Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 2 | NBC News (Live Stream)

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 2 | NBC News (Live Stream)


    ADAM SHIFF belongs on Saturday Night Live. He's not a credible human.

    ARE WE BETTER OFF…. having a liar like SHIFF mischaracterize the transcripts all Americans heard? FUSION GPS has NEVER been investigated. WE HAVEN'T FINISHED WITH COMEY, BRENNAN OR CLAPPER.

    Why NOT investigate American traitors like Kerry, Biden, and Pelosi? If there's nothing there….no harm. THERE IS something there. Americans need to know.

    Shiff is such a piece of garbage claiming Ukrainian lives were lost. My guess is the blankets and MRE's OBAMA GAVE weren't working. At least President Trump's missiles had a bigger impact.

    Democrats in the House need to be impeached, stripped of their wages, and flogged publicly.

    Like a TURD IN A PUNCHBOWL, SHIFF continues to lie about Democratic server hacks. This in the face of Mr. Rich being gunned down after WikiLeaks stated he was their "hack" source.

    Believe Shiff if you believe feces is food for humans. The man reeks.

    Let's start with some truth.. I am man who can pass a polygraph test in regards to the existence of God Force.. must say if we intend separation of church and state we must not start the proceedings in this way.. it's absolute Madness on its face.. And even to specify one religion out of many.. is it nostalgic or is it hypocrisy?….

    And the more obvious truth.. .. In regards to impeachment for president.. only that needs to be secret ballot… Objective opinion couldn't be more important… Senators must fear for their families against mr. Cryptic Mafia speak. Donald Trump. And also they must fear the voters..

    Does anybody realize that the saddest part about all it is that if this were any ordinary citizens that did this, they would’ve ended up in jail or fired from their job.

    its apparently beating a dead a horse. Nothing could convince these men to change their minds. They will vote as if their political fortune depends on it. The only apparent purpose of this exercise is to persuade the electorate.

    Whenever Ned Beatty sees any of the Trump trolls on YouTube coming towards him in the woods, he says “Oops, gotta hide my Rectum!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Someone read this and tell me how the Democrats have changed from 1857 to now. It appears that history is repeating itself or it never has changed in the first place. Either way, it helped me decide what party to support. History does not lie and today's current events with the Democrats and Republicans should open a few minds. How much of what is on this link is the truth?–Democrat-slavery-vs-Republican-abolition.html?soid=1108762609255&aid=PEO0d8_cblg

    I saw today the impeachment hearing open statement, is sad what going on
    What happened was real fact what trump did to Ukraine holding fund because
    The new elected president of Ukraine didn't did wha the president trump want
    Him to do "investigate the biden". I saw today three senator from the G.O.P
    Scott, cruz, tim, and other said to the press their repiding the sain. Trump
    Admitted it was qui-pro-quo at the beginning of the scandal.

    When it's time to vote… Logic is telling me.. nothing deleterious will happen… no harm will come… maybe a motion to remove if possible . . should be presented.. either before or after allowing the witnesses and evidence… save the reputation of the Republican Party and our nation.

    Then chief of staff also said it was qui-pro- quo at from of the press he admitted it qui- pro- quo. Another thing why went senator of the minory leader
    Did about 11 amendments to subpoenas so their come to testify in the inpeachment of D.J.T. The G.O.P. vote again 53-47. Why the G.O.P. dont
    Give the benefit of dout to the house. bring witnesses republican about
    Thirty of the republican running for re-election in November 20.

    All politicians should submit to mandatory drug and alcohol testing. All policemen should be wearing cameras that they can't turn off themselves. All lives matter.

    Since when can the accused attempt to subvert the jurors – in a normal court that would be called tampering (a felony)

    Incredibly disappointing how all these individuals with the name Senate's are allowing this to just fly by. They won't even blink to the word, corruption. They should all be in Prison with trump, so sad to say the US is not the United States, our Country is an embarrassment to the World'!

    And I don't understand how someone that lied to all of you has any credibility to be a manager in a trial. Someone in your news need to explain this for us Canadian's. the other guys. Or they too busy destroying servers for Clinton. Sry.

    Yikes! We're fighting the Rooskies over there instead of fighting them here. Didn't know that. I wonder how those Ukraine took the news?

