweight at Morgan quality we looking at meanie to the concert this works now on my on
my laptop on replaying as you can see I’m using the touchpad
hit look around look very pretty to pay both if you have
a mild reblog in a knockin push W this is perfect for me up its
believe 30 frames should the 1i 13 at that and yet here it is guys is
streaming from a main computer if I actually take the camera now for for the other the flag on the screen
but the hey own show you that I am actually stream this right next to you the main
computer now there’s the laptop in there is the main PC as the laptop so your guys this is
really really cool the waves teams than this is orson is
only in beta if you have problems with any games for free too preteen 0 calm down the loan hope you
would help you but if you have any questions like that common down below i’d his last four for
me it would be a little unorganized the hay it works it is very or somehow go right
now in Stu the beta versions team trace of
yourself experiment current resolutions he was
best for you two games work to use don’t in the to send them any problems you
have over to steam to improve the service but of my guys my name has been so I am
and this is a really cool steam in home streaming now II relief in a way into later
version offices release because boy it can be
awesome layman’s term and I’ll see you guys next
video goodbye


    So is it possible to set up my laptop next to my tv connected with an hdmi cord to play on my television?

    Very helpful (August 5,2014). Some of the interface screens are different now but I got this stream working on a home network between my mancave PC (server) and my MacAir laptop (client).

    Thanks for the clear instructions!

    Mine does the opposite… my laptop handles all the bunk… how do I change the host… I thinl its because my big computer runs WIN XP

    I don't understand why this doesn't work. My laptop is a 1366×768 resolution and my desktop is 1680 x 1050
    When i host from my laptop it works fine, but my desktop is better and when i try to stream games from the desktop, the laptop's screen has the whole screen squished up to the top and it's all cut up into 4 pieces and it's really confusing. If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be awesome. I also have a screenshot from my laptop.

    Some of you might be playing on cruddy laptops with windows 8.1 on it. If you know 8.1 it wont let you press Left Click while holding a key in a game… To fix this go to the Start Menu. Put mouse on top right of screen, go to settings. Go to PC and Devices. Go to Mouse and Touchpad or Trackpad. Set it to NONE if its set to Low medium or high. That fixed it for me

    Do you have to be on the same network or could i stream from another wifi location?
    This will be great for playing co-op games with my flat mate in the same room! 

    Can you please make a video on how to use/play/make multiplayer work for Arma2 ? I don't know how and I got all the arma2 stuff

    Can you use the other pc to stream the game on Like if you were to download OBS on the laptop could you Captor the game and stream.

    Hahaha, I added hearthstone launcher and when i pressed STREAM it streamed whole pulpit of my PC and i could remotly brows or do anything on mine main pc through table :E. But I dont know why resolution is terrible and screen is wiped.

    I was just wondering when you do this, which machine does the sound play through? Because if I have my computer in few rooms away and its playing through an old laptop but plugged into a big tv screen, will it play sound from the main computer few rooms back?

    If my main pc is " Windows Vista Pack 1 " And my laptop is " Windows 8 " would that work? (I've tried many different ways to stream, via "Windows Vista Pack 1", but that doesn't work.) 

    can i do this like psn i mean can i play the same game with 2 diferent acounts  online? 
    ex: 1 copy resident evil for 2 computers ?

    every one, if you like dis, but ur laptop IS your main gaming computer, buy the hp stream 7, $100, built for this (buy a litle cable that wires from the charger to a usb)


    my brother tried watching me play GTA on his account, whilst he was also on the account. So we were using the same account, at the same time. He could suddenly take control of GTA V, but so could i. Hilarity ensued and i tried to fix it whilst panicked, so i alt tabbed onto desktop, and for some reason he had control of my pc as well! Reaaaaally fucking weird

    So THAT'S what in-home streaming is! Thank you for the explanation! I thought it just streamed you playing on the good machine on the crappy one.

    So if I did this, could I add a Non-steam game to Steam and make it work with this streaming process? Or is it tied down to native Steam games?

    i was able to use the in home streaming but now it says my laptop is never connected im using both of computers with the ethernet connection no idea why this is not working now

    how what if you cant see your devices in the in-home streaming page? all i can see is my wifes computer from the laptop

    with every game i try to run, it just stutters really bad.. after that my laotop says he has driver issues and blocks the stream program.. any solutions??

    is it possible to do this with just audio? I wonna stream audio from my computer to my other computer which is hooked up to speakers.

    can you use in home streaming and a third party program, can you stream to twitch from the laptop? (i have a 13 inch 2015 macbook pro with an i7 processor)

    is there a way of getting this to go full 60fps? at my house we just got a really high-power internet package allowing 200Mbits/s 25MB/s and i wondered if the internet speed affects how well it manages in home streaming.

    Can i use in home stream to bypass need of avermedia like devices? Basicly: Play game on my PC, watch it on laptop and stream it on twitch over laptop. to get real free games Steam In-Home Streaming – How to set up & What is it?

    i have gaming pc with a intel core i7 and a nvidia gtx 980 and im trying to stream to my macbook air i have everything set up and nvidia encoding enabled but when im on my laptop and click stream the game launches on my main pc and nothen happens on my laptop

    I did everything the same as in the video, but I can't control anything from my client secondary PC, any ideas?

    My client PC won't register mouse clicks or the keyboard. The mouse cursor moves on the client PC whilst streaming (keyboard not responsive), but it doesn't move on my PC running the game. The one thing I can do on the client PC is right click.. and that's the only thing it registers. Any idea why? :^/ [I run steam as admin]

    Hey AuxTech great video! Can you stream the same game for multiple computers so more than one person plays the game individually at the same time?

    i tested it also on a very bad laptop but when i pressed "stream" the game starts at my main pc but doesnt show up on the laptop (game:rocket league if its important)
    i testet it without a lan cable i know that this is worse but at least i should get some picture on the laptop…


    anyone gets disconnected when logging in the second pc?
    i can only have one pc connected to my account. how the hell can i stream in this condition? (they are on the same network and mask)

    can you do this with .exe files artificially added to Steam? I'd love to do this with BF1 and the Witcher 3 to my surface but I'd have to add the file to steam, cause they're on origin and GoG..

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