Rebecca Black & Vs. Million Dollar Listing • Bollywood Dancing

Give me a lot of face. And then switch it. Get in a turn while you do it. What? This week on Squad Wars. Oh, oh, oh, no. Feet will fly
as our two squads battle in a Bollywood-style
dance routine. Are you laughing
behind the camera? In the end, they will be
judged and only one will win the most coveted
reality show award ever, the Tryphy. Oh, God. Time to step it up. Yeah. We are the Try Guys
and we’re here today at beautiful
and historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Where we have been invited
to take part in a very special Big Try. We’re getting cultured, y’all. Zach and I are gonna be
your hosts for today, which leaves Keith and Eugene to jump in on the action. All right, Eugene.
Who are you joining today? I’ll be squading up
with two incredible real estate moguls. David Parnes
from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
and Chris Leavitt from Million Dollar
Listing Miami. I’m here today
with David Parnes. We’re those kind of guys
that get what we want. We win but we do it
with class and elegance. And Keith, my boy,
who you gonna be joining today? OMG, guys. Today, I’m channeling
my inner millennial woman because I am being joined
by Rebecca Black and her bestie,
from the show Liv and Maddie, Jessica Marie Garcia. I know that
we’re gonna be besties by the end of the episode. I know there were actually
gonna be the best. So we’re the Besties Squad. How’s my Bestie Squad doing? – We’re good.
– The best. See? Look at that. We are professional performers. We’re competitive
and we know what we’re doing. At least we pretend
like we know what we’re doing. I don’t know why
I just said that. All right. Let’s take a look
at today’s Big Try. – Woo.
– Oh. Oh. Oh, my God. – What?
– Like, they smile and– Yeah. Yes. Hey. Yup, there we go. It’s so good. [applause] Give it up for the Blue13
dance group, everybody. – Wow.
– Bye. They’re gone. That is right.
For your Big Try today, we will all
be learning a full-on Bollywood dance routine. And then you will join
Blue13 Dance Company and perform it in public
inside Union Station. – What?
– Okay, great.
– Alright. This is gonna be
a little bit scary. All right.
Well, Keith, Eugene, I’ve had enough of you. – Go join your new friends.
– Woo, time to join my stars. – Time to join my stars.
– Let’s do it. – I’m very excited.
– Look at us, look at us. And now, it is our pleasure
to introduce to you one of the pioneers
of contemporary Indian dance
in the United States. She’s choreographed in both
Hollywood and Bollywood, please welcome
Achinta McDaniel. – Hi, guys.
– What up, Achinta? Wow. That was really cool. Thank you. Before we jump all
into the dance and get all dramatic
Bollywood style, I thought why don’t
we try sample a little Indian cuisine? – Ooh.
– Oh. I’m just worried about,
you know, eating the food and then the dancing part. I think I would rather eat it
after, but whatever you want. How you feel about tasting
some spicy food today? I have two tongue conditions. You wanna look at my tongue? Oh, my God. I have a thing
called geographic tongue. You can look it up. The short story is my tongue
is really sensitive to spicy things. Are you gonna be okay? This is gonna be the worst
possible thing – for me to do.
– All right. Well, sounds great. Are you ready to dive in
to some spicy food? – Yeah.
– Sounds good. So we’re gonna
have six dishes and the squads are gonna
have to order them from least spicy to spiciest. The squads that gets closest
to the correct order wins. Starting with Bestie Squad, let the taste test begin. – All right, team.
– Okay. None of these smell spicy. Biryani, typically
it’s not too spicy. Ladies and gentlemen,
here we go. Oh, a big old bite for Keith. He scooped it down,
will he regret it? – Are you okay?
– Not very spicy. A little–a little bit.
Not much. – I’m gonna try two.
– Typically not too spicy. – Also gonna try that one.
– Not spicy at all. Oh, no, no. Wait, guys.
It’s a sec–give it a second. – There’s a little bit.
– No, that’s nothing. Do you feel it?
Do you feel it? That one’s a little spicier. I’m gonna try saag. Korma. Oh, whoa. That one’s six.
I think so, yeah. I don’t know
what’s going on here. I mean, good luck to them. It doesn’t look like
an organization. It doesn’t look like
they got a strategy. – Is this one bad?
– Try it. – That’s a three.
– This one? Oh, oh, oh, that one’s rough. Okay, poor Keith. Oh, no. Oh, no. I don’t know about these two. This one might be spicier
than this one. – She’s loving it.
– I think we’re good. I’m about this.
I’m about this. Are you guys
ready to lock this in? – Yeah, let’s go for it.
