Random Commercial Challenge

Random Commercial Challenge

Can we make some awesome
commercials in 30 seconds flat? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– We have a track record of making television commercials, specifically
of the local commercial variety – Mmhm.
– over the years. We even had a little – television show that we made
– Oh, we did, huh? – a little while ago.
– I almost forgot! … about that. Today we’re gonna make
some commercials of a slightly different variety under slightly more
high-pressurized… environs. That’s right. Over on the YouTube AdBlitz
channel, our good friend Harley from Epic Meal Time has come up with some
rules for making amazing commercials. And today we’re gonna use those
rules to play a game that we call: (Rhett, over dramatic music)
The Random Commercial Challenge! Okay, here’s how it works:
We have two hats as you can see. – Two hats.
– In this hat, we have sheets of paper. Written on them are Harley’s rules of
awesome commercials. Basically, ingredients that, if you have one of these
to promote whatever product you have, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a great
commercial. In this hat, we have written on sheets of paper products that we have
to promote. We do not know what these products are, but we are gonna pull out a
product and a method for promoting said product, put the two together, and
each of those is a round or a challenge – Right.
– that we’re gonna have to individually – create a commercial.
– Right. And here’s how we’re gonna do that. We have a green screen set up
right over here off of the set and we will go over there. We can grab the prop,
which will probably be the thing that we’re trying to sell, and some
other have been made available to us. – Mmhm.
– Then we have 30 seconds– a live 30 seconds– to actually make our
commercial. And then we can do whatever we want to in post. We can add music, we
can change the background– that’s why we’re doing it on the green screen–
we can do effects… ’cause we will be sort of directing these commercials
in post. So we may not know– – I don’t know how to do effects.
– exactly how it’s all gonna come out. Okay, so just to summarize: Once we get
everything ready and we’re on the green screen, you’re gonna count down and then
we have 30 seconds to perform our – commercial live.
– Yep. And then do our little
stuff to it afterwards. And then you’re gonna tell us
who made the best commercial. – Or what’s your favorite commercial is.
– We’ve got a number of rounds. – All right, round one!
– I’m gonna go first. – Okay!
– Just because… can I? – Sure!
– Of course I can! All right, so I’m gonna reachy reachy
reachy and feely feely and pully pully… – All right, first…
– Why do you put the Y on the end – of all the words?
– I am promoting the product of a yardstick, and the way that I am promoting
it using Harley’s rule of an awesome commercial: Nothing says “buy me” like
a good old dose of American patriotism. – American patriotism…
– Selling a yardstick! – Selling a yardstick.
– Good luck with that, Link! (Link) Thank you. ♪ (harp strums) ♪ (Rhett) Okay. Link, you have
your yardstick I see. (laughs) (Link) Yeah, gimme– (laughs)
and my flag. Gimme a second. Okay, Link, you have 30 seconds
starting in three, two, one, go. – ♪ (country music) ♪
– Woosh! Hello! You don’t know me and it doesn’t matter. I’m an American and I
Iike to measure things just like you, fellow American. Check this out: it’s a
stick that’ll measure… approximately a yard. If you wanna measure less than a
yard, it’s got increments on it. And you can use those, Americans, just like me. You
can be like me, and I know you wanna be. If you wanna measure something larger
than a yard, I don’t know how to help you. – (Rhett) Time’s up! (claps)
– (Link) How was that? That was good, Link! Almost perfect 30
seconds and I wanna buy a yardstick. – Can I have this one?
– Yeah. Do you think that I can – greenscreen a shirt back on?
– (laughs) – ‘Cause I think I’m gonna–
