SpyFu AdWords Templates – Intro Video

We are so excited to introduce
you to the new AdWords templates from SpyFu. These are pre-made
templates that you can download from SpyFu and
upload to your AdWords account. They include niche
keywords organized into groups that cover hundreds
of different industries. All you have to
do is adjust them to fit your brand name,
your URLs, and your budget. It’s that simple. The goal is to make creating
new AdWords campaigns as easy as possible for
you, so you don’t have to spend weeks of research
and prep to set up a campaign. SpyFu members get unlimited
access to these templates. Meaning, if you have
a bunch of clients in different
industries, you can hit the ground running with a
variety of unique templates. We have documentation and
videos explaining in plain terms how to use them. So both novices and experts
can take advantage of them without banging their
head against the wall. For those of you
new to SpyFu you might be a little confused
on how this is possible. Never fear. Since 2006, SpyFu’s job has
been to gather and analyze PPC data for millions
of sites and industries. At this point, we have
mountains of data on what works best and for whom. We simply wanted to package
it up and give it back to you. We also have a PPC
expert in-house who lovingly handcrafted
each template with all of this information. It’s been almost a two year
long project in the making, but as far as we know,
SpyFu is the only company who is currently doing this. So we wanted to do it right. Don’t see your industry
in the list of templates? No worries. Enter your industry request
on the AdWords template page, and we’ll try and build
them as quickly as possible. The more we have, the more
useful it will be for everyone. This isn’t the flashiest
launch video we’ve ever made, but we think these templates
are so good for so many people, we just wanted to tell
you exactly what they do, and let you be the rock stars. Head over to spyfu.com. Go to the PPC research dropdown
and click on AdWords templates to get started. And hit the ground running with
a new AdWords campaign today.

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