– Team Besties. – Team Besties.
– Team Bestie. All right.
Real Squad, as a reminder, you have the same foods. However, the spiciness level might be mixed up.
Are you ready? – We’re ready.
– Three, two, one. You guys don’t know this
but I have been to the finest Indian restaurants
in the world. – It’s my favorite cuisine.
– Oh, perfect. – And David, you’re from the UK?
– I’m from the UK. We have so many curry
and Indian restaurants. Oh, Lord.
This is way up there. Let’s all try the same dishes
together and measure that. Chris, our Indian
food connoisseur, was bragging all about how,
you know, he loves spice,
it’s no big deal. But I definitely saw him
take some spoonfuls of that cucumber yogurt. He was dying. So watch who you’re talking to. This is mild. Can we move this
to the mild area? Let’s put this
at five right now. Let’s put this maybe just two. Oh, that is spicy, that one. Oh, my God. This one has a little kick. – Woo.
– Is it? Now that we’ve selected these, let’s quickly taste
them all again and then maybe reshuffle. That’s very mild. Very confident squad. Like I said, we have,
you know, sophisticated palates. I’m thinking
that should be switched. – Yes.
– Ooh, a late game switch up. That is very hot. Okay, so we should swap
them around. Put that one [indistinct] – Yeah, let’s swap these two.
– No, no, no. It’s doing something.
It’s filling up my mouth with, like, explosiveness. His mouth has been filled up
and exploded inside of. Sorry. Gentlemen. Great job, guys.
Great job. Ned and Zach,
I just wanna say I’ve eaten at some
of the finest Pizza Huts in America,
my palate is a highbrow sophisticated palate and I know the difference
in flavors. – Oh, do you?
– I just wanna make that clear. Are you guys ready to see
the answers? – Yes.
– Yes. Okay. For the dish you thought
had the least amount of spice, you picked Saag. – [buzzer buzzes]
– Oh, it’s biryani. – Oh.
– What? That–no, that’s a lie. You picked biryani
as the next most spicy. – [buzzer buzzes]
– It’s saag. Number three.
You guessed Masala. – [bell dings]
– That’s right. – Yeah.
– Okay. – All right, I feel better now.
– All right. Number four, you guessed sabji. – [bell dings]
– That’s right. – That’s right.
– Woo. Bam. – Eat it.
– Number five you guessed korma. – [bell dings]
– Korma. Which means number six,
aloo matar. – That is four.
– Yes, yes. Oh, they completely reversed it. All right. Real Squad, are
you ready to see how you did? – Yes, sir.
– Yes. For the dish with
the least amount of heat, you guessed aloo matar. – And it was…
– [buzzer buzzes] – I’m sorry.
– Oh, you’re joking. – Masala.
– Oh, shit! – Oh, no.
– The least spicy. You know,
I think sometimes, you know, maybe spice builds over time, could’ve confuse the taste buds. We also all each such spicy
food, maybe we just– – We’re so used to it as well–
– You’re so good at spicy. So let’s move on.
Next on the spiciness scale, you guessed sabji. – [buzzer buzzes]
– Biryani which is here. – Okay. So, you know–
– Okay, it’s close. [indistinct] Indian restaurant. We put everything in order
and then we went back and sort of retried
everything to double check. In the next challenge,
I’m just gonna go with my gut and not look back. Now, in order to still win this Mini Try,
you’re going to have to get the next four correct. All right. You guessed biryani,
the answer is saag. – Oh, no.
– Oh. You guessed masala. – The answer is sabji.
– Saag. The answer is aloo matar. And the finally,
hey, you got one right. Yeah. We win, we got one right. We got one right. Bestie Squad,
you are the winner. – Woo.
– Woo. As your prize, Bestie Squad,
you get to choose if you would like to go
first or second in the Big Try performance. What’s it gonna be? We’ll go second. – Woo.
– Woo. Second is the best. Achinta, tell us about what
we’re gonna be doing today. Okay. I’m so excited. We’re gonna do obviously
as you know, a Bollywood number. Bollywood is a completely
musical genre. Face is number one,
that’s paramount. You have to tell a story,
so we want to make sure that we can see that story
through your faces. – Is it a happy or a serious–
– Happy and fun and flirtatious.
But even if it’s a sad story, there’s still a romance there. Achinta will not only be
your instructor for today but she’ll also be joining us
later in the Squad Wars studio as our third guest judge. – Oh, yay.
– So we have to be very nice to
her. The categories that we’ll be
judging your Bollywood Big Try on are technique and face. As well as the heart,
passion and overall squad work you bring to the Big Try. – All right, did we get it?