– No, that’ll lose the effect! – I am going to regret that choice.
– Okay, now it’s my turn. – I got a zit on my shoulder.
– Please don’t point that out. – I’m gonna have to cover… okay.
– Mmkay. So I’ve got a rule here. The first thing I’m gonna
be selling is… a log. – (both laugh)
– I’m gonna be selling a log and I’m gonna be using the rule: A good tagline
makes your product unforgettable. – Good tagline. All right!
– Okay, here we go. Get out there, Log Boy! That’s what
I’m gonna call you if you do good at this. ♪ (harp strums) ♪ (Link) Take your place. You’re gonna
have 30 seconds for your ad beginning in – three, two… – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Hello. Would you… like a log? Would you? (laughs) What would you do if you had a log?
Would you burn it? Would… you burn it? Would you? Would you like a log? You
could hit somebody with it, if you’re mad at somebody. If I gave you this log,
would you hurt someone with it? (laughs) What would you do with
a log? Would you like a log? – (all laugh)
– (Link) What? Okay, time. – (laughs)
– (Link) I was so– Get over here! I was so mesmerized, I totally
forgot about the time. – (Rhett, laughing) Yeah.
– I was like, when is the actual ad – gonna start?
– (Rhett and crew laugh) – (Rhett) That was the ad!
– That was like– – I said the word “wood” about 17 times!
– I loved it. – Um… wow. Is there gonna be like…
– Every time I say “wood” something’s – gonna happen.
– Oh, really? You don’t know what yet? – (laughs) Yeah.
– We’ll have to figure that out, but just the sheer repetition I think was
the strength of that one. – Yeah. Hm.
– I’d like to put a shirt on, so I’m ready – to go for another round.
– Okay, sure. All right? So I’m gonna pick my
product. Here it is: a hubcap. Oh. Wow, you got a lot of… hold on,
don’t go back into the same thing! – What?
– Oh, you picked– Oh, good. – I’m sorry, I thought you were–
– I’m going into the other thing. – Yeah.
– All right, here’s a long one: You can bet that if a celebrity is using your product,
everyone else will want to use it too. – Celebrity endorsement of hubcap.
– Okay. All right. – (Link) Plus a shirt.
– ♪ (harp strums) ♪ – (Rhett) All right, Link, you ready?
– (Link) Yeah. I have a celebrity… Goorgen. Okay, can you stand… stand
right here and… this is the hubcap. You need to just take 30
seconds to sell hubcaps. All right. You start in three, two, one. – ♪ (Bollywood music) ♪
– Possibly you know me, I am Goorgen from the Shift It! Shift It! guys.
Today I have a hubcap for the everybody. This hubcap perfect for any car for
any style of car. A lot of different! Have a 4, 5, any any hubcap you need it,
we have it. But today we sell this type of it. Hubcaps! If you
interest, ready for the sell. ♪ (Bollywood music continues) ♪ (Rhett) Time! Oh, I love
the freeze at the end! – (Link) Perfect! (laughs)
– (Rhett) The freeze at the end was good! – I want this hubcap.
– (Goorgen) Was it good? ‘Cause of the freeze at the end, you can
put something over the top of it like a little jingle or something. ‘Cause there
was a good three seconds there. – All right, come over here, Link!
– Yeah, yeah. – Is okay almost? You want–
– No, it’s okay perfect. – Uh huh.
– Perfect, Goorgen. – All right. Okay.
– Wanna buy a hubcap, dontcha? (laughs) Good job, Director Link. Let’s see
what I’m gonna be promoting is… – a jumbo pencil.
– Okay. And I’m gonna be applying the rule:
Nothing provokes the phrase “I want that” quite like a beautiful woman.
(laughs) Okay. All right! – Beautiful woman!
– ♪ (harp strums) ♪ Okay, commercial begins in three, two… – (slightly higher voice) Hey. I’m up here.
– ♪ (romantic music) ♪ Hello. I’m Rhettina. I’m a beautiful
woman. Sometimes us beautiful women… our little delicate hands (laughs) have
trouble with normal-sized pencils, so that’s why I use a… (laughs) a big
pencil. I never have trouble finding it and I can write really big.
I write circles and swirlies. – (laughs) Get a big pencil.
