S2E3 ‘For Those Lost’ – Impulse

S2E3 ‘For Those Lost’ – Impulse


    It annoys me that Henri has so many opportunities to try and fix things and she opts out of it because of he (FEELINGS). That shot is so lame, a lot of things are spiraling out of control because of her lack of communication

    Como sempre adolescentes escondem tudo mas tem manias de querer saber sempre a vdd quando e eles mesmo não contam querem q os escutem mas não se abrem e como e marca de todos a culpa e sempre das mães se os pais vão embora a sfd akkakak

    43:40 pukimak betul Henry ni bagitau je lah mak kau. dah marah² mak kau, kau taknak cerita hal sebenar pulak. sial betul. marah aku lah.

    Henri's over the top overly dramatic reaction to everything is the most annoying form of acting I've ever endured. The concept of the show is good but I don't think I'll be able to take this character much longer. Insufferable.

    Am I the only one who thinks Towns online “friend” could be one of the bad guys? Henri is your typical self-absorbed teenager with a sense of entitlement. It’s all about her — technically it is — but I’m glad her mother gives it right back to her. I think the anger is connected to the teleportation thing; it’s what she needs to learn to control.

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    I hate the way Henry talks to her mom. It's so disrespectful. She doesn't want to listen to anyone, and she treats everyone around her, that just wants to help, like crap. Its starting to get old and I'm sick of watching it.

    I aint mad at her mum for all of that, it's like being mad at her for not knowing anything and still being attached to your husband who went missing and thinking he abandoned them because of they way he started to act. that's the only thing she can think of. Although, it is in my view wrong that she created an unstable environment for henry for bouncing them around places but i think that was her state of mind but shes not a bad person. Like Henry both of them needed to get it out on the open even the stuff they don't understand and they don't know how to confront and deal with their problems but i guess they've been so hurt that they couldn't be vulnerable. I wish Henry and Jenna start talking to each other more and have a close relationship…. no one asks how jenna feels yet she's there for her friends and family

    I like the show, but I happen to find the main protagonist a bit annoying. I'm tired of her crying and complaining all the time, jeez, It's a pain in the head

    Damn this henry chick is crazy. She expects her mother to understand everything but doesn't talk to her. Poor mom dealt with her dad's secrets and now hers. Smh

    IT so Boring….nothing really interesting happens…I don't care character's life…I wanna know what happens with Henry power

    So far I've skipped most of the scenes in each epiode because they've made Henry so unlikable. Its honestly really hard to watch even though it started out pretty good. Hopefully they read these comments and adjust henrys character because they're going to lose alot of viewers.

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