– Yeah. – Let’s dance.
– Let’s do this. Let’s do it. This is your beautiful
dance studio, obviously. – Wow.
– I know. You’re lucky. Take it all in.
Okay, picture a beautiful big audience here watching you.
Cameras whirling all around like you’re a big Bollywood
movie star, yes? – I’m terrified.
– No, don’t be terrified. – But excited.
– You have to trust yourself, be dramatic.
Give me a ton and ton of face no matter what.
So even if a step seems fast or complicated or crazy, I don’t wanna see
it here, right? Confidence without skill,
that’s me. – That is you?
– Yes. One of my favorite moves
is a little bit of a fan. Yeah. Frame your beautiful
faces, though.
– Oh, I love that. It looks good, so you’re just
kind of rolling your hands a little bit.
I wanna carve through the space like I’m underwater
and everything. – Oh, that’s sexy.
Yeah, there we go. Hands with facial expressions,
right? So we do one that I call
sexy headache. Just push it to the side,
come on. Oh, sexy headache. Oh. Ow. Get right in your temple. – Other hand is out.
– Oh, we’re good at this one. Now, you do your regular
disco roll. This is what I call Bollywood
disco, so open those fingers up really strong and then
disco into yourself. And fingers are really important
in this kind of dance, right? Fingers, hands. The mistake is that every
single hand gesture and movement means
something in Bollywood. Now, that’s not true. In
classical Indian dance, it does. But they pull from those
classical Indian styles.
– Gotcha. And that’s the context that
has kind of created Bollywood. For steps, this is your best
friend for this routine. It is called basic step.
Pop your one toe up. Up, down, up, down, up, down Let’s travel forward. – Whoa.
– Oh, geez. That’s basic step.
We use it to travel. Take it back. One, two–hands up–three, – four, awesome, five, six.
– Killing it. Killing it. Now, it’s just a–you’re
not winded already? No, I’m good. Everything’s good. Keep your knees
really nicely bent and you’re just going up,
down, up, down– – Bend and snap.
– Up, down. – Let me see. Up, down–
– Wait, hold on. Good, just keep transferring
your weight. Really bend that knee. Yeah, now try to travel forward – Like this.
three counts and backwards,
ready? Five–wait for my five, six,
seven, eight always. – Oh.
– Just travel one, two, three, four, five, six. Now take it back. One, two– – Chris, I’m loving your–
– Small steps, small steps. You’re like riding
a horse over there. Okay, not bad.
One, two, dancers, go. Five, six,
seven–freeze–eight. Stay in line, sir. Oh, I’m sorry. – Five, six, seven, eight.
– Nice. You guys will woosh over
and then come right here. – Got it?
– We just look fierce. You wanna be really playful
and sweetsies. We’re not gonna be all
sexed out ferocious but a little sex appeal,
flirtation–not that quite. That’s gonna be hard
to turn down for me. We’ll have to turn down
for Bollywood, right? I know one of the things that
we’re being judged on today is face and I got face
for days. Ha, ha, and ha. And it’s left foot
first the second time. Left foot first the second time.
And dive the– So many little details. Because in Bollywood,
part of the filming is that we–we’ll close up
on your fingers, your hip, your henna. So you wanna give
the detail there. Five, six, seven–up–eight. All right, keep it here.
Keep this nice angle. So everyone
keep your angle there. – Yes. Yes, Chris.
– Seven and eight. So I’m looking over
my shoulder at the girls. – I’m in trouble.
– I’m kind of here. Yeah. Look over your shoulder.
You got it. – Which way? Which way?
– There. Holy shit.
Can you just tell us just what are we doing
one more time? I swear to you,
I don’t remember one move that we’ve made so far.
And I think we’ve only got, like, 20 minutes left.
So, if the next 20 minutes is like the last 40 minutes,
I’m [bleep]. David is embracing
the spirit of the Try Guys by being a guy who’s trying. Are you laughing
behind the camera? – No.
– You are, aren’t you? I can see it.
He’s laughing. The cameraman’s
laughing at me. Clap. Sexy headache with a push
away like “Stop it.” And eight. – A one, two, three.
– Wrong way. Me and Jess have an advantage. We are actors, we perform. But, oh, my god,
I’ve never done a dance class that moves this quickly, that has this many
intricate moves. Travel with me.
Travel with me. Travel with me.
