Online Marketing Success Tips | Training Roundup

Online Marketing Success Tips | Training Roundup

You are in for a treat, my friend, because
today I’m doing something a little bit different and it’s going to be like
you’re getting a crash course in marketing for free. What’s up? My name is
Sherri Brown and I help busy work at home moms to rediscover their voice
build a solid foundation for their business and show their kids what’s
possible. And on this channel I’ll do everything – from product reviews, book
reviews, tutorials, as well as actual social media and marketing strategies
you can implement to go further, faster when building your business online. So, if
you’re new here and this kind of seems up your alley, then consider subscribing.
Just make sure that you hit the “Bell” so you get notified as I upload new videos
each and every week. Now today’s episode is so special because it’s going to be
basically like a best-of training around up where I am going to be sharing my top
10 like most powerful trainings and kind of piecing them in a specific order
which is why I say you’re basically getting like a crash course in marketing.
Now, every single video that I mentioned today will be linked below in the
description along with anything else that I might you know forget or miss out
on, don’t forget to check the description below. Now, before we kick things off I
want you to do me a favor. And you know I know if you are watching this video
right now that tells me that you are looking for some help, you’re looking for
some guidance, and that means you’re serious about you know actually building
your business online and doing it in a way that isn’t like pitchy, isn’t like
super spammy, like those old tactic and junkie ways that I personally used to use
that I can tell you simply don’t work. So, what I want you to do is I want you
to pause this video and put in the comments below. Just write the word
committed. If you are actually committed to listening you know to you know all of
the ten trainings that I am going to be or recommending. Not only that but
actually like not only listening but implementing it. Like, if you are
committed to this process of really getting better, drop it below in the
comments. Now, also I want you to save this video because there’s no way that
you are going to get through this entire video, plus the actual ten that I
mentioned and reference in the description of this video there’s no way
that you’re gonna get through all of those in one day, okay? So, just make sure
you save it. Let’s go ahead and dive into the roundup. Now, the very first training
is one that I did back in August of 2017. But don’t shy away or don’t like click
off because it is still very, very much relevant. So, everything that I talk about
in this video is timeless. It’s not something you know just like a quick
strategy that’s like here and gone. So, it’s titled you know, “How To Create
Massive Engagement on Facebook Using Attraction Marketing.” Now, if I had to go
back, I probably shouldn’t have titled it this way. It probably should be more like
a you know marketing like “Attraction Marketing 101.” But nonetheless, this
is a great place to start if either you are new new to the online marketing
world, new to building a business online or maybe you’ve been at it a while but
you aren’t really seeing much traction in your business. Like, you’ve been doing
it but what you’ve been doing just simply isn’t working. Like, you aren’t
generating any leads. You know, go through with this particular training and I will
also tell you that you can download a free PDF resource that goes right
along with this. I’ll also link to that. So, you can print that off, have it right
in front of you, and you can go through and make all the changes as I’m
referencing them in the video and then you also have it to go back and
reference later if needed. Because if I’m being honest when I first you know
started, I was just taught really like junkie ways of doing things. Like really
ineffective ways, and so it took a while for me to actually like start learning
you know just what’s actually working like more effective strategies that
I could start doing to attract people to me without like getting ignored because
the struggle was real there for a while. So in this particular training, I kind of
break down the two different ways that you can build a business online. I also
talked a give a short little description on attraction marketing. I talked about
branding the most simplest form as well as your
target audience which is very, very foundational stuff but a lot of people
miss it and that’s why they struggle. I also go into eight different tips to
really set up your profile in a way that’s attracting people versus
repelling them. Now, the great thing about all these videos if you’re watching them
you know over here on YouTube, is the fact that you can actually fast forward,
you can speed up the videos a little bit, so you can get them a little bit faster.
So, that’s just an extra little pro tip for you as you’re going through these
and knocking them out. Now, the second video that I want to talk about is
called, “6 Fatal Mistakes Marketers Make.” And if I’m being honest, I
have made every single one of these mistakes. So, in the video which again
everything is linked below in the description, you can go check it out. I
talked about six fatal mistake marketers make and I also talked about you know
like how to kind of flip it. So, I don’t just tell you what you’re doing wrong. I
actually give you some advice on how you can turn around so that it works for
you. Moving on to the third training which is very, very important and one
huge struggle that I see so it’s like the most common question and it has to
deal with content. I get a lot of people who are like, “Hey, you know I want to
create content but I don’t feel like I have anything to talk about. I don’t know
where to find content.” And therefore the third training that I want you to watch
is called, my five “My Top 5 Best Places To Find Content.” Now, what’s great
about this particular video is that I not only share like my top five places
that I love to go and and find content but I also you know take you behind the
scenes and I do a little walkthrough. So, you’re gonna be getting some behind the
scenes like tutorial type shots. So I’m not only gonna be telling you where to
find them, I’m also going to be showing you as well. Training number four, now
this is specifically if you are somebody who you’re in network marketing and also
if you are using social media to grow your business. Now, with the exception of
like YouTube and Pinterest but if you’re using Facebook, Instagram like other
social media platforms and you’re in network marketing, this training like you
don’t want to miss out on. And it’s called, “How To Create Valuable
