SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings | 3 Tips to Grow Website Traffic

SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings | 3 Tips to Grow Website Traffic

do you want to work hard or do you want to work smart of course you want to work smart and you know what with your on-page SEO there’s only a few tactics that’ll make up the majority of your results that’s right yes you can do a ton of things and yeah it’ll all help with your Google rankings but there’s just a few that are really just skyrocket your rankings everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m gonna share with you three on page SEO hacks that’ll skyrocket your rankings so for those of you who don’t know what on-page SEO is these are the changes that you make on your own website with your code to get higher rankings on google see google is a computer when is crawling your website you have to read code ones in bruges zeros you’ve seen the matrix it’s kind of like that they’re crawling to figure out why your website is all about and yes you can end up making tons of changes and they’ll all help with your rankings but today I’m gonna share with you three that’ll help skyrocket your on-page SEO and your rankings so the first one is google search console you’ve heard me talk about it before it’s a free tool that Google gives you this free tool the reason I keep talking about it is because enough of you aren’t using it why would you use a tool that Google gives you and tells you how you can boost your rankings so you sign up for a Google search console once you’ve added your website they give you the instructions step by step you go in once it collects data it may take a few days you click on search analytics once you click on search analytics you’ll see what pages are getting rankings how many clicks how many impressions and your click-through rate what impressions are is how many people are doing a google search and your listing is on that page for example let’s say you google the word dog and you click on the number one listing the number two listing still gets that impression because you did still see it but you didn’t click on it that’s what impression is it doesn’t mean you did click or you didn’t click it just means you saw a listing all the listings on page two wouldn’t get that impression count because you only clicked on the listing on page one so you want to look at the ones that have a high Russian cow but low quick rate that means people are seeing your listing but they’re not clicking on it so I by adjusting your title tag the title tag is when you do a Google search you see a title which is usually the blue or pinkish or actually not pinkish OB view the blue or purplish text Purple’s usually when you click on it already and then the description underneath and what ends up happening is if you make that more appealing what’s gonna happen more people are gonna click on it so take your title and play in adjectives words right that make people want to act now such as effortless ten effortless ways to double your search engine traffic you see how that’s more enticing than ten ways to double your search engine traffic you’re like whoa I want the epaulettes ways because that means it’s gonna be way easier for me to double my search traffic and the same goes with your Meta Description by putting appealing sentence that includes the keywords you’re much more likely to get clicks it’s all about stuffing keywords every word you got to make sure it’s readable for humans and if you’re using WordPress you can adjust your title and your description using the Yoast SEO plugin now once you do that you want to keep it and after 30 days you want to see if your quick rate went up or down if you’re quick the rate went up overall what will happen is Google be like whoa these guys are getting a lot of impressions and a lot of clicks now that means people love it and if you get more clicks in the person above you what does that mean Google’s gonna be like whoa this listing is more relevant than the one above it let’s switch him out that’s how you can keep increasing your rankings slowly and slowly it’s a grind it’s not that hard of a change but it’s a grind in which it takes a long time before the rankings increase from it but it’s one of the best ways to grow your traffic and the cool part about Google search console is it shows you all of the keywords that you’re getting impressions for and you can add in the ones that are high in pressure and count and ignore the ones that are low in impression count the second tip I have for you is to make sure your website is super fast I’m not talking about just making sure that your code is really clean and that way you know your website looks fast I’m also talking about your server and using a content delivery network for example if your server is slow doesn’t matter how clean coded your website is your site isn’t gonna load fast don’t get that cheap $5.00 hosting solution pay for something that’s decent I’m on WP engine it’s expensive but my site loads fast because well the other thing you want to do as I mentioned is a content delivery network that way if someone in India is coming to see your website they’re getting your website pulled from a server in India it’ll load so much faster for them versus them being like oh we gotta wait for the internet signal to pick it all the way up from that server in let’s say North America you want to make sure that your server is close to them and know you don’t have to buy servers all around the world instead you want to use a content delivery network like Akamai and that will ensure that your website loads super fast and the last step when it comes to speeding up your website make sure using Google’s a and P framework so if someone’s on a mobile device it’ll make sure that your website looks super super fast I don’t care if someone has a 4G or LTE phone you know what sometimes you’re in an area that has shitty reception so having an a MP compatible website ensures that a load super fast and I’ve heard a lot of people say if you have an MP compatible site your Skype traffic skyrockets I found that it usually doesn’t in regions like North America Canada Australia United Kingdom but I found my traffic from places like Brazil I’ve gone up tremendously once I implemented a MP protocol right so by having your website compatible with the MP Google framework you’re gonna notice that you’ll get more traffic from third row countries or regions that don’t have as a good technology let’s say North America the last if I have for you is steam out your website and here’s what I mean by that let’s say your website is on SEO stick with just SEO don’t go from SEO to TV ads radio ads by having a website that’s very specific on one theme you’re gonna do way better after Google’s hummingbird update they were like oh wow websites that are super detailed and thorough on one topic are usually much more likely to have more knowledge on that topic and we should rank them way higher and you know what that’s what’s happening so here’s what I mean by theming on your website let’s say you’re writing a big guide on SEO kind of like Moz is be Accio you can have a page that talks about what is SEO then you can talk about on page SEO or then link building or then you can even talk about brand building and how that impacts SEO do you see how I’m talking about different sections of SEO you don’t have to have one big page just like their guide you can separate it into different chapters or subsections or pages that allows you to rank for multiple pages for one term like companies like Mars are doing so make sure you’re really going after one theme a lot of people want to go abroad it’s not about going abroad it’s about being very specific on one topic dominating it and continually creating more topic around it that doesn’t mean you should just continue to create on-page SEO content I wouldn’t create 50 articles about on-page SEO why because that’s gonna confuse Google they’re gonna be like which on-page SEO articles should we rank for the keyword on-page SEO instead I would want to make that article more detailed put more subsections that explain different components of on-page SEO it’s all about theming if you follow those tips you’ll do extremely well if you’re not sure how to theme your site leave a comment below share your URL ask the question about theming and all respond helping you out if you like this video and share with other people right here on Facebook YouTube you can always click the like button I really do appreciate it subscribe to the channel and anything I can do to help you just let me know and I truly am here to help you with your marketing needs