Da-da-da. Di-da-da. Di-da-da. Ha! I think I’m being put
in quite a disadvantage because learning
Bollywood dancing in a day is completely unrealistic. But, we have Eugene
and I think that he’s the glue
that’s gonna keep us together. Five, six, and seven, eight. Left, right, right, left,
right, and cut. – Where is my mom?
– Step ball change, step ball change,
step ball change, and broom, broom, and clap. Two, then final pose. One. Tray, take out the trash,
and pose. Got it. Wow, we learned
the whole thing, you rock stars. – Good work.
– Excellent. It’s time to move on
to wardrobe. Achinta, what do you have
in store for our squads? So, we always know about
Bollywood, when it’s iconic, we know that see bright
beautiful costumes – and all of this.
– Yes. Sometimes they’re a little
more traditional, and we make the sari route
which is really beautiful with all these kind of silver
and gold work on them. But I thought for you guys
today, let’s give it a little more of a modern
Bollywood look. My girls, my besties
are wearing these beautiful– these are custom-made,
by the way. – Yes.
– Usually everything that you wear in Bollywood will
be a three-piece outfit, right? So we have a scarf,
we have a shirt, and we have a little skirt
to wear. For you guys,
for the Real Squad, I love these beautiful
jewel-tone ones. – Yeah.
– These are from Delhi. In my company, we get a lot
of our costumes in–from different regions of India. It’s such a huge subcontinent, so diverse, so many different
languages spoken, different styles of dance,
different music. It’s always nice to really
know the work that’s put in to it and the
pride and sort of the context and where it’s coming from. So, good.
Are we excited to get dressed? All right, lets put them on
and do it. Come on. After a day of some very
tough training we are very excited to see how our Bollywood newbies
are doing. The first group to perform
with the Blue 13 Dance Company, please welcome
Chris, David, and Eugene, The Real Squad. ♪♪ Come on, fellas.
Let’s party. [singing in foreign language] Go. Here we go. [singing in foreign language] Oh, yeah. [singing in foreign language] [cheers and applause] Oh, dang. Oh, yeah. How about that? Let’s give it up
for our Real Squad. But the fun’s not over yet. We’re gonna keep
this party rolling. Performing next with Blue 13, please welcome Rebecca,
Jessica, and Keithica, it’s the Besties Squad. Got some sassy face. Oh. – Rebecca.
– Look at Keith. [singing in foreign language] They’re having so much fun. I can’t stop watching Keith. He’s so magnetic. And Rebecca and Jessica, really energetic faces. Yes. [singing in foreign language] Oh, a little mistake
from Rebecca. Yeah. ♪♪ Look at him move. [singing in foreign language] [cheers and applause] What a finale. Yeah. A great job
to both of our squads. To the studio. Back those cabooses up. We are outta Union Station
and back at the Squad Wars Studio. Joining Zach and I
on the judges’ panel today, Achinta McDaniel. [cheers and applause] Thank you for having me. What is it like
to introduce newbies to the dance that you love? There’s nothing better than
getting to just kind of share
that culture and that love. Well, that’s a great sentiment, but now we’re gonna be
mean to you. It’s time to move on
to the individual categories – and judge you.
– Oh, brother. – I hate being judged.
– Our first individual category today
is gonna be technique. The individual moves
and how you did or did not nail them. Let’s start with Bestie Squad. I think our technique
is a lot better than the first half
of the dance. The first eight counts where
all we had to do is walk in like really confidently. We killed that, which I think
it’s the most important because it starts you off.
It hypes everyone up. Is there one move that you
feel like you really nailed? You know what, when we did
the this and then the this, I never really got it right
until the performance. Yeah, and that’s what
I was gonna say. When you did the ropes
in to the vroom-vroom – that was pretty good.
– I was so happy with the ropes – and the vroom-vroom.
– My favorite part was when the ladies were walking
forward after the turns. – Finally I got the right hand.
– I thought it was gorgeous. I kept doing the wrong
hand every time and I watched that
and was like, “Yes.” That was really precise and together, so I like that. Why is your technique
better than theirs? I think Eugene
was the strongest individual dancer of all of us. David, I don’t even remember
you in the dance. Thank god for that. Can we take a moment
and talk about Eugene? Oh, my goodness.
– Yes.
Eugene, like, there was one part where the music gets
twice as fast – and then you we’re just
killing it.
– Oh, that was my favorite. During rainstorm. Was Keith also supposed
to do that? – Keith did it.
– I did it. – It was there.
– Go to hell, Ned. I totally did it. All right.
It’s time to vote on technique. You guys were on the same page, but Keith told me to go to hell. And Eugene, you were so much
better these guys that, you know, you bring ’em up. You know, I’m really surprised.