    Why didn’t they impeach Obama for giving away US taxpayers money to Iran? Also for given Blankets to Ukraine, also for Clinton corruption and Biden crime. Should we ignored these crooked ones and focus only on the President? How hippocrittcal? King Obama, Queen Hilary and Biden are all crooks and are all above the law according to Shifty Shift. Smoke screen
    to divert the above crooks

    He’s in There for six hours and he thinks it’s only about the phone call. The phone call given the mountain of evidence is as about as important as the whistleblower. Not at all the rest of the testimony and the timeline just elucidates the significance of the call.

    We're not wrestling with flesh and blood, but the wicked spirits that are in high places. Isn't this CAPITOL HILL'S, where they are gathered, that is considered to be that of the high place. Isn't it the Republicans that is being wrestled with about the truth of what Trump has done? Or should I spill the beans and say what Satan has done?

    If Ukraine is such an important ally, vital to US state security, why only give them 400 million, after giving your stated enemies, the Iranian Mullahs, 150 billion, while they chant "Death to America".

    How many Ukrainians died because of these questionable "activities"? How many Americans died because of these questionable "activities".
    How many Americans died because of the 150 billion given to Iran?

    My God! He's almost weeping about the ex-ambassador being recalled, as is the President's prerogative. It matters not how long you serve, or where, or under what conditions. Any Ambassador serves at the pleasure of the President. If the President is not pleased with your service, you're out. Period.

    @3:44:55 "I don't understand". I doubt that. You say tometo, I say tomato. You say election interference, I say investigating the corruption of the embodiment of the Swamp (Clintons & Bidens). It's all a matter of opinion and perspective.

    My reading about this GOP, Trump and the United States of America is clearly specific of the historical antecedent and effort that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. I am not pleased with the tie between POTUS, his wife as a Russian and Russia as a country. The people of America MUST stand up and ensure they tighten every loophole regarding the kind of POTUS to ever be given an elected office. America is the beacon of hope for the world, the issues unfolding current is worrisome especially protecting an individual against the United States of America.

    Too much repetition. If this was a regular jury they would be asleep. Dems. Stop playing to the audience so much. We are not as dumb as you think. Don’t need everything spelled out and then summarized as well.

    Impeachment is the right thing to do, the Republicans and Trump Lawyer's can't STOP lying just like Trump. GOD HAVE YOUR WAY… LET THE TRUTH PREVAIL!!!!


    Wow everyone that has talked so far has been saying the same freaking thing! Stupid Democrats! DONT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS IN 2020 ELECTION!!!

    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2020. He is not doing well in his elected state. Let's retire Mr. Graham for aiding and abetting a Crime.

    Oh my God, it is like watching people standing in front of a ton of rotting fish in their town square. "I don't smell anything" the Republicans say, but as day after day goes by it gets harder and harder to deny. "Oh, OK, I see what you are smelling." the Republiturds say, "but it's not really that bad." Then it gets to the point where you are gagging everytime you step outside your door. "I kind of like that smell," the Republicans continue. "let's just leave it."
    This is not going to end well for them. They won't be able to ignore it forever. Remember, they believe as long as they keep getting elected that is all that counts. We'll, the people are starting to rise up. If they won't clean up the rotten fish, the people will.

    I Honestly believed this would be close. Boy was I stupid. Schiff is slaying it. Trump's lawyers look like such amateurs by comparison. It's embarrassing.

    omg Democrats could have done all this in a few hours and no they have to go to extremes 24 hrs!!! so they can get as much money out of your taxes and social security taking money from us and straight into their pockets!

    Watching Nadler is like watching that jack in the box clown. Because the president negotiated with his personality that’s not a crime you dummy’s.

    Silly question… isn’t it an obvious conflict of interest for any of the lawyers representing Donald Trump who had been directly involved in a number of ways?

    I mean, when high level National Intelligence, OMB, DOD, etc. employees report wrongdoing to the appropriate attorneys and they don’t follow through with that information as they should have, how is it that such an attorney can be on the defense team in the case in which their own action (or lack thereof) is a factor??

    I would like to ask this Chaplain how it is that JEHOVAH GOD, the God of Abraham and Jacob gets involved in world politics when his very own son Jesus Christ expressed: "My Kingdom is no part of this world." John 18:36 What a farce! What a circus! What a mess!