    I want to work smart. 3 Tips from Neil. 1. Use Google Search Console. 2. Use AMP protocol to make faster network 3. Theme out your website. Your videos are great, thank you, Neil .

    Hey Neil, I am also going to start on the same thing that you're doing right now, i.e. Online Marketing. I wanna ask if it'll go a bit broad for me and should I just start with any of its types first?

    Another incredible video, thanks Neil. Quick question, would you say it is more important to include LSI keywords and GEO’s in the title tags and descriptions, or just try to make them more appealing to encourage people to click? (ie. Free Consultation, etc.)

    Ideally I’d like to get both but oftentimes both won’t fit.


    Hi sir, i have a question. i've a online store and i want traffic from my own country only. How can i disable google from indexing my site to other countries without affecting my SEO. Thanks

    Have client who's business has expanded and they now do physical products but also conference planning services, marketing services, and video commercial services. Do they have one comprehensive site or should they have different sites? It's all the same company name. Thanks for the videos – been following you for years and learned a lot.

    Hello Neil, I got a question regarding "on page SEO". Basically, I am planning to compile a list of 100 weight loss friendly foods and trying to make it as a blog post. Now, in that blog post, there will be repeated words or names of nutrients for all those 100 weight loss friendly foods. Example, if I mention the nutrient name or word "Protein" = 25 grams in Chicken, I will repeat the same word "Protein" for all the 100 foods to make my blog post readers aware of how many grams of protein is available in each and every food.. As how the word "Protein" will be repeated 100 times for all the foods in the list, the same way, the words of other nutrients named "Vitamins" "Minerals" and more will also be repeated 100 times for all the foods in the list. So, if I do this way, will Google see these repeated words as "keyword spamming" or "Annoying" in nature and ban my blog post? I hope you can understand my question Neil.

    Hi Mr. Neil Patel
    This will be my first time using AMP and I wanted to know if it will disable or interfere with my ads or email opt-in in any way?
    Thanks in advance.

    Is blogging really a passive income ??? Now… I don't really think it is… Because I have to keep writing new articles for SEO. If I stop writing, the traffic will go down… Most importantly, I HATE writing !!! So I'm not sure if I should keep going or quit my blog…

    Please make a video on.

    How about you discuss the intricacies of AMP setup or what qualities you look for in hosting providers. I suspect, despite all the hype around you, that you are a glorified SEO salesman. A very good one, but a salesman none-the-less.

    Hi. I want to point out something. Not all keywords are shown by the Google Search Console. The keywords with maximum amount of traffic are shown as 'not set'.


    Thank you for your tutorial. One thing…it would be much nicer for me to watch if you weren't screaming this much. Relax.

    You hava a great talent, but you need little bit slow speaking , that will be easy for listeners form all over the world

    Great video, as always. Somebody knows why Google Search Console and Google Analytics show different traffic? My customer has Google Analytics, which shows him less traffic compared with Google Search Console. Anybody knows a way to correlate this 2 instruments?

    3 Tips for volume adjustments in Youtube videos:
    – drink less coffee
    – choose a smaller room (echooooooo)
    – get a live audience for feedback
    ( but for the rest: great content! )

    What problem can a website have when they publish the same content on their website and on many other ADVERTISING websites "like jobs offers"?

    And is there a way to fix it without writing a new content?


