SAP HANA Academy – Smart Data Streaming: What’s New? [2.0 SP 00]

Here’s a look at the new and changed functionality in SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming 2. We have two new HTTP output adapters. SAP Web IDE enhancements for streaming modules. New functionality for the streaming runtime tool. Multitenant Database container enhancements and more. First we’ve introduced two new open adaptors for connections to HTTP servers. The HTTP client JSON output adapter and the HTTP client XML output adapter. These new adapters make OData post requests to an HTTP server in JSON and XML format and unlike the HTTP client output adapter allow you to filter multiple columns of a stream into the request body. Next the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA now includes various enhancements to CCL text editing autocomplete gives you suggestions as you type. Syntax highlighting makes development easier. Instant syntax checking eliminate syntax errors and default code snippets give you a starting point for many elements. You can also view a graphical version of your CCL or an outline of the elements in the streaming project. Next the streaming runtime tool which helps you manage streaming projects deployed through Web IDE can now also accept manual input for running input streams, record data, playback data and create and manage data services. In this release we’ve also improved integration for Smart Data Streaming within HANA Multitenant database container systems. You can now set up a HANA system with streaming to use high isolation between its tenant databases. You can also copy and move databases in a multiple container system with streaming and if you’re running replication on a multiple container environment add or remove hosts without having to disable replication. Finally we’ve also added guarantee delivery support for the streaming web service. New performance boosting parameters for the IQ and HTTP client output adaptors and more. Want to see the rest check the what’s new guide on the SAP help portal or head over to the streaming developer community and look over the feature blog. Thanks for watching.

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