    Again adept liars at accusing republicans of doing exactly what they themselves are doing in this sham of an impeachment. Does unmitigated liar Schitf still hold his license to practice law. If so, HITH has he avoided being disbarred for lying & other crimes?
    Anyone who watched the congressional committee investigating the corruption inside the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ interrogation of those questioned re their gross misuse & abuse of the power of their positions inside the federal government – beginning with the Stop Trump; movement by the INSIDERS (composed of the one world global government, aka the new world order's puppets & deep state establishment
    traitors working hand in hand with the new world order to destroy OUR NATION from within) – which moved onto working to throw the 2016 election to INSIDER Hillary Clinton when that failed – when that also failed then the FBI opened an investigation called Crossfire Hurricane
    with inter- INSIDERS messages of "a coup had begun & he will ultimamtely be removed" & others of INSIDERS beinning conversations of impeaching the president within hours & days of his inauguration!) When that failed to remove our president then all the same INSIDERS
    plotted to get a special counsel to begin a treasonous fishing expedition against President Trump. This investigation was headed by the Deputy AG of the DOJ (Rod Rosenstein) who hired Robert Mueller as the special counsel because he knew that Mueller was as crooked as he was since both of them were participants in the Uranium One treasonous scandal along with Obama, Holder, Lynch, both Clinton's & others. They kept this investigation open long after it collapsed as it also kept them in a position to block the investigation of the congressional committee, in a position to know exactly everything they were getting their hands on, and also in a position to block any indictment of any INSIDER making out of the DOJ! When they lost those positions, they passed the torch of treason against President Trump onto INSIDER congressional members of the HOUSE & this sham of an impeachment is their final desperate treasonous effort to take down our Patriotic Outsider President Trump & thus avoid being held accountable!
    The congressional committree ferreted out more than enough evidence to convict most of the agents of rhe CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ & in Washington, DC & some heads of other departments were working against the President we elected to take down the corrpt criminal INSIDERS on the federal paryroll & lthers no longer on the federal payroll as it was prove CIA John Brenna, NSA Cla;pper, DOJ's Holder & Lynch, & FBI James Comey & McCabe. Many of those interrogated by Congressional committee were later proved to have lied repeatedly to Congress under oath!

    Graham needs to worry more about Congressmen being treated like Tyrants would treat them in a reborn Russian empire. He may see his defense of Trump's obstruction of Congress today as shameful to himself as they are to Americans who see the difference between obstruction for personal protection and protection of the Constitution.

    Most im;portant to OUTSIDER {President Trump, Rudy Guilani has a reputation of being an honest lawyer with a reputation of not being afraid to tackle higher level criminals and take them down – and apparently President Trump has reason to believe Rudy to be a Patriotic American and not part of the INSIDER traitors who have been working hand in habd with the new world order to destroy this nation from within like so many of the new world order puppets & deep state establishmet traitors masquerading as federal government employees and accepting 6 figure salaries for being public servants while working against us in their treasonssous treachery against our country & us. Their arrest,. detainment & prosecution for their crimes are long overdue. They have gotten by with holding theirselves above the law by circling the wagons to protect each other in their corruption for far too many decades already. It is not a conspiracy theory – IT IS FACT & ALREADY PROVED BY EVIDENCE GATHERED BY THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE INVESTIGATING THE CORRUPTION INSIDE THE CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ & MANY OTHERS INSIDE & SOME OUTSIDE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
    TAKE A LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE OF CHIPPER ROBERT MUELLER EING APPOINED SPECIAL COUNSEL & MUELLER WHEN HE & ROSENSTEIN WERE REMOVED FROM THEIR BLOCKING POSITIONS TO GET AN IDEA OF HOW DAMAGING & THE LIKELY SENTENCE FOR THEIR CRIMES THE COMMITTEE SUCCEEDED IN GATHERING IRREFUTABLE EIC]DENCE OF – beginning with illegal spying on Trump in Obama & all other INSIDERS Stop Trump movement – which switched to throw the 2016 election to INSIDER Hillary & then moved into illegal FBI investigation Crossfire Hurricane – which next evolved into treasonous Mueller/Rosenstein fishing expedition & blocking plot & kept open for information & protection purposes long after their investigation colla;psed & the torch of TREASON was passed from Mueller & Rosenstein onto the DEEP STATE ESTABLISHMENT traitors tINSIDE THE HOUSE to try to accomplish by impeachment – what they knew they could not accomplish legally by law.
    The mental state of Scumer, Pelosi, Schitf, Nadler & other INSIDERS seems to near or as demolished as Mueller's' was at the time of his & Rosenstin's removal. We would be as frantic to take down the one working to expose us if we were in their shoes. IMO, those who lost loved ones in Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC. JFK's assassnation & 9/11/2001 deserve some closure by seeing these INSIDERS held accountable
    for their crimes. James Comey Y Robert Mueller & all the other INSIDERS are just as guilty of all the false flag events as the ones who planned them & executed them.
    Anyone who does not understand what these INSIDERS are capable of doing to any American citizen needs to thoroughly research what the federal government was doing to our western ranchers – which stayed below the radar in their land grabbing attempts – until the Bundy & Hammond family dared to fight back & expose them. All the corruption was not in the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ because the BLM thugs used against the ranchers were operating out of the Dept. of the Interior and others like the EPA, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, both Clinton's, dirty Harry Reed & his son & son-in-law were all working in collusion against America & Americans!

