Hi Nathan, thanks for this explanatory in-depth video and greetings from Turkey. I am also following seo campaign for our own nutrition blog in Turkey. We are creating a content around a topic and outreach to link prospects. Most of them returns that they are willing to link to our content in return for a payment. And this payment changes according to their site's authority. I would like to kindly ask, what is the average percentage of "asking a payment for linking to your content" for your outreach campaigns from other sites?

    What is better and effective to have 50 backlinks from 5 websites, or have 10 backlinks from 10 websites.

    you sell DA 30 backlinks for $297/each, 697 for DA 40, which can be easily done in under $100-200, including content and everything and the links would be great, isn't that super overpriced?, 500 links would cost anyone 348,500, which is a fortune.. lol.

    I Never miss your Any video and I always waiting and excited for your next video…
    I see your a video three time.. you are great men!!!!

    if I wish to rank various Landing Pages for different Keywords, make it sense to have a backlink from the same domain/website for each landing page, or its enough to have 1 backlink for one of those landing apge, and the other landing pages will benefit from that backlink, and would be much better to have backlinks from different domain/website for those different landing pages. even if they have less "Domain Authority"

    Example, what is better:

    2 Backlinks from 1 domain, DA:90 to landing page A , and to landig page B


    1 Backlinks from a domain, DA:90 to landing page A


    1 Backlinks from other domain, DA:40 to landing page B

    Great vid! So honest and sincere… Do you think FB ads help with the seo of a page/blog? What are the benefits of promoting posts using FB you'd say? Still a bit confused about it… I don't know if when I promote content using FB, if I am "Fishing for backlinks" or It if helps with SEO when so many people see my blog posts…

    You don't just go in to Facebook and invest a thousand dollars on ads and expect sales by simply "boosting content" as you have mentioned. There's alot more to it.

    Nathan what do you think about gaining backlinks by send your logo to logo design websites/ directories? What are your thoughts on this?

    If one has say $5000 to spend… Would you recommend that they spend that on Outreach for some high quality Backlinks, like 15-20 or Use that Money to promote the heck out of 10 pieces of content via social media (FB & Pinterest)? I know promoting on social media gets traffic, lots and lots of likes because my content is good, but I can't help feel like I am throwing money out the window, since not many people sign up to the mailing list and doesn't seem to have a direct effect on organic ranking… I dunno.

    Is there such a thing as YouTube videos backlinks? If yes, then creating backlinks for YouTube videos, can that help YouTube videos rank better??

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