– Yay! It’s okay.
God is the ultimate judge and you will burn. I’ve heard a lot about Eugene
being a good dancer, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Keith, my boy, you killed it. And Rebecca and Jessica, I thought
you two were phenomenal. I got to go Bestie Squad. Yay. Now, it’s up to you, Achinta, which is how it probably
should be.
– Ya, probably. I thought Eugene was incredible. Chris and David,
you guys elevated from the beginning on
and you improved so much. But just technically,
it was just– – We’re very sensitive.
– Right. – We, we know.
– Just letting you know that. – You’re not quite where
you need to be, whereas Bestie Squad,
I thought you did great and all of you did.
So, I’m gonna have to go with, for technique, Bestie Squad. [cheers and applause]
– We’re winning. – All right.
– Well done, guys. That leaves the Bestie Squad
winning one nothing as we move on to
our next category. – Face.
– So, Real Squad, how did you feel
your faces were? Let’s ask Chris’ face. I thought I gave it
to you a little bit. – A lot of it.
– Yeah. Chris’ face was very memorable. Eugene, your hair was maybe
blocking your face. So, I’m wondering here.
Can we see your face? Face. I thought they did a great job, but especially because Chris
knocked it so far out
of the park. For me, I couldn’t keep my
eyes off of you and your face. It was beautiful.
And then, with David, it was there and you were
smiling all the time. Thank you very much. Bestie Squad,
tell us about your face. Face. Look at Keith. I think that that
was probably at least, personally,
my strongest category. Uh, they call me “Reactions”
Garcia for a reason. I got a lot of brows. I remember looking over
at Jess one time and I couldn’t help
but just, like, smile so hard
because she was doing so, and I remember that being
a legitimate moment of, like, I’m having
so much fun right now. This is something I never
thought I’d be able to do. I think you guys
need to do the face. Oh, good. You know what?
We can do some face. I think we could.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your sexy fierce happy.
Here we go. Five, six, seven, eight. Oh, no. You know what?
We’re judging here. And I don’t need to be
an expert to pass judgment. All right, it’s time to start
voting on the category of face. So, when I think about the face
that I’m gonna remember, that has just burned
into my mind, I got to go Real Squad. – Yeah.
– Well done, Chris. Okay. I’m obsessed with Chris,
obviously and his face. But Eugene,
because of the hair thing, I’m gonna have to go
with Besties. I got to with Bestie Squad
for three joyous faces. – Thank you.
– Look at that.
I can’t believe it. The final category
is heart, passion, and overall squad work, rendering all of the other
categories obsolete because that is the most
important. So, we completely
wasted the last– Yeah, sorry about that. That was
a waste–big ol’ waste of time. We could’ve just skipped all
that. Really, I don’t know why we did the other categories.
We should’ve just done this. Um, but you know what,
actually if you reach underneath you benches,
we have some noise cancelling headphones
and we’re gonna talk about you so you can’t hear us. Now, when I think
about heart and passion, I think, like, Eugene just working it
on the dance floor. On top of that,
Chris’s face and even David is smiling the whole time
getting into it and really trying,
trying, trying. I’m talking about the Real
Squad. This is as far away from what they do
as it could get. They could’ve shut
down completely and I never saw them give up. Bestie Squad,
they pulled it off, man. And they were working more
as a squad. – Yeah.
– They were all dancing
at the same level. All right.
I think we’re in agreement. – Yes.
– Yes. Yes, we are. All right. Okay, squads. Please take off your headphones. – Ow.
– Welcome back. The judges have reached
a unanimous decision. Today’s winner
will receive one of, if not, the most
prestigious awards, the Tryphy. The losing squad will receive Keith’s sweaty shirt
from practice. – Yes. I hope we lose.
– They get to keep that. Very valuable to someone. And now, the winner
of the Squad Wars Bollywood Big Try is… Bestie Squad. [cheers and applause] – Congratulations, Bestie Squad.
– Congratulations. Real Squad,
you guys had amazing heart, amazing passion,
but we were won over by the Bestie Squad
technique and face. Congratulations. Once again,
can’t say how impressed we were with both squads. A huge thanks
to Blue 13 Dance Group and a bigger thanks
to Achinta McDaniel for teaching us and letting us
into the Bollywood world. Tune in next week
for the Squad Wars Finale. It’s gonna be huge.
It’s gonna be so big, you’re gonna need to buy
a bigger router, you’re gonna need to get
a second internet. It’s gonna be huge.
Good night. Sexy headaches.
Sexy headaches. ♪♪

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