    Are these Democrats completely clueless or what? I mean, why could the situation not be as follows: The President did not know if he could take Zelensky at his word and is why he needed a public commitment. If there is an agreed investigation between Zelensky and Trump regarding an illicit drug deal, with clearly no 'quid pro quo' to benefit the President PERSONALLY, but merely to extract a commitment for the benefit of both nations, then the withholding of the aid funds may well have been buying time to establish whether Zelensky is "cocha" and not in on the deal. Once established that Zelensky was not "in on" the drug deal, then it would be REALLY, REALLY dumb to reveal the details of any such investigation, wouldn't it? It would derail it. So, why then did Sondland, Hill and Taylor, leak these conversations and emails to Congress in the first place? Classified information. Something is not right with all of THEM and their loose lips.

    Since when are investigating authorities bound to hand over to Congress details of investigations? Since when are national security advisers obliged to talk to Congress about ongoing or planned investigations? Anything is possible here and with ZERO EVIDENCE submitted by the Democrats, it could even be that Democrat Party Congressmen were involved in the deal, that they, the Democrat Party twisted it all back against The President to implicate him – a tool to "alert" others by going public and maybe to bully The President and shut down the investigation?

    Is the message from the Democrat Party to POTUS and all future POTUS, if you investigate us then you can expect to be impeached? It could be any number of scenarios. Without EVIDENCE all of this is just speculation, and subsequently so too is the Democrats' Impeachment Article. It is WHY evidence must be established before running to the Senate CRYING impeachment with insufficient evidence. It's a complete circus. Worse, probably a major breach of National Security. Heads need to roll, particularly if it has compromised an investigation. The 'quid pro quo' call appears to be a red herring. I think there should be a very serious investigation, unless Giuliani already has the facts. Do they know he does, hence a vigorous vilification campaign being run against him by complicit, lapdog Presstitutes? It is why we need FACT witnesses in this trial, not hearsay from a dog and pony show held in the House basement, to avoid C-Span footage.

    To impeach Donald trump is to impeach white supremacist in races people, the great pay back is close, son of darkness again the son of lite no Constitution

    This is my option of SCHIFF, PELOSI, SCHUMER, and the rest of the leftist baboons prosecuting the president…this is all I have to animate….🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    I don’t relate to LIARS!

    Many of these senators are voting to protect their jobs, not to protect the lives of the American people. Our forefathers would hang men and women like this…

    They could have done it the legal way in the house but didn’t you can’t change it now that’s the problem they should have took it to court in the house that was the procedure and they didn’t follow procedures to get the evidence they should have to move foward you can’t go to close door meeting refuse to produce a whistle blower for testimony to both sides and then impeach without bipartisan support and call the process unfair they do need to investigate hunter biden there is some shady dealing in barisma holdings I’m a regular citizen and I see that and now none of this is constitutional and he should be Acquitted in the senate if you wanted those witnesses you should have went and done it the legal way in the house instead of doing a rush job and back door dealings this is truly appalling to the American people and what’s bad is the media just is so one sided and has been for a while I mean this is just the worst thing I have ever seen in my life

    THE DEMOCRAT CIRCUS CONTINUES. Alway remember this Democrat “ LAW OF PHYSICS “ Whatever they accuse trump or the Republicans of doing they are the ones that actually did it or are doing it.

    Real news is that Ambassador to Ukraine from the Obama Administration, Marie Yovanovitch, ordered the State Department to monitor conservative journalists, as well as Trump allies.Dems spy on anybody! Do they learn that in Constitution? Liberty and law are under attack from DEMS! 👍 Corrupt Biden, Deep State and ALL Dems corruption must be investigate! Biden should not be above the law! Adam Schiff and Pelosi Mafia must be investigated too!
    And the democrats talk about abuse of power yet they do it every day? The democrats are acting like dictators! Adam Schiff is a proven liar! That is not news! That is way of his life!

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