PowerPoint 2017 Tutorial – How To Create HD Video With PowerPoint | Convert PowerPoint to Video

PowerPoint 2017 Tutorial  – How To Create HD Video With PowerPoint | Convert PowerPoint to Video

So we will discuss about what is called We will do video mixing now one software called Rz Powerpoint suppose if your powerpoint is open the software is not working Cemented your powerpoint is open this opera is not working suppose here is the address Paul fine Okay, this is a powerpoint to video making here. Just is our substrate there were version of click here What is called in uploaded on my file suppose? includes this one They open further specific folders now See only the people you have then on this one course is open open up our IP pDSn. Oh These are PPD now then your point of view Pd the software will be not working now check see if The rotation will be done on our check out So sky will be changer. How much time will make it five seconds now with the sound Z this will be just one a slider Those dis upper side is now accustomed whenever to please select As the power mobility video video making okay? We will be video will be called w MV for five max w in week five nights? Now look into this next Here we do setting will be If all account and into purity don’t change and here really important thing is sometimes Making video by Soompi will be coming from your video Don’t go right from the options you have to take from any enabler Just check out here Anything is in none, okay? Now say? Now click for nest so do particular folder here. I’m treating a polar year from you are here Regis, but if Seth folder this one sees I these I see worth A Good exfoliation for the folder name videos Starts no way because an article versions also will begin appear. No I Can start it now? This is small mistake and 30 for the lock exercises. We do see a small mistake All the fun one will be a va format this format have been transferred to the is default mat the software will be easy to get gas come is it with software will because easy with Ppt video making will be easy. We did we can cover for that hd quality it is called the soft will be easy Edge width Now there will be converting here. Just wait ataman version 33 34 here so this What you do repeat? 36 on This h Done your video this profession. I’m playing here just was done your video then Just this change in your my document we just Just change a people name will be like this Mr.. Market Force in state pink Hello, then Just for the software until infer As I will pop open will be called this for people to video making now. What is the cause okay now Sd Column will be called please it with what is called easy way This software will be dead after for now Your YouTube channel Enables only product in Your YouTube channel now For YouTube channel based on will be writing a continually fall with Iq tool path. What is called with Iq toolbar? This year I’m kicking for efficient do one now drag the my video That yep, you google. You’re writing your car get here the uploading a video here almost be here I am be Uploading the video now give your title here waiting for keywords so marketing course Training 818 for this section here Okay, now upload to you do agree continue Just asking about your email attended password You may Handle password? After login they asking for which channel you have tomodea this video Sign it now So no these all will be channel says unknown now. What the channel will be us this one Hello Now your sarge will be our conversion for the 720 pixel hD quality So now now occurring study at saving video for inserted do percent to So just I open my channel here Now just watch really final stage so you’re 90% um we’re Not just here. We don’t have it done here These are linked just copy this Okay, now this foot here employer Emojis So previous one screen added not seeing the screen actually done So no only one mistake will be here. We are doing here. Simple mistake. We not remove this Here is not required This miracle come on pearl upto video making we will be converted as t will be quality per easy to do easy reroute to we can read some circle to YouTube Here this is one with the one here now how to edit a will be discussed by tomorrow classes

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