Content Without Mentioning Your Company Name.” Now, if you follow me for a while
you know how important it is to not sit here and blast your company name like on
social media if you’re in network marketing because there’s a lot of
resistance around it. And there’s definitely a way that you can build a
very profitable and successful you know network marketing business without
sitting here and like hammering that company name. So, be sure to check that
out because I know that you’re gonna get some solid tips that can really help you
when it comes to content. Moving on to number five, it is titled, “How To Become
The Go-To In Your Niche.” Now, I freaking love doing this video because you know
it’s some advice that I got from one of my mentors and it was just like so
powerful that I wanted to share it with you. And this is specifically like
although I show you when I take you behind the scenes when it comes to using
Facebook on how to become the go-to, you can really use these strategies, use
these principles, no matter where you’re building. Now, this training specifically
is meant if you are building business on Facebook. Now, Facebook is definitely my
gym. I focus when it comes to content on YouTube that’s where I have started
implementing and housing like all of my main content but Facebook is definitely
like the social platform that I have you know built my business on it, and it’s
definitely the social platform that I teach a lot on. So, the sixth training is
called, “5 Tips To Increase Your Engagement On Facebook.” Now, I know that a
lot of people struggle when it comes to engagement and if you feel like you are
posting to crickets then you are definitely going to want to check this
out. Number seven, “10 Tips To Get More Views On Your Facebook Live Videos.” So,
yeah, this particular training is specific if you are doing video. Well,
more specifically if you’re doing Facebook live and here’s the deal if you
are building on Facebook and you’re doing videos live is definitely the
fastest way to get yourself out in the news feed. You’re gonna get way more
engagement on live than you are just a pre-recorded video or any type of
content that you’re putting up on Facebook. Video is definitely where it’s
at these days and it’s not going away. So, you know be sure to check out those even
if maybe you aren’t doing videos now but you know that you need to implement this
in the future then definitely check out that video. All the tips I think again
are timeless and I know that’ll help you. Number eight
one of my favorites if you feel like time is like the struggles real when it
comes to finding time to build your business. So, number eight is titled, “5
Ways To Automate Your Business.” Now, time again the struggle is real. I hear this a
lot like I don’t have much time to build my business. I only have like a little
bit of time and here’s the truth when it comes to it. Like, it’s not about like how
much time you have. It’s what you do and how you utilize the time that you have.
And so, this is why I love this training so much is because if you lack time
creating leverage in your business creating systems are very, very important.
Training number nine is titled, “Email Marketing Tips How To Set Up A Basic
Newsletter For Beginners.” Or, maybe it’s titled, “How To Set Up An Email List For
Beginners,” that’s it! So, building a list and I’m not gonna sit here and tell you
like why it’s so important and why you need it but the truth is you know any
influencer, every coach, mentor, influencer that I’ve followed, they’re
really creating successful businesses. You know, for the long term they are
building an email list because here’s the deal like when you are out there and
you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram or you’re on YouTube like you don’t own
these platforms. If they wanted to, they could shut down your account. There’s
nothing you can do about it because you don’t own them. You don’t own those
social media platforms; however, you do own your email list. It’s the one of it’s
one of two things that you actually own and control as a business owner, okay?
One is your email list the second is if is your website maybe I can get that out.
Now in this particular training, it runs about 45 minutes long
but I literally sit down and show you like the entire tech side of building a
basic funnel so you can start building your email list, okay? So all of the tech
side is covered. I’ll walk you through the entire process and you can have this
done literally in a day. If you just set aside even an afternoon, you could get
your email list up and running in no time. And the best way that I find like
following tutorials like that is you know just watching what they do, pausing
the video, implementing. Then playing the video, pausing it, implementing. You know,
so that’s really the best way instead of you sitting here and watching that
entire video and then going like how am I supposed to implement that? So, that was
just a little pro tip for you. Moving on to the final video in this recap is, “What
To Do When You Feel Uninspired Or Unnmotivated.” Now, here’s the truth. We have
all been there. I have been there oh no more than one occasion. Nobody is perfect.
Not all of us feels like it all the time like that’s just not reality, right? So,
you know if you’ve ever been in that place or you feel like you’ve kind of
gotten knocked down and it’s kind of kept you out of the game, then this video
is very, very important when it comes to like you know mindset. And you know, you
may go through this video and you know mention several different tips and you
know one of them might not work. So, try another one. The truth is like, there’s no
one-size-fits-all when it comes to you know what motivates you might not
motivate me. What gets me out of the funk may not get you out of a funk. That’s why
I give you several different tips on what to do when you are feeling
uninspired and unmotivated. So, there you have it, my top ten recap most powerful
trainings in like a specific order. Again, kind of like a crash course in marketing.
So, I hope you got some value from this video. If so, be sure to hit the “Like”
button and share it out. So before we wrap up, the question of the day, I want to
know as you’re going through. I want you to come back and mention in the comments
which video did you unlike most powerful or like the most
beneficial when it comes to where you are in your journey right now. So with
that being said, that’s all for today’s training. Hope you have the most amazing
day and I’ll see you back here later on in the week for another video. Bye for


    COMMITTED!!! I'm committed to running a business that I can run from home and eventually retire my husband! I'm dreaming big! Your attraction marketing videos have already helped me so much! I would love to see all of your tips!

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