PC Build – Build a PC for live streaming gameplay – DIY in 5 Ep 74

PC Build – Build a PC for live streaming gameplay – DIY in 5 Ep 74

I don’t get it. What? People watch you play games. Ok, but why? Because it’s fun to hang out
with friends!! It’s just like when we were little except for way more CPU intensive than the sitting-
next-to-each-other-on-the-couch days… Hey everyone and welcome back to DIY in 5! I’m Trisha Hershberger and in today’s
episode we will go over what you’ll need to consider when building or buying the ultimate
video game streaming rig. Let us worry about the hardware, so you can
focus on the stream. Now, if you are brand new to PC building,
check out our build your own PC series by clicking here then go ahead and subscribe
so you don’t miss anymore DIY tech tips. For the ultimate streaming setup, many pros
have two PCs – one to run the game and one to broadcast the stream. For the purposes of this video, we’ll assume
that’s not in the budget and you’re looking to do it all on one device. Luckily, there are some great pre-built options
out there specifically made to game and stream off one CPU – like this CyberPowerPC ProStreamer
or the Alienware Area 51. Cramming so much functionality into one case
does have its downsides and the main drawback is the price tag. Let’s break down the hardware you’ll want
to consider if you’er going go it alone. When it comes to streaming, your CPU does
most of the heavy lifting. You’ll be relying on your processor to encode
video, run chatbots, loyalty point notifications, music players, etc. and all the while avoiding
dropping frames which lead to a not-so-nice viewing experience for your audience. When budgeting out your build, I’d advise
you to dump some serious money here, especially if you have your heart set on streaming in
high definition. To output 720p or more at 60fps, you’ll
want to choose a CPU with multiple cores, impressive clock speeds and hyper-threading
doesn’t hurt either. If you are building a budget streaming rig
and are fine with streaming below 720p or 30fps then this can be achieved with a less
expensive processor and with tricks such as optimizing your broadcast settings, capturing
video from a console, minimizing the amount of windows you have open while streaming and
avoiding CPU-intensive games. Now, even if you are doing all of those things
I just mentioned, I still wouldn’t try this with less than an i5-series or equivalent. If you are someone who likes to have music
players, chat bots, loyalty points, etc all open in addition to your
broadcasting software and game, then RAM will be another
important piece of the puzzle. Most streamers typically use around 4GB of
RAM while streaming so I’d put at least 8GB on your priority list. If that’s not in the budget, then 86 the
Spotify, Discord, Streamlabs, Nightbot, or whatever else you like to run with to avoid
stream stutter. We’ve talked a lot about the fun additions to your
streams but what about the games you’ll be streaming? This is where a streaming build differs from
a traditional gaming build. If you stream low-demand games, or capture
gameplay from a console, then you may be able to save
a pretty penny by forgoing a dedicated GPU and get a better experience by putting
that money into your CPU. Now, if you stream games like, say, The Witcher
3 all the time, then a GPU is a must if you are planning on streaming and broadcasting
from the same PC. Let’s quickly buzz through the rest. For a motherboard, I’d look for something
with extra slots for expansion. For storage, consider if you’ll want to
locally record your streams and how long you plan on keeping them on the hard drive. For the case, I’d recommend getting something
with noise dampening so your audience isn’t listening to your fans go on and off the whole
stream. Sorry guys, I know I’m being really loud. I’m not one of those streamers that loud
all the time. I just want to make sure you can hear me over
my stupid system that’s really, really loud! Gah! And for your PSU, head over to pcpartpicker.com
to calculate your power needs for different setups. Side note, this site also allows you to compare
component prices & reviews and it’s a lifesaver for new and experienced builders alike. So that’s that! Stream away and build your community the way
you see fit now that the hardware is out of the way. Kinda, I mean it’s never really out of the
way, and you want to constantly keep an eye on updating – but that’s why there’s shows
like this one! Guys, let me know what your favorite game
to stream is and shoutout your channel if you like – we wanna check
out what you are up to! My name’s Trisha Hershberger and you’ve
been watching DIY in 5.


    I gave you a thumbs up because of your cute smile and also because the word burger is part of your last name. You didn't talk about El Gato.

    Guys I’m thinking of building a streaming pc but don’t know what I need I’m 100% getting a i7 4970k for cpu what else will I need and keep it on a budget

    Hi I have a bit of a niche build that I want to do any specific advice would be appreciated. I want to run a streaming twitch from my play station 4 and run stream labs with it. From what I’ve researched I need a capture card connected to a pc to do that I want all them sick overlays to upgrade my stream. I also want to use the pc to capture and edit the video as I stream. I’ve never done anything like this, any problems you think I might run into or parts and software you think are essential to me? Would love to hear from you. PS: Trisha love your main channel you presenting this makes it so much more fun.

    Hmm, nVidia showplay now has many of the features needed to game and stream very easily and on the plus side, with supported nVidia graphics cards, it will be a dedicated chip that encodes on the fly so your cpu is free to do other stuff, like play the actual game, stream music to your gameplay and so on and so forth.

    She's every nerds dream! Where have you been all my life? I could listen to you explain statistics for hours on end….while we play video games 😉

    What if ur trying to stream from a laptop and you don’t really have the funds to upgrade how would that work? To get an example of what I mean check out some of my game plays on my channel Dmoney Neeyooo Games

    I had a buget of $3000 so i got i7 8700k, 32gb ddr4 ram, aio, and 2 1080 running sli this videos really helped me to pick my parts

    OMG GAMER GIRL ALERT 🚨🚨!!🚨🚨🚨!!!!🚨🚨🚨!!!!!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨!!!!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    I want PC ftostream MTG Arena gameplay on my Channel and still don't know where to start! ugh…

    I am currently looking at this PC form costco

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