SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide – Learn SEO Tips

SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide – Learn SEO Tips

Now the next I�m going to show you is how
to look at Google�s own SEO guide. So, if you go to Google and search using the
phrase �Google SEO Guide�, you will get results like this. You see this one, it�s
a PDF file and open it up it will look something like this.
Another great thing about this, is that this is not my opinion, or somebody else�s opinion,
this is a guide direct from Google. So, look at the table of contents here, as
you can see we�ve got a little bit about SEO basics, then bits on how to create good
titles and good descriptions. And then there is a section on improving your
site structure and improving the structure of your URLs, your website addresses.
Tips on how to make your site easier to navigate. Tips on optimising content.
Tips on how to offer good quality and services. A section on how to write better anchor text.
If you�re not familiar with the phrase �anchor text�, it is the text within a text link.
So, for instance, when you see something like �Click here to download our free tips and
tricks�, quite often the words �Click Here� is the bit that you click on, that
would be the anchor text. That would be a terrible example of how to use anchor text
in terms of SEO. As we will see there are much better ways
of using anchor text to improve your SEO. Then down here is a section on optimising
your images and how to make those work for your SEO.
Similarly, there is a section on how to use headings properly. How to deal with crawlers.
Crawlers are things like the �Google bot� which are bits of software that crawl the
web looking for new websites and following links.
How to make effective use of something called the robots.txt file. If that sounds complicated,
as will see it�s very straightforward. Then there is a section on �follow� and
�nofollow� links, which again is quite important from an SEO point of view.
And then there�s a few sections here about mobile phones which are increasingly important
these days. And then this section how to use analysis
of your site. And also, how to promote your site in the
right way, as opposed to the wrong way, because Google doesn�t mind you trying to promote
your site using SEO. but if you over optimise. or use what is called �black hat� techniques,
which are techniques that Google disapproves of, then you will end up getting banned.
And then finally, there is a section on something called the free �Webmaster Tools�. Google
haven�t yet got around to updating this document, the Webmaster Tools have been renamed
the �Google Console�. Rather annoyingly, Google constantly rename things, so that what
used to be called the �Google Webmaster Guidelines� is now caught the �Google
Search Console�, but it�s the same thing. And if you come down here, as you can see
the first section just talks about page titles, and there are some tips there and best practices.
And the next section talks about the �Description� and again tips and best practices.
And as you carry on down here, you can see it�s in the same vein. It�s very much
aimed at people fairly new to SEO, but it�s still worth looking at, through even if you
been doing SEO for a while, even if just to remind yourself of something you may have
forgotten about. So, for instance, this is all about improving
the structure of the URLs, and best practice, then how to use URLS, and what sort of words
you should use inside the URLs. And as you come down here tips on making the
site easier to navigate. And, what else have we got?
More of the same there. Then there�s a bit about site maps. There
are two types of site maps. HTML site maps and XML site maps. Against that sounds horribly
complicated, but in actual fact want to start looking into it it�s very easy to do, especially
if you�re using WordPress. And then there is the usual Google mantra
about quality content and the fact that if you have quality content that will attract
quality links. Which is true. It just takes a bit of time
that�s all. And again, best practices there.
There is a section on writing better �anchor text�. As I say �anchor text� is the
text within a text link. And more of the same there.
How to optimise your images for SEO. And again, best practices.
How to use headings properly, what are called H1�s, H2�s and H3�s. Which are important
for SEO. A section here on the robots.txt file.
The difference between �follow� and �no follow� links, and why that is important.
Then there is a couple of pages here all about mobiles. Which as I say, is getting increasingly
important these days. Then as a section about promoting your website
in the right way, as opposed to the wrong way, which can get you banned.
Then lastly there is a section about the free �Webmaster Tools�. As I say it�s now
called the �Google Search Console�, and if you�re serious about your SEO, this is
something you should install immediately. Just go and search with the phrase �Google
Console�, the old name which was �Google Webmaster Tools�. You will find the information
about it, it�s a free tool from Google, and is absolutely vital, if you can take your
SEO seriously, then the first thing you do is install the Google Webmaster Tools� or
the �Google Console� as it is now called. And then finally, you�ve got some sources
of help here, forums and blogs and what have you. Again, if you�re not familiar with
these, go check them out because there�s an awful lot of extra information there, up-to-date
information, new information that is coming out so if you want to keep abreast of the
changes within SEO, this is a good a way as any, of doing it. They also have tips on how
to hire an SEO expert. But unfortunately, as you may have noticed there are an awful
lot of bad SEO consultants out there, so you need to know what you doing, if you wish to
hire someone else to do your SEO. Or better as I always recommend, learn how to do SEO
which really is not difficult, and do it yourself. So, there you are, the Google Search Engine
official starter guide, from Google. Download it, print it, check it out, read


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