– (Link) Time up! – (crew laughs)
– Oh, gosh. – (Rhett laughs)
– (Link) I don’t know if I want you to… (Link) Come back over here. I don’t
know if I want you to come over here. – (Rhett laughs) Ah, sorry.
– Are you having back pain? (Rhett) No, if I lean over,
my breasts will fall. Well, that’s fine at this point, Rhettina.
Again, I forget to look at the 30 seconds… – Yeah. You’re horrible, man!
– Because I’m mesmerized by your, ah… – The timing!
– your acting ability. All right. Your only responsibility
is to say the time! My turn to promote an ear of corn by
using the technique of… babies are – adoya– adorable… doyable…
– Adoyable! – selling machines. Babies…
– And corn! and corn. All right, lemme
rustle up some corn. – All right. Have at it!
– ♪ (harp strums) ♪ (Rhett) Oh, look at that,
Link, you found a baby. (high pitched voice) I did. Hello.
It’s Evie. Evie, look out here. – Look at this camera.
– Okay. Start in three, two, one. – ♪ (cheerful music) ♪
– (Link with a deep voice) Hello. I’m a baby. And if I know anything about
babies– ’cause I am one– is that we love corn. Corn is the most amazing yellow
thing that we like to consume and we recommend it for all babies because it can
make all types of stuff, especially corn syrup, which is very healthy
for you and goes into everything. – (Rhett) Time! Well done, Link!
– (Link) Well done, Evie. – I don’t know. I’ve got a plan for post.
– I think I know what you’re gonna do. – Hopefully that worked out.
– Okay, last one. I’m gonna be selling toilet paper and I’m gonna be using the
rule: You can melt consumer’s hearts – with cute animals.
– Cute animals. (Rhett) Oh, sorry! I’m not
used to being a woman. (laughs) What, you knocked over
the chair with your… bosom? ♪ (harp strums) ♪ – (Link) Okay, looking good there.
– Ah, Link, I really like what you did with the last ad, so I’m taking
a point of inspiration. Okay. In three, two… – ♪ (cheerful music) ♪
– (Rhett, gruffly) Hey. I’m a chinchilla. You know they say the thing that separates
the animals from the humans is that humans use toilet paper. Not me. I like to put my
little hands on this and wipe my butt. I got the cleanest butt in the animal
kingdom because I use toilet paper just like the humans. So take it from
me, a chinchilla: use toilet paper. Wipe your butt with it. (Link) Cut! Come over. – (Rhett) Okay.
– A.J., making an appearance! The fluffy chinchilla! Thanks to Google for
sponsoring this episode and thanks to you for liking and commenting on this video
by letting us know your favorite ad that – we made.
– You know what time it is! – Hi, I’m Bran.
– I’m Carly. – And I’m Rusty.
– And we’re at the North Carolina State Fair. (in unison) And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Make sure you watch and vote for your
favorite 2015 Superbowl commercials starting February first on
the YouTube AdBlitz channel. I had a false spin and then I brought it
in. Click through to Good Mythical More where we hang out with our two favorite
people: Goorgen and A.J. the Chinchilla. (Rhett) Link owns a watermelon farm. – (deep silly voice) Welcome.
– Hey. Here it is. My watermelon
farm. Check it out. Okay. You talking to me?
I’m here. Hey man. – You. Check it out.
– Do you trade chinchillas for watermelons? – Hah. Well take a look, man. There it is.
– Is it one watermelon? Bingo. She’s big, ain’t she? I bet a whole
farm for this puppy. Well it’s not a – puppy, it’s a watermelon.
– Oh. – But it’s pretty large.
– Okay. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]


    One problem with the "American Patriotism Sells Crap" idea: what if you dont live in America? That method of advertisement might not work in canada or [insert country].

    "If you want to measure something larger than than a yard I dunno how to help ya." 😂😂😂

    Link: I'm an American, and I like to measure things just like you do, fellow American.
    Me: but… I'm not American…

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