Pay Per Click Language Settings Guide

hi my name is esteban martinez
and today I want to talk about one of the most overlooked settings within google ads
and that is the language setting so whilst most people generally thinking that
if your search ads, your website and your keywords are in english
then by default people generally select the english language
which makes sense until you recognize how the google system actually works
now people who are searching on the default language there is english
however if someone is searching on that’s where it will then turn it into french
in terms of the search results so the best way to get the best results is
initially to select which ever your core language is
and once you have enough data you can then look to expand that out from google analytics
to target other languages that you consumers might be using
so say for example you’re in canada some people there speak english as well as
french and more so what we can do is select both english and
french you need to be mindful that google will not
translate your ads google will only show it in the language which
your search ad copy has been created in so if you do have a website that has multiple
languages then you’ll need to have campaigns that have the same messages, the same keywords
but translated into english and french in the example of canada
also you need to be mindful that if someone is searching in a second language or language
that isn’t english then the adverts and the language shown will
be the same so if they are searching on then
everything that they type in will need to be shown in french
and at the same time if you search it needs to be in english as well
what’s important is that you test and learn to find out what works with you
and by looking at google analytics you can see those who are transacting , engaging and
buying online what are the languages in the settings
because that isn’t just the language they speak but the language in the browser settings
which they are using and then you can also make sure you aren’t
wasting any money on terms which might be getting traction and clicks
but very little sales so always check your data before making decisions
and from there you will be able to increase your sales and revenue on google ads
my name is esteban if you have any questions leave them in the
comments below I’d like to hear from you and check out
the next video thanks

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