    Hi Neil, Could tell me if I use AdWords for my website, will it take some of my organic clic away?
    Is it better to have people clic on my organic link than from Adwords or it does not matter?
    I realy enjoy your video and I like the way that you are direct to the point…
    Thank you very much

    Super helpful video and LOVE your WordPress product!!

    Achei maravilhoso, estou assistindo todos seus videos mas vc fala muito rápido..kk, e eu sou lerda, ai fico pausando mil vezes e voltando o vídeo para entender ou ler.. Mas muito obrigada querido pelos videos!!

    Hello Neil,
    Firstly thanks for such a great explanations on youtube and on your website. I need some suggestions. I have recently started a fitness blog: and doing on page seo as per my knowledge, though I am not a star SEO specialist. I just learned few things about seo from internet and using Yoast seo plugin. I do write 3-4 articles per week but what would be helpful for me to increase traffic to my site or to rank faster? I am driving some traffic from FB at present.

    Saddam Kassim

    Hi Neil, thanks for all of the great free content that you provide. Is the Google Search Console the same as Google Analytics ? Thanks for your help.

    Oi Neil, adoro seus vídeos. Você poderia gravar um vídeo só sobre tematização? Obrigada

    hi you should try consolety, it is a WordPress Plugin that matching your published content with other users in the consolety network based on your titles, tags categories and language. Meaning 100% accurate matching that is rellevant all done for you by the consolety plugin. simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback

    Great video as always! Love your enthusiasm and energy. It motivates me greatly. One question: I am not sure how further seo/theame out the site eliquidhealth com Your suggestsions are much appreciated!

    Hi Neil, My site was doing very well until October 2017 and then it started dropping down. Someone helped me around the same period to change from http to https, and there was also a Google update. Now I don't know which one of the two factors caused the drop. How should I go about checking the site and improving the ranking. Thanks

    what if it is the new website and there is no traffic till now, in that case, what should I do plz do reply sir

    Hi all,

    I was hoping if someone could help me answer a couple questions about Yoast vs All-in-One SEO plug-ins. I am considering downloading Yoast. Should I deactivate All-in-one first? If I should deactivate, will this potentially have a negative effect on my site? Should I keep both activated? Again, will this have any potential negative effect on my site? I really want to give Yoast a try, but I also do not want to mess anything up with my site by "experimenting." I have seen a couple different takes in the forums, but does anyone really know whether it is safe to have them both activated? Thank you SO MUCH in advance for anyone that can bring some clarity to the issue!

    I have added a weight loss category, a weight gain category, strength training category, diet and nutrition, health infos (basically dos and don'ts)

    Are these relavant for humming bird??

    Hay Niel, first of all i just wanted to say Thank You Very Much for your advices and they are very useful. here we go, im about launch my new website which is for hotels booking Sri Lanka, Bali & Maldives. before i make it live i need to put into google in right way and SEO. i want more traffic to my sight and what i can gurantee is even main OTAs cant offer my rates which im offering travellers 😜 hope you will get back to me.

    Hello, Neil Sir Thanks For This Video
    I Just Want To Know That I Have A Blogger Of Gaming But It can't Rank All My Post Whether If I Search It With Full Title
    Let's Suppose If My Game Post Name Is,
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 Free Download, If I Search It On Google It Can't Be ShowI want To Know More About Search Ranking. Thanks And Please Reply Me Im New But Please HAve A Look At This Comment,
    Have A Nice Day,

    La Esencia de lo que enseña es lo que importa, creo que estan todos muy sensibles, vean a un psicólogo que les ayude con su drama existencial sobre el volumen.

    The echo in your studio is very distracting. Your “SEO mistakes” video has much better audio quality .Thank you for sharing your knowledge it has help my business advertising.

    Hey Neil, I just created and hosted my website for about 1 month but it is not indexed yet by Google. I just learned how to and submitted the sitemaps through Google search console. My question is how long it normally take for me to start seeing my website on Google?

    Those of you having a problem with him…please don't watch his videos… I don't care he screams or not… All matters is the knowledge which he is spreading and look how useful it is… Pls don't discourage him… Or else we might loose a gud mentor who helps us with SEO..!! Do the great work Neil..!!

    Hey Neil. I read so many comments on here saying that you are shouting. But I want to tell you this: Thank you! Your energy and clarity while speaking made me hooked to each word you said. For me it actually worked. I lose attention at most other videos because the energy is missing. Thanks a lot for making this video, its great! And for those complaining about shouting and volume: You know your device has the option to reduce volume huh? Don't forget to thank Neil for putting in effort and delivering this video for free while you are busy complaining. Cheers

    Hey Neil , I use the keyword tool on your website.The problem is that it classifies nearly all the keywords I search for as easy to rank .So I want to know that is this tool worth using? Thanks

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    Hi neil can u make a videos on SEO on google for Jobs as i working on a job board website , please upload a video step by step

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