Parents at Google in the US talking about child safety online

Parents at Google in the US talking about child safety online

ERIC SCHMIDT: You’ve really got
to talk to them about what they can do, and what’s
appropriate and not appropriate, about all the
technology that they use. If they are awake,
they’re online. JACQUELINE FULLER: I would say,
number one, realize that your kids are ahead of you. So even if you work at a
technology company like Google, I would practically
guarantee that your teenager knows more about technology. And is probably using
it in ways that are different from you. ALAN EUSTACE: Explore sites
based on first doing it with the parents. And then after we’re OK with
the site, then they can interact with that particular
site on their own. JEFF HUBER: For example, on
Google itself we use a Google SafeSearch feature, which
is locked on for the devices that they use. ALAN EUSTACE: The other thing
is, our computers are set up in a public fashion. You know, they’re not set up
in corners and things where nobody can see what’s
going on. And I think that helps
a lot, too. VIC GUNDOTRA: Our children not
only have software on the computer that limits which
websites they can access, but even in cases where they can
access a particular website– for example, with Google– we do audits on what they’re
searching for. ERIC SCHMIDT: I’ll tell you
that after 12 or 13, if they’re clever, they’ll figure
out a way around those tools. But you pay attention and make
sure that you know what they’re actually doing, and
whether they’re going around those systems. JACQUELINE FULLER: It doesn’t
work well, I think, when we try to be dictatorial and just
tell them what the danger is, and tell them what they are
and aren’t going to do. Because, frankly, there are a
lot of workarounds as well. So we try to always maintain
a conversation. JEFF HUBER: As the communication
choices expand, it really requires a lot more
communication and discussion with your children. ERIC SCHMIDT: You should be
a friend of your child. You should actually–
on Facebook, and on Twitter, and so forth– sign up to the services that
they’re using, so you can see the world that they’re exposing
themselves to. ALAN EUSTACE: Interacting with
people that you don’t know on the internet. That’s a scary proposition,
I think, to any parent. VIC GUNDOTRA: We’ve taught our
children that, while the internet is a great resource,
not everything on the internet is appropriate for them. Neither is it appropriate, nor
is everything they find out on the internet accurate. And so we’ve taught them
restraint and a degree of critical thinking. JACQUELINE FULLER: Enjoy
it together. But also don’t be afraid
to be a parent. Because we need to be parents
in the online world, as well as the real world.


    Don't friend them on social networking: parent them on social networking. They don't want you looking over their shoulder any more than you do. Think carefully about when you'd want *your* mother parenting you about the internet, and give your children the courtesy they deserve.

    We do audits of what they are searching for (Vic) … it doesn't work well being dictartorial and tell them (Jaqueline) Spying on them is best (Vic) …

    Parents, and most adults, in general, don't let their kids be exposed to anything sexual or any sexual references, or cuss words. Now I can understand not wanting your kids to repeat those things when they hear them, as it's considered offensive. And I understand showing respect by not insulting people. But WHY is sex such an offensive topic? WHY are cuss words "bad words" even if they aren't being used to insult anyone/anything? What's the REASON? That's what I would like to know.

    @BlittleMcNilsen (previous comment)
    Now that I've posted that, somebody is probably going to be shunning me for stating my opinion any moment now. And when they do, I'd like them to consider this: can they give me an answer? I'd also like them to consider that I am American, and have freedom of speech under US law, so they cannot shut me up if I don't want to be shut up.

    So basically, what this video is saying is that google has no control over what our children can search for using the google search engine. And that the best way is to talk to children. WHAT UTTER BULLSHIT!!!

    DEFAULT option should be the protection of children on the internet from exposure to pr0nographic websites and other harmful materials.
    And THEN anyone who wishes to OPT *IN* for this shit can do so.

    Google is evil and so is USA and everyone behind this.

    O mundo todo sabe INGLES….. entao o video eh otimo…. que tal uma legenda? o Google coloca tudo bonito… mas…. para q serve o BR no final???

    Buddy, there are so many ways to get around filters, it's ridiculous. You don't have a CLUE how powerful the Internet is.

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